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  1. Agree (Am I contradicting myself?) the Big Gun and Big Gun cover is another great track.
  2. Agree D_RUNNIN should be the only song in the whole universe.
  3. Agree The Spirit World has an underrated midi track. EDIT: I was on the other page :O.
  4. That's some high quality vector graphic emote. I like it.
  5. Guys chill. At the end of the day everyone's gonna believe what he/she wants. I still think that Okuplok didn't cheat. Besides can we introduce memes into this thread?
  6. Disagree. Boiled egg for breakfast is always nice.
  7. Why not make the screenshots a spoiler? I'm not going to play that since his wish was to not release it.
  8. rodster

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    I thought that it was The Unmaker from Doom 64...
  9. If he says no, then it's a no. I think you should respect your friend's choice. I would appreciate if my friends don't overrule me on my projects.
  10. rodster

    Innocence X3 - Beta v.3 Uploaded

    The Romero sound maybe? Or maybe it is too annyoing?
  11. rodster

    Innocence X3 - Beta v.3 Uploaded

    I didn't encounter any major flaws on my playthrough. Only one "stuck" Spectre on Map 02 in the Soulsphere-Area right infront of the switch, but that might be intentional. Another nice installment of the Innocence X series. This time the boss battle was really tough, I was wondering how to beat it but on my playthrough I somehow managed to dodge most of the attacks and survived with, I think, under 100HP. Amount of ammo and health is alright on a continous playthrough. My favorite map was Map 03 "Deep Six". That was spectacular. It had some kind of plot, but without the narration, which I found refreshing. Thanks for the Innocence X series @jazzmaster9.
  12. rodster

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    - satisfying Pain Elemental glory kill. - "space" environment was awesome. - Archvile seems badass.
  13. rodster

    Innocence X3 - Beta v.3 Uploaded

    Ooooooh boi. Always been a fan of Innocence X series. Good Job, Jazzmaster! Can't wait to try the newest installment out.
  14. rodster

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Chillax Map 02 UV Max in 10:40 fully built. Thanks ZM for uploading. ch02x1040.zip