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  1. FreddBoy

    First trailer debuts for 'Alien: Covenant'

    I'm just hoping it fells more like an Alien movie like the first, second and (to some extent) the third films did. Prometheus felt like a confused film. I tried to see it as an "origin" story, but it felt like a bit of a mess, especially with the big plot holes. I honestly didn't mind the nudity in the trailer - it felt more horrifying as it plays on you being naked both in the sense of nudity but also for no protection either. Prometheus sex scene felt more forced to move the plot along. I hope the alien is like the one in the 1979 film - a sneaky, vicious fucker who will pick them off one by one, rather than the warrior type in the second film.
  2. Some of the Japanese to America/Europe censorship is beyond hilarious. Watch the channel "censored gaming" to get a run down on the shitstorm that was the European release of Fatal Frame on the Wii U. TL;DR; - game was only available, censored as a 16GB download digitally. Problem was 80% of Wii U consoles are the 8GB version...
  3. FreddBoy

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Thanks for nearly killing me with laughter you bastards! The Naked Gun, YouTube PooP and ShittyFlute videos had me crying with laughter, so much so my wife walked in asking if I was OK or having a seizure.
  4. FreddBoy

    The Night Sentinels weaponry

    Doomworld - where only highbrow humour resides!
  5. FreddBoy

    Where are the BFG mods ?

    TBH, if the BFG had any mods, it would be so hilariously broken. It's already a huge "I win" button, if it got any more powerful, the ability to cheese through difficult areas/bosses would be stupid.
  6. FreddBoy


    Yes, by using the cheat called "skill"
  7. FreddBoy

    Olivia Pierce

    The thing is, we have no idea (AFAIK) how old Olivia was when she took her post at Mars - she could have been (from the in game portrait) be early to mid thirties. Samuel mentioned decades of research, add in the climate of Mars and the artificially produced gravity, air etc. No wonder she looks, well, fucked. I'm guessing she has just aged badly due to the Martian atmosphere, and it's probably given her terrible ailments such as arthritis, muscle atrophy etc. The demons saw her wanting to be strong and pretty again, and prayed upon this by spoon feeding her the bullshit to get what they want. Just my theory, at least.
  8. Umm, several demons/possessed are attacking you at once in every video I have seen. I've seen multiple demons gibbed by a rocket launcher/barrel explosion, seen 8+ enemies vaporised by the BFG as well. Don't see how you came to the conclusion you fight "one enemy at a time?"
  9. FreddBoy

    Reviews and Reviews in progress

    I've been watching a YouTube channel called Me Ice and Fire's silent (thank god!) Play through of DOOM. Any reviewer who thinks the enemy design is dated, the levels uninspired and the extra fluff of codexes is bad is a fucking idiot and deserves to be ridiculed. And I can tell straight away the reviewer is a complete scrub once he says "the rocket launcher becomes obsolete once you get the explosive shotgun ability". ORLY? Let me guess, you rushed through the campaign, not searching or getting upgrades, so you wonder why the rocket launcher is sub par? Jesus, thank god for YouTube play through she, so I can see the game in action then decide!
  10. As someone who was a console pleb up until 2 years ago, I can understand the hate. CoD has simply gotten boring. Yep. When the first (at the time, next gen) CoD released, CoD4 was a smash hit. It's multi-player hadn't been done before, the perks, gun customization, maps etc were considered great. However, fast forward nearly 10 years and the basics have very little changed. All they have done is added gimmicks or for future tech. While the series is desperate enough to rip off other games (that exo suit crap was such a Titan fall copy it was actually sad to see) the balance in MP since world at war has been atrocious. Not to mention the hilariously over priced DLC. At least Battlefield has the decency to give a shit ton for the money, rather than CoDes 3 MP maps and 1 map for a game mode hardly anyone plays, such as zombies. People might say "but battlefield has not changed!" The core of it, no, but the settings are realistic and actually remind people of the old CoD - boots on ground with hundreds of other grunts, not super advanced spec ops in small 4 man teams with silly hi tech shit that makes NO SENSE. I legitimately think CoD will whither away ONLY if Dice learns from the BF4 launch fiasco. If the game is near as damn perfect at launch, I think the CoD franchise might just end. Not immediately, but you will see more desperate shit before its eventually killed off.
  11. FreddBoy

    Has your music tastes changed since you were a teenager?

    My first love of a particular type of music was a direct result of playing and loving the living shot out of a SEGA Genesis game called Thunder Force 4. Holy Fuck, the most metal 16-bit soundtrack I had ever heard. Spent several years playing games but never being able to pinpoint that "type" of music in games until I played GTA: Vice city and tuned into VRock radio just as Iron Maidens 2 minutes to midnight was starting. Before anyone points out "but you played Doom!" Yes, but only for the PS1 - soundtrack was very atmospheric and not metal/rock at all. Guess I've always been a rock/metal fan, but I enjoy any music, as long it's a good example of the music. However, New wave retro has been my music of choice of late, and I guess synthwave as well. Hell, I'm enjoying a lot more music now than in my 20's - guess turning 30 and getting married with 2 kids kind of makes you appreciate things more I guess.
  12. FreddBoy

    Marty Stratton vs John Carmack

    The silent smoking guy by the filing cabinet from the x-files in the 90's.
  13. FreddBoy

    Doom Ads NYC Subway

    Destiny was so similar to other games while offering so little in original content, I'm not supposed it didn't light up the charts. Literally playing the demo I realised "It's just Borderlands with a more serious narrative and less cell shading."
  14. FreddBoy

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Looks sick as Fuck! Love the little nod to the original DOOM box art at the end, nice touch.
  15. FreddBoy

    Favorite YouTubers?

    The few I regularly watch are: Vannos Gaming - Mostly him and a few of his buddies dicking about in GMod and it's custom games, GTA V and a few other games. KYRSp33dy - Much like Vannos, but replace the GMod stuff with CS:GO and mostly cards against humanity and lesser known steam multi-player stuff. Bohemian Eagle - Does lots of Vids on WoT, WoW, Armoured Warfare and War Thunder. Quicky Baby - WoT live streamer with in depth guides and Vids. Circonflexes - A very good WoT streamer who doesn't take the game serious at all. AzzytheMLGpro/Chaboy - CS:GO players, Scottish and crazy fuckers. Always raging and screaming like lunatics. AVGN - The original, and best.