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  1. Today sucked! I woke up and had a coffee and some cereal. Then I had a shower and I put some clothes on and I went to work at the office. I typed up some reports but the printer ran out of paper! Can you believe this! And so I filled up the printer with paper and then the paper jammed when I tried to print again. So I had to open up the printer and fix the paper jam issue. It worked ok but then I realised that the printer ran out of ink and there was none in the office. All of my colleagues were out for lunch as well so I had to run to the shop before it closed and I ended up tripping and grazing my knee and I did not have any tissues so I had to let it bleed all over my new jeans. I managed to reach the shop in time but they only had red ink cartridges available. So I had no choice but to print my reports in red ink. How embarassing! Then I had to walk home as my bus was cancelled, and it was raining. When I got home my cat had vomitted all over my television. So I had to clean it up. I then had some beans on toast for dinner as I was not very hungry after this pitiful day. Then I decided to play Doom2 map04 - which I think is a very good map, but I decided to play it with one hand only for an extra challenge - I am so crazy!! Afterwards I watched some Youtube videos and now I am about to go to bed. Thanks for listening Doomworld.

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    2. Chezza


      Was he banned for this blog post? There is nothing wrong with it from what I see. No insults to anyone, no attempt to troll or anything of the kind. Am I missing something?

    3. GreyGhost


      I'd say he was banned for being a troll and a perrenial shit poster.

    4. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Calm down. What if he didn't mean to?