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  1. That FOV gives a futuristic feeling! Nice run! I am not quite keen on the records of E1M1 but looks like sub8 is a milestone for sure. Is this a world record?
  2. Thanks! Just did the suggested 30x16 170mines field. It is solvable without guessing and I did it! ^_^ (The two remaining mines need to be placed at the left and right from the 2, no other option, therefore the last mine is occupying the field on the very far left.) This was honestly the most fun and satisfying game of Minesweeper I ever had and the newly acquired knowledge from this thread helped me as well in solving this puzzle.
  3. Might be last example from me (alltogether 5 mines are left): The top-right corner is obviously a 50-50 guess unless someone knows the algorithm or something and knows how the system usually places the mines. But the more interesting part is the top left corner. Alltogether 5 mines are left, meaning that we need to place 4 mines on the top left corner of the board. Though is this possible to solve? Or are there multiple solutions? Let's try it out shall we? -one possible solution - second solution -third solution (actual solution of the game) - fourth solution, fifth solution and so on... Thus, I would argue that in a game of Minesweeper there is never exactly one solution, unfortunately this is no proof! But if there does not exist an exact solution then it is pretty much a game of luck at certain times. Maybe this is what makes this game attractive/addictive afterall? We could try to test a few fields by chance but there are 11 fields on the top left corner and 4 of them are mines thus 4/11 = 36% chance to hit a mine. I don't know, given the fact that I sometimes even hit a mine while clicking around on the starting field doesn't give me a very secure feeling to wildly guess one field. Also, I didn't test the other Minesweeper game, but since the computer actually tries to solve the field on its own I guess such situations won't occur there.
  4. As far as I understand, you suggest this. But couldn't this scneraio also happen? Maybe with a continuation like this. I admit it is quite fabricated, I didn't want to think out a whole scenario, so I tried to fill the gaps with the highest numbers possible. As of now I would have used 10 additional mines meaning 21-10 = 11 mines remaining to place on the rest of the board.
  5. Very nice! I'll try the top-left corner then and see how far I come. Edit: WTF!?! It didn't save the game. Baaaaaaah. Sorry. I am pretty sure after your explanation that the top left would have been a mine.
  6. An actual full sized example solved as much as possible with the newly acquired knowledge. Mind you, this is a new game. I stopped at this position and will continue after getting enough input. I can't see any further logical continuation of the given situation. At this point I'd have to guess and knowing the nature of the game I am pretty sure there is a mine on both of the top corners at the 1-2-1 combination at the middle. But how can we be sure? We still need to place exactly 21 mines in this game. Edit: I am terribly sorry, but for some reason Minesweeper began a new game when I started again this time around. It sometimes used to fire up the game I left, but this time it bugged out for some reason :(
  7. I ask this, because there are always multiple instances in which you literally have to guess which fields might contain the mines (and this kind of ruins the fun for me, because it is impossible to be always correct by just having to guess the answer). Here is a collection of a few examples. Can you tell which fields have the mines? We can say for sure that we have to flag exactly two fields. But how many legit possible ways are there to do this in this example? Let's quickly go through them. - first possible solution - second possible solution - third possible solution - fourth possible solution Only one solution is correct. Meaning that we have 25% chance of literally guessing the right answer. Let's try the first option and open the field from top to bottom. - going for the first option We died! One mine was placed correctly though...
  8. rodster

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    Is a DC bias BIBO (bounded input bounded output) stable?
  9. rodster

    The ULTIMATE Master WAD Guide

    This is a very nice post! Thank you for making it! :) Also, for people whom not even Holy Hell is enough slaughterish there is also an Okuplok map with an even higher amount of monsters. Edit: I think, I was wrong about the monster count. Holy Hell Revealed has like double the monsters.
  10. rodster

    What is the most loved doom demon

    Flying tomato
  11. rodster

    So where does your username come from?

    Since I love historical cars in racing games, I thought I'd call myself roadster, but then I thought that it would be "too unoriginal" and removed the letter 'a'. Later on I worried that rodster would have a weird/bad meaning and decided to check on if it has any meaning at all, turns out it has something to do with fishing or fishermen, so that is fine for me! :D I never went fishing myself, but it does look like a calming activity!
  12. rodster

    How to use XDRE [TAS information]

    Haha, thanks for the mention @Dimon12321 :D it is true though. @almostmatt1 this looks really neat and I love the layout. Thanks for taking your time and making this tutorial! :) And also thanks for mentioning me haha xD
  13. rodster

    ANOMALY (WAD)- Full release

    For anyone who wants to play it on Beautiful Doom, make sure to disable "Beautiful Doom Decorations" because if it is enabled it breaks the floating lava stones.
  14. rodster

    ANOMALY (WAD)- Full release

    Ohhh that is very nice. No DoomBuilder cheating possible :D This is a good challenge. Am really loving the maps, thank you for making this awesome wad!
  15. rodster

    ANOMALY (WAD)- Full release

    I played through this and it was awesome! Quite addictive I must say, played through it fully in almost one sitting (had to go to bed haha). Though, I noticed one thing, could be possible that there is a minor bug on map4. I don't see any way to enter the secret area with the megasphere. I checked on DoomBuilder and as it seems there is no linedef action for the TeleportDestination with Tag5.