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  1. dieKatze88

    The Penny Arcade Expo Omegathon

    Make that 3.
  2. dieKatze88

    Skulltag v0.94c Feedback/Discussion

    No not the evil Windows 98, and i thought i had just broken free...
  3. dieKatze88

    TUTORIAL: Creating your own CTF level!

  4. dieKatze88

    For Skulltag new

    i agree, how long have i been buggin you for the fuckin source. must be a good 2 or 3 releaces now, which is about a year. comeon man! just give us the fuckin code!
  5. dieKatze88

    My impassable lines are passable in legacy

    sorry guys found the problem. fucking deepsea. need i go furhter? cant wait for the doom builder.
  6. dieKatze88


    yea, but teh doom connector is cooler.
  7. dieKatze88


    forget the dos prompt, or batch files, or any of that garbage, go get the doom connector, a real launcher
  8. dieKatze88

    True Skull Tag support for GSA

    go get the Doom Connector, now that is quality software!
  9. dieKatze88

    TUTORIAL: Creating your own CTF level!

    i can finnaly put my level into action!
  10. dieKatze88

    Man Carn

    send me a free hissy dammit!
  11. dieKatze88

    Man Carn

    skulltag will *EVENTUALLY* go 1.0 probably when it reaches zdaemons status: one guy: Hmm zdaemon kicks ass, and it doesnt have many bugs... another guy: so whats your point. one guy: dont fuck with something that works. another guy: so what your saying is is go 1.0 and leave it the fuck alone untill someone finds a bug. one guy: yea thats it. another guy: Ok, ill compile and zip it up tonight. one guy: ill setup the webpage. nightfang: Make it so.
  12. dieKatze88

    Which do you want next?

    tough choice, but whos the one who has no life to vote for "imp sex" 3000 times, besides zdoom 2 would totaly own
  13. dieKatze88

    Skulltag Grudge Match!

    carn is right, but soon if everyone plays d2dm1 then were all going to be smacking carn with a baseball bat telling him to change it
  14. dieKatze88

    Your ST wishlist

    number 1 fixes for windows 98 it doesnt seem to work well in 98 wiht netcode, CTF levels maybe something in a really wide open area to play wiht HUGE ammounts of players at a lanparty, bots, and just to go along with this stupid random joke, pants.