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  1. SgtMagor

    Favillesco-Doom Episode 3

    is there a Favillesco ep3 megawad?
  2. SgtMagor

    Favillesco Alpha Episode: Amalthea's Apostasy. Released!

    just downloaded the updated file, was playing on level 1 got the blue key, and the imps that were near the slime on the other side of the wall dunno if I blew the barrel up or an imp hit it with its fireball, but I thought I heard an imp and a zombie, or shotgun guy fighting but when I got around the wall I shot at 2 imps when I realized they were fighting each other, never saw that before.
  3. SgtMagor

    Stomper Beta 2 - Coming soon

    I just downloaded stomper recently, was having a good time playing it, now I'm really excited that more content will be added :)
  4. SgtMagor

    Favillesco Alpha Episode: Amalthea's Apostasy. Released!

    on e1m2 I like the way it Alpha looks so far, game play is good with lots of baddies everywhere. I still don't like those key traps :). are you planning to work on this series for an Ultimate megawad episodes 1-4.
  5. SgtMagor


    sorry, don't see anyway to post a pic.
  6. SgtMagor


    NDCP2 (Newdoom) I can't figure out what is wrong with map2 not applicable (using Risen3D). the door in the court yard will not open. I clicked the yellow switch twice when it popped out of the pond, first time it opened the door the Cyberdemon is protecting, but when I went running to it, it closed, so the second time I clicked the yellow switch in the pond nothing happens. just stuck on the map.
  7. SgtMagor

    [WIP] Tombs of Doom (Working Title)

    maybe I missed something, but will this wad be a Boom, Vanilla, compatible pwad.
  8. SgtMagor

    Shotgun Symphony -- E1 -- Public Beta

    thx, never can get enough Doom megawads. always preferred them over doom2.
  9. SgtMagor

    32 Over 32 - Possible Vanilla Remake

    sounds kewl, can't wait to try it out.