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  1. ricky_steel

    DooM Remake, Special gift for DooM birthday

    Yes the new sounds are pretty lame. But you can uncheck the "sounds" box in the game launcher and use the standard Doom sounds. I've noticed now about the performance issue, it is really bad performance sometimes and it's very annoying when it just takes pauses for seconds to load in the middle of the action. I have a Radeon 9800 pro and the graphics look amazing.
  2. ricky_steel

    DooM Remake, Special gift for DooM birthday

    Ok i finally got the files.. and now for my little review.. I am speechless.. I've been a Doom fan since the game came out, about ten years now, and this Remake is just *incredible!* I am going stay home tomorrow and unplug the phone and finish the three or four episodes of the first Doom game with this Remake. I am deeply impressed with your work with this Remake. I have never been a fan of JDoom/Doomsday but this Remake finally puts all the pieces togheter and creates the best possible Doom experience with todays computer technology.. thanx a million!
  3. ricky_steel

    DooM Remake, Special gift for DooM birthday

    Hey, this Doom Remake looks amazing from what I've seen in the screenshots. But i Cannot Download it, I get a pretty good speed (about 150-90 kb/sec) but when the Download window reaches about 9% or so it stops downloading and just stands still. I have tried many times, last night, this morning and now (about 6 pm (day time) here in sweden) and it just freezes every time. EDIT : I tried to download it in netscape and it was even more wierd : after about 10 minutes or so it said "Download complete" and in the folder was a Doom_Remake.exe that was 24 MB Also, when the download freezes in Int. Explorer, i can sometimes open up a new download and it will continue where the crashed download stopped, but it is not every time that it can continue and it freezes so many times during the first 15% (that's how much i've been able to download) that it would be impossible to download the whole thing. EDIT 2 : Have anyone downloaded it entirely? Im downloading it now with GetRight, so I can resume everytime the server screws up my download. I have got 54% of the file now so for anyone who encounter the same problem that I do I strongly recommend GetRight. By the way I am sorry if I have been to whiny in this post. Im really looking forward to playing this Doom remake and finally it seems i will be able to =)
  4. ricky_steel

    BEG FOR MERCY clan homepage

  5. A Doom Tattoo.. anyone? Wouldn't it be cool to have the Doom logo and the Doom Marine fighting a cacodemon or something? Just an idea :)
  6. ricky_steel

    The Beg For Mercy clan

    Titan(ultima) has joined us! He is now BOINGO[BFM] He was at rank 2 on Zdeamon! Beg and he might still be merciful! Look out for ICED EARTH[BFM] , FLIZER[BFM], BOINGO[BFM] and VAMPIRE KNIGHT[BFM]
  7. ricky_steel

    The Beg For Mercy clan

    Get down on your knees and beg for mercy!
  8. ricky_steel

    The Beg For Mercy clan

    So now it has arisen from the pits of hell... The Beg For Mercy clan... the most evil demons ever to walk this unholy earth. We are Iced Earth,Flizer and Vampire Knight at the moment. You will stand in awe to our extreme evilness and cruelty. Join now and be spared! Here are the rules : 1. You must be pink at all times! Our official clancolor is pink. (type color magenta in the console and press enter, or beg!) 2. You must say "Beg for mercy" and taunt our enemies during deatchmates. Also, it is recommended that you make it varied and more cruel by adding cool comments like "Beg for mercy you worthless and stinking maggots or the gods of ice will vapourize your skulls and eat them!" 3. The more you use the BFG => the smaller penis you have. DO NOT OVERUSE IT! 4. YOU MUST HATE MEMBERS OF THE *BED* FOR MERCY CLAN WHO ARE TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF US!!! There are some Bed for mercy members on Zdaemon.. Find them, and crush them! 5. You MUST worship Flizer the mighty,, Iced Earth (that's me) and Vampire Knight. We are the founding members of the clan. By the way, Flizer the mighty kicks brutal ass with his Super shotgun.. Beware of his sneak attacks.. beg for mercy or die! Vampire Knight has arisen out of the land of metal, England, to kick the asses of all who don't join the BEG FOR MERCY clan.. and other people who play Doom too.. I myself consider me to be the god of ice, the evil god who's so cruel you don't think I can be any more cruel. BEG FOR MERCY We are coming to a server near you.. Zdeamons, beware!
  9. ricky_steel

    A very cool idea (in my opinion)

    What about a Doom movie? I know it has been talked about before, but what about doing some kind of science fiction epic? The original story to Doom is not bad at all, just to short. I mean it's an intresting topic, about the evolvement of mankind that goes too far on these two moonbases. It would be a very cool movie with alot of incridible enviourments and pictures. And the story has to be very deep and traces a group of the marines on thier journey.. it would be cool to do a trilogy of films based on it, I mean one for every chapter of the original doom. Knee deep in the dead, The shores of hell and Inferno.
  10. ricky_steel

    I'm writing a song about Doom

    Hehe! I'm writing a heavy metal song about Doom a sort of tribute to the game that has been in my life since i was a little kid. it's gonna be a long 10 minute epic song or something:) i will put it up somewhere when i've finished recording it
  11. haha.. have anyone of you met this guy on Zdeamon? He keeps saying "Beg for mercy" all the time. He's a pretty good player, but that "beg for mercy" thing starts to get annoying after some deathmatches with him. hahaha.
  12. ricky_steel

    Any good Doom MIRC # ??

    Is there any good MIRC # were every Doomer meets? Im kinda new to mIRC.. so please help thanx:)
  13. ricky_steel

    Any good IRC channel for Doom 3?

    Hi there! Do any one of you know a good IRC channel for Doom 3? (or maybe some very good Doom hangout on Mirc) thanx
  14. .. in Doom 95 when playing The Ultimate Doom episode four (Thy flesh..), when you finish a level on that episode the map from episode 1 shows up in the interlude! WTF! very annoying. It is also the name of the map that shows up there too, for example the first level on episode 4 is called "hanger" and the second that's supposed to say "Perfect hatred" is "nuclear plant" VERY disturbing! I had the dos version before and in that one there was no map on episode four, just a grey picture similar to the inderlude in Doom II. But on this Doom 95 version, the map from episode 1 shows up! really strange!
  15. ricky_steel

    Ultimate Doom, Episode 4 in Doom 95

    You have misunderstood me completly I know that there is no MAP for the fourth episode. The interlude is supposed to be a grey painting with skulls like between levels in Doom II. But on my Doom Collectors Edition, (Doom 95) the interlude in the 4:th episode is the MAP from the FIRST EPISODE!! Which means that - When I finish a level on episode 4, the map from episode 1 shows up!