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  1. Wth is this supposed to mean? It's not even anything to do with the subject. Play them, like for real.. UT has nothing on the movement-side of gameplay compared to what Doom and Quake has. Doom has extremely fast default speed which combined with straferunning, becomes really fast. Quake has strafejumping and it combined with rocketjumping means Speed 700+ups. UT has dodging and that's it. Extremely delusional thinking. Play the game actually. Then don't come stating lies as facts, if you don't even have clue of what you are talking about in the first place. Yes it does, because it means you didn't experience the stuff and your arguments prove that. "Doom is not fastpaced" except it is and you just ignored my video proof of it showing this. Who said anything about CoD in this discussion? Pretty strange way of doing that, since you use offensive words combined with false statements.
  2. I just showed you video proof how competitive Classic Doom mp is quite on the level of pace as competitive Quake mp. UT is actually alot slower than Quake and DOOM. This will lead you absolutely nowhere and is quaranteened way of garnering hate. You just said you were born -2000 and now you're claiming UT is as fast as Quake and Doom. Just moment ago you were saying Doom is as slow as Halo. Dude just stop. You don't know at all what you are talking about.
  3. Just.. no :/ Halo? No again. Doom 2 duel 2011 ZDDL Season 4 Finals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_jM_AADGro Quake Live duel 2015 QuakeCon Duel Grand Final https://youtu.be/Rce75JYlJd8?t=110 -and please, listen to the commentator about how strategic the situations actually are. it's not even close to just mindless running around and neither was original doom mp.
  4. Basically I am sad that instead of id giving what they said to give "arena style combat game", we got just another generic triple a game that goes with the same old modern stuff. People wanted back to the classics, actual arena shooter like doom has always been (granted not the forefront runner of it). Game that plays different to the modern stuff, because modern is now old, seen and boring. Actual classic stuff is now refreshing since it's been so long since we last had to look up for health, look up for guns, not be able to start with a freakin rocketlauncher. This is the reason for the negative reviews. People are disappointed that id false advertised and turned Doom, a PC focused franchice into just another generic modern game.
  5. I know, it will basically just become this. Aka proves how consoles can't handle FPS genre.
  6. quakke


    Ahaha, they got too many halo complaints I see.. Atleast those two choices look alot less generic. Kudos for that. edit: just read it's not replacing the shown cover. fail it is then..
  7. quakke

    So whos going to make Plutonia in snapmap?

    lmao. This is what I also thought since you can't make custom geo with it, people will probably play with the meshes then to create their "geometry" until they put them so much that it just tanks the memory :D That's id's great snapmap for you..
  8. quakke

    So whos going to make Plutonia in snapmap?

    Thanks. There goes that courtyard as expected.
  9. No one other than id has access to snapmap yet. id.dav haven't recreated the UAC map on snapmap (snapmap is not a real editor with vertex edit and stuff..) he used the actual real editor called idstudio which comes bundled with Rage. id software used this idstudio to make Rage game. It's that powerful compared to snapmap.
  10. quakke

    Interactive computers

    Hello console game then.. Now if we please just could see the linear level design aswell :/
  11. quakke

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Jean based outfits are very futuristic? Ok then.. Gosh sakes. Even the first look we got of the non-doommarines in the E3 mp teaser, they had some non-fabric based suits on. Jean/fabric most definitely doesn't pass as futuristic material. Only reason they have that fabric look is to once again do something like CoD, because CoD sells and is the main thing of console market pretty much.
  12. quakke

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Because mostly console games haven't been totally using realistic soliders concept in this day and age? Yeah right.. Snapmap being what it is, a big lego editor, glorykills to not make getting health too hard since no regen in the game. I can't wait to see the level design, because I think it will now disappoint aswell. Time will tell.
  13. quakke

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Those marines look nothing like how some futuristic soliders are supposed to. Those literally look like some units from currentday era. It's starting to show strong now that this is a console game.. I'm starting to feel same :(
  14. quakke

