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  1. Yeah it's strange and counter-intuitive especially if you're used to Doom editors. Blood and SW added a lot of variables to the sprite tagging system and it was tough to find documentation of any kind. Ah yes, maybe I wasn't as clear as I should've been. I've tinkered with Blood and SW maps but only ever spent large amounts of time working on Duke3d stuff.
  2. No worries. By the way, don't tell anyone but the map that's in the screenshot I posted was actually corrupt, when opened in the editor. I don't know how because I haven't opened it in about 5 years, but it's still fully playable. @Szuran This goes to show that Build is not the most stable engine, I've had some maps that got wrecked over the years because the editor glitches out and turns the level into a spider-web of lines and vertices. The worst part was Build only had a certain maximum grid/view size at the time, and if the engine glitched out and decided to toss vertices beyond the boundary limit, then the map was beyond repair. These glitches of course are few and far between, and if you build according to the rules of the engine and don't test the sector/line limits to the extreme, everything should work fine. Build has gone from Ken Silverman who was the original creator, to 3drealms, and then it was ported by user Jonof to modern systems. This port was further enhanced by user TerminiX and others into the Eduke32 port we have today. I am less familiar with any of the ports for Blood and Shadow Warrior. The main thing Doom and Build have in common is that maps can be made using vanilla assets without additional files required by the map-maker. The file types associated with Doom and Duke3d are .wad and .map respectively. Both engines can do slopes, parallax and stretching/panning of textures. Both engines can now do sector stacking/portals to make 'true' 3d spaces. This is where the similarities start to end, however. Both engines have very similar line-tagging systems, but they handle sector effects in different ways. In Doom the effects are applied to a sector directly, whereas in Build, the engine requires function sprites to be placed in sectors to cause various actions, like doors, lifts, blinking lights etc. These sprites are invisible in-game, and their tags are applied to the sector to change sounds, speeds and timing of effects. In Build sctors can be tagged as well, and this is required, but most effects need the placement of these function sprites as well. The different effects are possible in both engines, just implemented differently. Now on to modding: the Build engine uses .ART files to handle new textures and sprites, these are resource files that must be located in the root directory of the game in question. The art files are loaded into their own section after the game assets in the texture list automatically, so they don't overwrite the original artwork. Multiple files can be loaded in this way, TILES013.art - TILES020.art inclusive, for example. Game code in the Build engine is handled via .CON files. There are 3 of these files that the game uses at runtime - DEFS.CON - contains the definitions to associate sounds, actors, etc. USER.CON - has all the values for weapon damage, HP for objects and actors etc. GAME.CON - this has the core game code, it's what the engine uses to compile everything when the game is started. So, if the goal is new weapons and enemies, then .CON editing is what would handle that sort of thing. I've made maps and used new textures before, but I haven't done much .con file editing myself, so I can't be too much help in that regard.
  3. reflex17

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    haha, then it's not so bad then. It's a cool screenshot, I've always liked medieval sorts of themes. It looks like it could be out of a Castlevania game or something. This screenshot is also a good example of how some midtextures can break up the visual field and prevent everything from being just straight lines.
  4. reflex17

    What are you listening to?

    YES Primus is amazing, one of the best bassists of that era. Unique sense of humor too that carries across well in the music. The bass shares a legacy with bands like Korn for example, where the bass is used almost more like a percussion instrument.
  5. reflex17

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Carried away maybe, but it looks just right. My only problem is who's going to clean the gore from those precious antique books =(
  6. It stands for binary space partitioning. It's not that bad, if I can make something like this then anyone can.
  7. reflex17

    How to Get Good at Enemy Placement?

