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  1. So anyway, last night I went to bed at 7pm, I was tired as hell. I wake up at around 12:30 and notice everything is very dark, no blue and red hue everywhere. Hmmm... my computer is off, my alarm clock is blinking 2:30. It has been almost non-stop rain the past few days, but no storms, odd.

    Ok, I slept for a few hours why not check dw or something to waste my time? I turn on the computer, it seems to POST fine, then I'm greeted with an amazing psychedelic display of flashing colored lines dancing all over my monitor. I hope my motherboard didn't fry, or my video card.

    "AH FUCK!"

    I hit the reset button and see the colors instantly rather than the normal POST screen. I put on my headphones and can hear that in fact it does POST without a problem. I knew all too well what was at fault here.

    4th goddamn PSU that has shit on me in the past 11 months. First time from a power outage/surge. Apparently my surge strip wasn't designed to protect anything behind it. Funny.

    So, I tear that fucker out and put in another PSU I have sitting around. The original POS that came with the case. It is fucked as well, in that while I can run windows and use most programs, I cannot play any game or the system resets. The first thing I do is order a new PSU from newegg. I should have it by friday or saturday. Another $60.

    I can't not play any games until then, why not just let this baby sit on the floor and I’ll use my 98 machine and play Diablo 2 or UT. It'll be like old times, fond memories and all that sappy shit. Sure, get it going early this morning, alls well.

    About 2 hours ago now everything was AOK. I was surfing and must've hit the jackpot, the fucking spyware/maleware/assram jackpot. I completely forgot that that machine had no firewall or virus protection (and IE for that matter) of any sort. I couldn't even tell you how much crap was dled in about 2 seconds. fuck fuck fuck.

    I had adaware on there at least...a very, very old version. It could only find 71 instances. Shit, better get the new version and firefox while I'm at it. Cleaning this will take a while. What's this? Browser hijack or something? I can't go to any page...and now its spamming dozens and dozens of IE windows?

    I simply could not dl any program to help me now and that old machine just couldn't handle it. Negligence on my part for sure. There was nothing I could do, and I wasn't willing to expend that much energy for it anymore.

    Well, reformat and install 98? Sure!

    90 minutes later...

    Fucking rundll error right away? I haven't installed shit yet. Lost NIC driver cdrom? NO drivers want to install, or install properly? Fuck this. I just lost a ton of files I'd rather not have lost. Many that were/are irreplaceable.

    I can't deal with that machine anymore. It doesn't want to network, It can hardly run IE anymore...and now win98 doesn't want to install properly. The garbage goes out tomorrow morning. I may yet find room for the bastard and the PSU in there.

    I feel terrible for this, for what I've done to the poor thing. It was the first computer I owned 100% and from lowly voodoo 3 beginnings, to a violent death...I had a blast with this bitch.


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    2. Alientank


      This is why you only buy Antec Truepower, or Enermax PSU's.

    3. Quast


      It WAS an Antec. True 430.

    4. Udderdude


      You didn't actually kill the PC, just stuffed it full of crapware. Format the HD, try to install Linux or something to screw around with on it. :P