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    I'm less excited now. Just saw some screen where the doomguy looks like some MMS dudebro from CoD :/
  15. quakke

    DOOM Twitter - Campaign averages around 13+hrs

    Basically the game focused more on showing the player the story than letting really to play it and experience it. Aka the modern way of doing things. This right here. Much like Rage, that even if the gameplay was kinda subpar, the guns most definitely didn't feel lame and it actually did feel satisfying to use them. Modern fps mechanics though many times got in the way. Be it sprint that doesn't allow shooting, automated fence vaulting mechanism that can't even keep up with the player's pace or the useless kneehigh jumping height. There is so many cons in this game when it comes to gameplay. RTCW is still gold. I'm astounded how much more interactive it forexample is than TNO. Same knightarmors on hallways in TNO were completely static while in RTCW fully interactable. Level design is also more complex than anything what TNO had to offer. On first map already it's possible Doom style to completely get to start location from midway of the map. That kinda good connecting level desing was completel missing in New Order, just complete linearity with gimmicky mini-openworld hub area things (eg. map after the coma map, the rainy base under the bridge). Agree with pretty much everything you listed.
  16. quakke

    DOOM Twitter - Campaign averages around 13+hrs

    Slightly bothered by this news. Honestly brought back flashbacks of "last mins before New Order comes out". I'm now starting to think that Doom 4 will be a linear crap like it, eventhough I did draw a map of the demonstration UAC map which proved to be quite non-linear. New Order was a big disappointment.
  17. Making rj that does selfdamage 90dmg makes the whole mechanic useless. It's supposed to do about 25-50dmg since with armor then you can compensate it and it allows for faster and more efficient mobility.
  18. quakke

    [Video] Marty Stratton Answering Community Questions

    Who cares? Checkpoints are kinda way of handholdy mechanics. I much rather the player is supposed to remember to save on their own instead of cpu babysitting them. And if checkpoint must be in the game, then atleast give the option of disabling it and using manual/no saving instead.
  19. quakke

    [Video] Marty Stratton Answering Community Questions

    Wow, checkpoints? Hot damn, that really sucks. PC games generally have no checkpoints because a dev doens't know what situation the player will be in, it's manual saving ftw.
  20. quakke

    New article about SnapMap.

    Maybe is better than a blunt no.
  21. quakke

    [Video] Marty Stratton Answering Community Questions

    New Order and SW2013 level designs were just bad. I hope that PCGames.de article is actually true and Doom 4 level design really is complex compared to all 15 years of linear games including halos and call of dutys.
  22. quakke

    An overanalyzed complaint on the new Chainsaw

    It's not 5sec kill animation because id even stated in an interview they want the glorykills to be relatively fast to not slowdown the pace of the game. But manual chainsawing would also be cool indeed.
  23. I like the Doom 3 DoubleBarrelShotgun but not the main shotgun.
  24. I can tell you already that Doom 4 is not anymore THAT. However, I think it's still very much Doom, through Doom 3 kinda, if you follow my drift.. Doom 4 is visually very Doom 3 inspired imo and personally, I really kinda like it since Doom 3 is joyful game for me. Gameplay is not from Doom 3 however, but the original Doom style instead. Aka less focus on scaring the player and more focus on run&gun, which is really good thing.
  25. At core, Doom 3 keeps some of the key elements of Doom 1 and 2. -Explore to find secrets -Need to find keycards -Backtracking at times -Combat designed game (carry all the guns) -Carry all the guns -Run&Gun design -Story is told in a way that fits and unlike modern fps, it doesn't go overboard with amount of focus on story. Areas where Doom 3 differs from original Dooms.. -Maps are more linear and impossible to get lost to -Enemy count on encounters is usually 5-7 at max -Cannot run infinitely due to realsim -Shotgun is melee weapon .. I still quite much like Doom 3 because of it's nice visuals, amount of attention to detail, aesthetic, sound world, athmosphere and solid gameplay.