    Effective monster and object placement starts before you place a single thing. It's a good idea to build the map anticipating gameplay and encounters ahead of time, because depending on the map it can be tougher to change the geometry and accommodate monsters after everything else has been set. Every map has a type of progression, some are a slow build-up and others get to the action almost instantly. Design encounters for the space and atmosphere of the map, this is generally a good starting point. Monsters are placed ideally in a way in which they will present a threat to the player - Pinky demons up close, chaingunners in a distant tower etc. There are certain player behaviors that are universal - the player will generally go towards open, lit up areas, or towards doors, items and other areas of interest. You can use item/monster placement to take advantage of player habits and hopefully create a more engaging level, as opposed to placing things more randomly. By anticipating encounters ahead of time you can save yourself changes later, and possibly inspire ideas as you are building each area. Monsters all have a specific size and an effective attack range, keeping this in mind can help with designing the map. When should the player feel safe? When should they be under threat? Pickups like ammo and health will fall into place once you have the encounters set up, if you can complete the map on UV while having to use most of the resources, chances are that's a good standard to go by. One of the most commonly overlooked factors is to place item pickups in such a way so that the player doesn't have to pick up more than one type at a time. If a box of rockets and a medkit are so close together that the player has to pick up both, this can be counterproductive because the player might not need one resource or the other, potentially wasting health and/or ammo.
  8. reflex17

    Doom In Build Engine

    The most unintuitive thing about Build was the editor itself, once you figured it out the effects were simple to create. A rotating door was a sector, a tag, and a sectoreffector sprite for the rotation point. The angle of the sectoreffector decided the angle the door would open at. The user could add additional sprites for a sound effect or to change the speed. There's also the advantage of your polyobjects being visible in the map where they are located, instead of being loaded in at runtime. Blood and Shadow warrior added a lot of functionality to tags and variables, that's when things got pretty thick but at the same time, more customizable.
  9. reflex17

    Whats your favourite music genre?

    I guess it would be rock, hip-hop, and electronic in the most general sense. These terms almost seem silly now because there are so many sub-genres. Subtypes are good for identification purposes, and also a potential source of jokes. I only listen to Downtempo Post-Apocalyptic DIY Jazzcore remixes, personally. WARNING: Rant ahead -
  10. reflex17

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    | A wild Containment Area appeared! |
  11. reflex17

    Doom In Build Engine

    Yeah I know, It also has resizing and panning textures, but the interface and controls for these functions are better integrated into the build engine. I wasn't trying to argue in favor of one or the other, ease of use should be sacrificed if one engine has more features than the other, and by now GZDoom outshines Build, there's no question.
  12. From my perspective, Doom just kind of came out of nowhere. I had played Wolf3d and my older brother would download games from BBS pages. As I recall the demo for Raptor: Call of the Shadows was 1.4 megs and took approximately 24 hours to download. (48k probably, 56 was a bit later) I played Doom shareware and then the full game, and I remember some of the changes that happened as it went through the different patches. In the earliest versions there was the swastika shaped sector that was later changed, my brother and I recognized it right away as a reference to Wolf3d and went on our way. When it was altered later, this was one of my first experiences with a game being changed after it was released - until then, this concept was foreign to me. The first thing I remember is the opening shot with the blue carpet, as it's been said before, this view establishes the capabilities of the engine right away, and I knew this would be a different beast than Wolf3d before it. When you go up the stairs to the left, the green armor is sitting on a small raised platform with scrolling textures on it - at first I thought the platform itself was actually rotating. The imp on the tower in the zig-zag nukage room was also a big mystery, only seeing the fireball at first I wondered to myself "what the hell is up there?" Seeing the sky also stands out in my memory as others have said, the wide open outdoor areas were a relatively new concept and quite immersive at the time. Obviously I wouldn't have made it to episode 3 on my first time playing, but Mt. Erebus E3M6 is the first time I experienced what is now called "open world" gameplay - it was non-linear and different than anything that had come before - like hell's largest sandbox or something.
  13. reflex17

    What are you listening to?

    yo shout-out to music videos featuring train cars
  14. As I watched the Diablo Immortal situation unfold in real-time, I clearly remember thinking to myself "It can't get any worse than this" Like Jurassic Park, nature finds a way. edit: here is a link to the official response from the Blizzard President, in case anyone wants to read it. https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23185888/regarding-last-weekend-s-hearthstone-grandmasters-tournament
  15. reflex17

    Do you like the Joker?

