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  1. Ya know...

    So anyway, the new .7 patch for Desert Combat was released last night. I found out today and figured, "hot damn, i'd better get that shit". Fileplanet is obviously full. I'm not gonna wait 260 minutes waiting in line. The thing is, is that fileplanet really isn't THAT bad aside from some broken links for a few files and the waiting BS. But at least you can find what you're looking for reasonably fast.

    This forces one to look elsewhere. I've been searching for over an hour trying to find a download. I mean WTF...how hard it is to for a site to host the file? If you can't, then you shouldn't be running a goddamn site claiming to have downloads. Every site is the same, a runaround...why do these sites exist? they serve no purpose.

    take megagames.com....lets search for dc .7
    -front page
    -patches page
    -desert combat .7 readme info
    -download oh what? yeah mirrors to fileplanet and 3ddownloads.
    the sites that do have it generaly have another 3 pages...of downloads. It's like you click on [download] and you cross your fingers hoping the save file box pops up...damn foiled again...another page

    Right now I am downloading it at a steady 9.5 kb/s...slow...yay. I don't know from where though, i forget.
    The whole thing still pisses me off however.

    /stoned rant

    1. Tobester



      every time I need something, 3dgamers.com

      or .org

      ive been on dialup so long i cant remember