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  1. Who is still using XP at home?
  2. ProGamerX56

    Any good psp doom ports?

    Legacy, be sure you pay for the Wads. You said Source Port, yet you are looking for homebrew. Get Legacy instead of any potential malicious applications.
  3. ProGamerX56

    Chex Quest series demos [-complevel 3]

    Seen no thread on any site about this. Since Chex.wad runs via Boom and PrBoomPlus, I've decided to open this thread. Last post about this was in 08. Well I think this is kinda unbeatable. E1M1 in 0:01 using the corner exploit. Edit still had Strafe50 on, redone. chexquest-e1m1-01.zip
  4. Just throwing stuff out there, but would it be better to import GZDOOM Nazi's on Wolfenstein and Grosse conversions? Kust an idea.
  5. Guys, Mephisto fails the load and does not allow me to progress. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sz0a1547fvpcgan/Screenshot%202014-03-25%2019.19.30.png Plz fix Seen if all maps were working before playing through and this happens on map LOST17, when I use NEXTMAP param it just prints the error again. Sorry, I see this is Pre-Beta, it seems to be a very simple one with a simple solution, add a player start. That should get the map to load. Then LOST18 can load, but the inventory glitches because of the crash on Map17. Hope this helps.
  6. If you need any playtesters in the future, I'll be glad to help :D
  7. Just a suggestion, add these values into the default PSXDoom.cfg file. SECRETMESSAGE="A SECRET IS REVEALED" WI_SHOWTOTALTIME="TRUE" Then set the default colour of the secretmessage string to yellow. It'll feel a lot more like PSX doom, no? Just cos it resets itself every time... BTW running 2.133 with only the music PK3
  8. ProGamerX56

    Recommended TAS Tools

    Done E1M4 -turbo 175, beat OddyseyOfNoises run by like .10 tics, still very improvable. d14-09.zip
  9. ProGamerX56

    Recommended TAS Tools

    Rerecorded with PrBoomPlus2.5.1.4. Still unoptimised, but tell me if the tics were counted fine. .42 secs faster than last demo so that's good. Still working on this plus some solo-net stuff. Not final yet, mind. Used Strafe50 in these runs. My speedrunning skills are improving, but still not good enough, I will be some day though, with practice. e4m7-tux-9.zip
  10. ProGamerX56

    Recommended TAS Tools

    Copied .cfg and that added launcher plus my old settings.
  11. ProGamerX56

    Recommended TAS Tools

    Not sure what to expect in terms of replies, as I am not sure if this is optimised enough. I have been practicing non-tas but struggle to get enough control when turbo. Post what you think. Yh it's TAS, but I'm only TASing Turbo runs so I actually can have some control. The demo still needs optimisation, notably at 2.06s when I hit the pedestal. See info file for specific info. BTW I did straferun, trying to get the hang on strafe50 See ya. 47-06-trbo255tas.zip
  12. ProGamerX56

    Recommended TAS Tools

    What tools do you guys recommend for Doom TAS runs? Cannot find anything via google search, just wondering what is optimal.
  13. ProGamerX56

    Skulltag dll problem

    Found what I was doing wrong, cheers!
  14. ProGamerX56

    The Plutonia Experiment uv-max in under 1 hour [TAS]

    Alas, I cannot speak on this subject as I am just a newbie at speedrunning [improving, straferunning a lot more!!!].
  15. ProGamerX56

    Skulltag dll problem

    So I extracted the Skulltag zip, then I got an error, the Doomseeker DLLs were not extracted. So no multiplayer doesn't work at all and says missing DLL, when I copy it it gives me error 0x80004005 unspecified. Help would be appreciated.