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  1. Twelve years the community has kept Doom alive in gamer hearts, by mods, fansites, fangames. They kept people waiting for a good Doom to come. I guess this is the day. You're welcome, ZeniMax. Kornel, author of DoomRL here. We do not know yet how to proceed :(. Once we decide, I'll update you in this thread. If you have any other questions I'll gladly answer them. Hold my beer.
  2. Thanks ShadesMaster! To anyone still on the edge, here's a message from Mark Meer, a.k.a. Commander Shepard from Mass Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSZ2uCFx-2k For anyone wanting more meat, there's Roguelike Radio on Jupiter Hell http://www.roguelikeradio.com/2016/11/episode-130-jupiter-hell-successor-to.html ...and the IRDC 2016 conference video (extremely dark video not our fault :/) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3D1uwWQuOo
  3. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    For anyone that still doesn't see the turn-based part, I recently did a tech overview for a friend while streaming development. It mostly talks about the technical aspects of the engine, but much longer gameplay shots are visible, and you can hear the keys being pressed :P https://www.twitch.tv/epyoncf/v/102610218 (yes, it's extremely dark, we need more lights in the levels, and twitch encoding doesn't help)
  4. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    Jupiter Hell's tiles take a larger part of the screen than DoomRL's or any ASCII roguelikes, so natural formations are a bit more tricky. We will have a "caves" tileset though that will take advantage of such algorithms. As for non-organic generators I might try to implement a different algorithm this week on stream.
  5. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    First of all a big thanks for spreading the word :) The rooms are not prefabricated, any grid map of walls/floors can render, just one of the generation algorithms uses premade wall/floor 8x8 (?) squares. We will break the grid visually more and more to give it a natural look, but the grid itself is what makes the game work as a turn-based game. BTW, the square grid-set came from the idea that a spacebase would be assembled from prepared "modules". But now that you mention it, it really cheapens what we try and can show :/ For anyone interested, here's a writeup on the particular technique used on the games site : https://jupiterhell.com/news/10
  6. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    By default, if something was present in DoomRL it will also be present in Jupiter Hell, so I guess the answer to all those questions is "yes" :)
  7. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    I cannot answer the question about DoomRL going open source... yet :) Pretty much so, both for weapons, armors and battle suits. The system should be much more consistent, and make a bit more sense than the DoomRL version.
  8. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    We're going for heavy and deep sounds with a big amount of "oomph". We already spent maybe 3 hours on the shotgun sound, and we're still not satisfied. The soundscape is very important. Yes and no. The sad fact that there's a procedural animation system underneath that doesn't show it's true potential in the video. Death animations suck mainly because our ragdolls are still broken, and we had no time to prep them better than to set "this might work" values. As for the movement, we still will polish it up, but it will always look unnatural, because it's being blended in realtime based on the speed of the players keypresses. This looks way more impressive when plaing that what we can show on a video. Mandatory. Current plan is to substitute the model for a "body parts" model, add in fluid blood and forces and let physics do its thing. Deeper than in DoomRL, still more streamlined than most roguelikes. Compared to DoomRL more usable inventory, for hacking, bypassing stuff, etc. If you'd ask for specific mechanics it'd be easier to answer.
  9. epyon

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    moonbases - check demons and former humans - check metal soundtrack - check chainsaws, chainguns and other weapons obviously needed in space - check best armors show aaaabs - check I guess we indeed didn't hide our influences :P. On a more serious note - I'm the author of DoomRL and this sequel, Jupiter Hell. I'm really happy someone posted this here. DoomRL, Roguelike and Doom are the three communities who's opinions we value the most. So if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to post! And if you do like it, please help us spread the word! This is a totally community project - no publishers, no distributors, no marketing agencies - we can only count on your goodwill and your help! yours truly, Kornel
  10. Hello all! It's been some time I wanted to register here, and now I have a reason :). Some of you may know my game, Doom, the Roguelike, which is a roguelike top-down 2d remake of Doom ( http://doom.chaosforge.org/ ). Nowdays we are working on a 3d turn-based roguelike, Jupiter Hell ( http://jupiterhell.com ) that will be coming to kickstarter soon! The game is a classic roguelike, spiritual successor to DoomRL, but with modern 3d graphics and a focus on deep replayability (but still turn-based). Thematically it borrows deep from all the classic shooters, Doom, Quake and it's sequels. We are currently in dire need of animators/riggers to animate our current set of models for the kickstarter gameplay videos. Regular bone animation is needed, no facial animations, rig usually doesn't include fingers. Same skeleton might be rigged to multiple models/model parts. Ironically currently the only supported animation format is MD5 (although that will change soon), so knowledge/experience in exporting MD5 animation is a big bonus -- hence my belief that someone here might have the necessary skillset. We're also always on the lookout for artists for other positions! If interested, e-mail me at "admin at chaosforge.org", with samples of your previous work. Warm Tear, Kornel Kisielewicz