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  1. Der Gillster

    Trouble listening to the song?

    Does anybody share the same problem as I have? Okay so the biggest problem with me is not being able to sing to songs. It seems like with every song I listen to. I primarily listen to metal, rock and rap, but even in the annoying songs on the radio, I have trouble listening to what they say. I don't know why, but I can NEVER be able to sing a song. The ONLY way I can ever sing to a song is if I look up the lyrics and memorize them, I know they will stay inside my head forever, but that's the only way I can listen them. Does anybody else share this experience?
  2. Okay, one thing I like about doomers is that they usually pay attention to what is going on and are willing to delve deep into something. At least from my experience. One question I have is what are favorite channels to sub to for something funny, news, or gaming and especially computer hardware/software related? My channels are Cinemassacre, TVFilthyFrank, EgoRaptor and penguinz0. Anymore suggestions you guys have for me?
  3. Der Gillster

    Doom v0.3 Resurfaces

    Damn this wad seems so sick! I will definitely download this.
  4. Der Gillster

    What would you think of a person like this?

    Yup, well thanks for the replies. Good and informative.
  5. Der Gillster

    What would you think of a person like this?

    Most of me in a nutshell.
  6. Okay say there was a person who just so happened to successful. Whether it be an invention or creating a program, that's not important. Now this guy makes dozens of millions of dollars. Suppose some people he knew back in high school come to meet him. The guy just reacts just by saying "fuck off" to them. Now these people weren't like horrible to him, but they teased him and made fun of him and they would try an get him mad. Now the guy doesn't hate these people. He just doesn't want to be their friends. The people then bitch at him for not "moving on." The guy simply ignores them and just goes back to enjoy his life, spending his free time by hanging out with his friends and reading books. This guy isn't an asshole to anyone unless it's the people who he disliked in high school.
  7. Der Gillster

    Have you ever explored other high schools?

    Dude, I could not have anything better than that. Yes, it is all about the architecture. You are just curious to see how it looked on the inside. Also, wow every classroom having laser disc players. back in the 90's that would have been sick to see! It does bother me how you said it's more likely using those room for just standard tests.
  8. Der Gillster

    Have you ever explored other high schools?

    Thank you for taking this thread seriously, most people thought I was trolling. It seems as if people on this forum take shit seriously.
  9. Have you ever done this when away on sports or clubs? You are inside a high school you have never been in, and suddenly you have an urge to see what's behind the hallway. I know, yeah more lockers and classrooms, but I often wonder what the inside of this high school looks like. You know just being curious. You know how your high school works, but isn't it ever interesting to just see how other high schools are setup. Maybe some are simple, while others are like a giant maze that would be fun to get lost in? Have you ever had an experience of exploring a high school besides your own?
  10. What do you mean by " control of the player to do a 6 dof roll similar to descent." What is a 6 dof roll, and how can I do this in ZDoom?
  11. I was wondering what was the biggest doom wad out there in terms of file size? I know there some big megawads in excess of 20 Mb, but does there exist a gigawad? A wad where it may simulate actual areas in terms of size? If not, what is the biggest wad in terms of size you have ever known, seen or played? The biggest one I ever played was desolation at 70 Mb.
  12. Okay, so I wish to know if it is possible to make a flight simulator type game with DOOM. I understanding it would be complicated, but if anyone can show me an example of it being done before, I would like to see. I would love to make a doom wad where it incorporates runing and gunning, driving and flying. Kinda like GTA basically. If it is not possible, then please explain why.
  13. Der Gillster

    Source Port Advantages/Disadvantages

    I use only one source port, Zandronum. I have heard of GZDoom, Odamex, Eternity, Chocolate Doom, Zdaemon and other various ZDoom projects. Is there an "ultimate" port to use, or are all of them distinctly the same with some minor differences, other than just using different ports to play multiplayer once in a while?
  14. Hello, what is the hardest doom game you ever played whether it be the original, the sequel, the expansion plutonia, or a fan made wad like alien vendetta. What was the hardest version of doom you played, and to be more specific what level stood out of that game being so challenging that you remember stood out to you?
  15. Der Gillster

    Can't play STRAIN wad

    DA Werecat there is no wad and deh file, and I have Zandorum, one of the newest source ports out there. Ribbik, thanks a lot man!