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  1. So I have 70s style sideburns on my face. My friends have seen laughed and made jokes and I did the same back but they don't call me out on everyday, they accept my style, just as I accept theirs.

    What really pisses me off are the people who will talk shit about your style, yet those people follow all the latest trends because they don't know how to choose a style.

    Give an experience where people make fun of your style yet they have follow EVERY style that is trendy.

    1. HorrorMovieGuy


      People make fun of me for dipping my McDonald french fries in the sundae before eating them. That really hurts my feelings. Eating your fries with soda is too overrated imo.

    2. RUSH


      People just like to laugh at what they perceive is different because different automatically means weird apparently. People who do that generally feel insecure about themselves and have a small and shitty ego. A lot of the time they need to put others down to feel good because they suck at life. Then there are those people who are just straight up psychopaths and don't care about anybody but maybe they got a small dick that's why they are mad! Haha! Or maybe the sideburns genuinely look ridiculous. Either way if it's what you like just keep it and screw what people say. Do what makes you happy.

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