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  1. What do I do now? I can't take with my family. Okay before I say, I am eighteen years old and currently enrolled as a freshman in college. My family feeds me and gives me money for things like gas, but they are the absolute biggest control freaks in the world and they always tell me they are worthless and I can't do anything. They always tell me that I shouldn't try to think of doing anything, like starting a company.

    I'm not here thinking the world is perfect. I am a person who can take assholes. I have had a lot to run with, but it pisses me that my parents have to be too, I can't take it. What should I do? I have only a thousand dollars in my bank, so I know I can't move out. I feel like I have motivation to do anything in life because life sucks under them.

    1. darknation


      what, you can't do anything because other people told you you can't?

      Yeah, you sound pretty useless to me too. Grow a pair, GTFO or STFU.

    2. Clonehunter


      Start a band.


      Buy a good pillow and tons of porn.

      Yah, do the last one.

    3. RestlessRodent


      It is never too late to start programming!

      Plus you might be able to get a remote programming job where you never have to leave the house. If your parents shut down your internet connection, just get a 3G one (provided you have 3G service area). If they wrap your entire room up in aluminum, setup a special device which uses the aluminum casing as an antenna prompting the FCC to arrive to arrest your parents.

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