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  1. I didn't make much maps, but here is how I proceeded: 1.) I watched a couple of tutorials on the Webpage of DoomBuilder2 2.) I heard from Cosmic13 to use GZDoomBuilder2, so at some point I got used to GZDoomBuilder2 3.) For scripting questions I just asked Krawa for help. I tried to learn from the Wiki but I couldn't understand anything from there. 4.) When I saw something nice in another map, I just opened it up in GZDoomBuilder2 and tried to realize how the mapper did it. 5.) Not there yet, but I would just ask other mappers for help when I get stuck again. It's probably the easiest and best way, because trying to understand something from a Wiki page is like trying to learn from a script that your Professor gave you..... it's dry and has too much unnecessary stuff in it and it usually contains only the most basic examples, which isn't helpfull at all. Videos (with comments) are fine, too.
  2. *shamelessly bumping* soooo, any release date for the final Version? I don't want to pressure or anything, I just love the Slaughterfest series and would love if this gets a final release version.
  3. Permabans? I think stuff like spambots should get instant permabans for sure, thankfully I have never seen spambots here :) (or they just didn't survive long enough for me to take notice). From my point of view, permabans are inevitable at some point. Usually a sincere apology is enough to get rid of a ban.
  4. Well, that went strangely fast, did I rush too much? @Eris Falling I died on Map01 :'( xD Category 1 - Blind run:
  5. What about those fancy start-up companies which we nevear hear of again? :D
  6. First pistol shot is always a 100% accurate shot.
  7. Endpoint had too many "right behind the door traps filled with a chaingunner" for my taste :D:D Here are my runs. I died on both at about map04 to map05.
  8. i just gotta ask, where is your profile pic from? It looks cool!

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      thank you!

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      cropped and blurred :(

    4. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      Well, I uploaded it at what I read was the max resolution, so hey.

  9. Does the complevel matter? I mean does this work in all complevels?
  10. Yes! I look at it this way. A couple of years ago (well more than 10 years) Gran Turismo 2 looked extremely good to me, but if I play it now I only see pixels. This happened with pretty much every old game I played. Back in the day we were all like "Wow man! Look at those awesome graphics!". We give the very same reactions with today's games but I believe that in a couple of years we will say again "Were these old games really that pixelated? They looked very realistic back in time". Another example; I watched an F12010 gameplay video and then a F12016 gameplay video. When I first saw F12010 back in the year 2009/2010 I thought to myself "Wow, they did a good job on the graphics!", now I'm just wondering how they are still improving, there is a positively notable difference between F12010 all throughout to F12016. Afterall, even a simple photo has no chance against our eyes. To make a good photo you always have to consider stuff like light, lense quality etc... I see it the same way with creating a virtual environment. It will always be different. All of this shows clearly to me that we will never be able to create something perfect, instead we will improve on what we build before. But this is kinda offtopic now.
  11. About the shotgun thing; it's a badass weapon. :D But that topic reminded me of some futuristic movies (e.g. Elysium) which use Assembler as a programming language for seemingly complex programs, but this is rather offtopic. :D
  12. For testing purposes, I would rocket-face myself and keep vodoo at a safe distance. I believe in this case I would have less than 100hp and vodoo would have still 100hp. :thinking:
  13. High Noon Drifter <3
  14. Cacodemon - Tomato Pain Elemental - Potato (not my idea though)