    He's often shown as Batman's ultimate nemesis, kind of like Lex Luthor compared to Superman, a total opposite and perfect counterpart. I agree though, Joker is kind of over-used and villains are much cooler when it seems like they've been away for awhile thinking of their next evil plot. He's also reckless a lot of the time, which is a good balance between Bruce Wayne being a CEO and living a relatively orderly life in a mansion etc. I suppose the Joker is an easy character to write for, he's completely insane so there's not many limitations on what you can do there. Danny DeVito as the Penguin is one of my favorite portrayals of a villain from Batman and would be hard for anyone else to match, but there's so many other characters they can choose from in the comics and animated series etc.
  16. reflex17

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    The BFG is clearly a metaphor regarding the concept of self-actualization. This post is concerned with the idea that the "BFG" is a metaphorical symbol for self-actualization. Everyone knows that the BFG is weapon #7. Everyone also knows that the #7 is the number of the ascended philosophers. 7 days in the week, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 weapons in the character's arsenal.......... Doomguy starts out with a pistol and, over time, gains more confidence. Earlier threats become trivialized............. The BFG or "Best Filosophy Gun" represents an end goal in terms of power. When the player character has it, they can go almost anywhere obliterating all opposition. Free of doubt and being supplied with material comforts in the form of Cells, the player has the freedom~to search for secrets. If you think it is happenstance or some coincidence that the BFG fires orbs of green energy, then thou art possessed by a base intellect~ Allow the clouds to be parted, cast down like a large group of imps in a monster closet.. The BFG fires green orbs>green in military speak means "novice">Doom is a game with military stuff in it> Basic armor in Doom is green colored> The BFG fires green orbs>it focuses the energy of the lesser self and casts it outward explosively, smiting all foes~ in a reaction with zero waste product>the BFG causes no hangover or otherwise ill effect. The BFG is considered the Ultimate Weapon. The 3 episodes being the Trinity, and the 4th Ultimate episode brings about completion. 4 elements, 4 episodes, time space is deliciously enfolded like a jelly-roll, and at last the circle is complete. These ideas and things are made plainly obvious when considered in the light of wisdom.
  17. reflex17

    Favorite Fighting Game?

    Super Ultra Turbo Mega Street Disagreement Action Committee Fighter part 47b: The Legend of Yung Battleman and his International Voyage to Discover a Secret Cure against the Ancient Yeti's Curse edition
  18. if you're a vampire that means you can play doom pretty much forever. the other vampires would be sitting around drinking wine and I'd be like "yo guys, who wants to test my new megawad?"
  19. reflex17

    Doom In Build Engine

    The ability to place sprites on flat planes relative to floors and walls alone is extremely valuable, in the build engine it's also easier and quicker to make slopes and change a complex setup once they've been set. The sector effects are also more robust being functions with multiple variables and this only increased in Blood and SW. Eduke source port has increased limits and quality-of-life upgrades such as onscreen sound effect radius. I've hit the line limit before but by then you're probably over-detailed anyway. At that point to finish a map I went back and cut out unnecessary lines. The only thing I dislike about build over Doom is how build handles activating effects by the touchplate function sprite. It's not as effective as lines or other systems I've seen in different engines. Both Build and BSP have good and bad points, one thing about Duke that always bothered me was how weapons firing increases light values across the whole map with every shot.
  20. reflex17

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    yeah this right here. If the monster is too far away, fuck 'em.
  21. I suppose I meant fans as different from more casual players. The market has changed yeah and you can't blame them for trying to adapt. Mobile markets may be 50% of the current gaming market but Blizzard have also, in recent years until now, completely destroyed more than one of my favorite game series. And yes I understand it is their product and they can change it however they want. Retail wow is a whole other kettle of fish, analytics are not the same as player opinion, and every dev video I've seen from the last expansion is them constantly backtracking and apologizing for bad systems and class design. If people want their MMO to be full of farmville minigames and all that, then so be it. Things change over time, the true reflection could be found in the player numbers which they don't release anymore as far as I'm aware.
  22. reflex17

    What is 'The Void'?

    I've always said the codes just as the letters themselves. eye dee kay eff ayy. Wolf3d also, good old MIL