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  1. I'm moving back to Virginia again, so I'll be gone for a while (HOORAY). <sarcasm>I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy living there as much as I did when I lived there less than a year ago.</sarcasm>

    Enjoy your time being AgentSpork free, while you still can!

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    2. myk


      Oh, many Internets? Are they isolated from each other by the vastness of space? Will they ever be merged? Are you connected to the Martian Internet, or is that near Jupiter? What kind of sites do you get there? Got Google over there? Has MSN invaded it yet? Are you of terrestrial origin?

    3. Grazza



      There was also a photo story in Viz comic some years ago where a vagrant successfully applied for a job making new internets. He made 20 internets in his first day, and then was able to give a few to the paper clip salesman who had motivated him to apply for the job in the first place by refusing to give him 10p for a cup of tea. Or something like that.

    4. myk


      Grazza said:

      Heh, take a look at the quote used.