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  1. Yeah, so my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me on Sunday night, and I feel like total shit because I really was starting to feel like our relationship could have been going somewhere further.

    I've been given a lot of reasons as to why she broke up with me, chief among them being that I have on many occasions had a negative attitude, almost bordering on cynical. I feel like if she had communicated her problems to me, we could have worked all of that out. Still, she doesn't want to try and work things out and after giving me a bunch of bullshit excuses (in my opinion), she finally reveals to me that she likes somebody else. Honestly, I'm insulted. She'd much rather try and hook up with somebody she's only known for 3 months and doesn't even know at all than try and work things out with the person she knows loves her for exactly who she is and would do just about anything for.

    So in a lot of regards, I'm extremely conflicted as to what I should do. I feel like she's my best friend, and she's the only one who truly understands me for who I am. I still want her in my life, and she still wants to be close friends, but I feel like if that's how things are going to be, I'm just going to be sitting and watching as she goes off with some other guy and it's going to slowly kill me inside. What's worse is that I feel like I had finally managed to bond with her family and feel like a part of someone else's family a few weeks ago and now I'm essentially being excommunicated.

    I really don't know what to do. The chief advice people have been giving me is to just let it go and start introducing myself to other people, but at this point I don't know if I can bring myself to do that. I don't think people really understand how much our relationship meant to me, and expecting me to just "let it go" over a short period of time is absurd if you ask me. I don't think I could bring myself to try and be in another relationship for quite some time.

    Sorry for the emo rant, and I know Doomworld isn't exactly the best place for this kind of shit, but... whatever.

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    2. AveryMaurice


      I can tell you right now that close-friend stuff is horse shit. Same thing happened to me (my girlfriend of 1.5 years) and all it got me was some very awkward visits, some bullshit drama I didn't care about, and meeting 50 other douchbags that dated her. Like everyone else said in this thread, as painful as it is, maybe you should consider just moving on. I'm sorry to hear about all this, and I know it must suck.

    3. KingKill33


      40oz said:

      I can tell you how you should feel.


      I second this.

    4. Ralphis


      Spork, she's a bitch and pretty soon (after this and any other dudes don't work out) she'll try to come crawling back to you. Do not allow this under any circumstances.

      Also you're gonna probably gonna want to stop talking to her family because that will likely only lead to more bad things as well. Those are the breaks bud