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  1. Okay so how much does it cost for you annually to live on your own? Solo, I mean. Like where do you live and how much would you say that is costs for you to live. Per month or year is fine, just those two please.

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    2. Maes


      I've lived on my own in Italy and Greece, and renting a room in a shared flat in Italy ranged from 100-200 Euros monthly, depending on the zone, age of the building etc. Renting an entire flat by yourself would be 300-600 euros monthly, again depending on the zone, size etc. These are 2000-2003 prices though.

      In Greece renting an entire flat in a major city (Athens, Thessaloniki) goes from 150 to 300 Euros (at least for flats under 60 m^2), and sharing flats is far less common. Even with a relatively low-wage job, one can still afford to live on his own in most cases, if he believes it's worth the extra rent (and I do ;-)

      Students do share flats sometimes ofc, but it's (still) far less common among working class people.

    3. 40oz


      You need to be able to bench 250lbs to have a house.

    4. TMD


      I pay half of the bill in a shared 2 bedroom apartment. After utilities and internet Its around 320-340 a month. So if you come to Eastern South Dakota land land, you can live by yourself for under 700 USD a month.

      But you have to live in Eastern South Dakota.