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  1. ProGamerX56

    Strife available on amazon digital download

    Just did. Still, they said EXE and SETUP, so I was just wondering.
  2. ProGamerX56

    Is this trick possible?

    Try re-recording without pausing.
  3. ProGamerX56

    The Plutonia Experiment uv-max in under 1 hour [TAS]

    God, if this isn't a perfect run, I dunno what is. But the truth is, no runs can be absolutely perfect, it's up to you to determine that you have reached your maximum capability.
  4. ProGamerX56

    Opinions on my first run?

    Right, recorded a demo that I am very proud of. 26s UV-Turbo, excellent but improvable, only 4 secs under 4shockblast :D. Got stuck on a Nazi for a few frames so I'll try again and see if that doesn't happen. Attached both demos, both have same problems :(. wlftbo26.zip
  5. ProGamerX56

    Strife available on amazon digital download

    DosBox compatible? Or is it a source port?
  6. ProGamerX56

    More bullshit copyright strikes on TotalBiscuit

    Some bullshit indeed. Fair Use dictates that you are permitted to use footage from copyrighted material for critique and review. His videos where legitimate and abided all related copyright laws.
  7. ProGamerX56


    Got Chocolate Doom, and runs like a charm on the Doom.wad. No setup needed, started in a few seconds.
  8. ProGamerX56

    Opinions on my first run?

    Got Choc Doom and tested the Doom 1 WAD, will test the Doom 2 WAD and run some UV-Turbo and No Monster runs tomoz. Do you think Choc Doom will get confused if I have both wads in the folder at the same time? Or shall I just use the warp function in config.
  9. ProGamerX56


    Thanks!!! I assume PrBoom is the same...
  10. ProGamerX56


    I was exaggerating. Steam setup the game automatically, but yes I have the applicable Iwads. So it is one click installation, so once I've set it up, will it run when I press start on steam, or just when I run the port exe. Oh and is this possible with no source ports, ideally I want to stick with the Doom executable.
  11. ProGamerX56

    Nomonster speedrunning

    First demo was crap, these are better. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1242639 http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1242634 Demo 1 I need to not bump into stuff so often. Demo 2 I need your opinions to improve, cos I'm stumped
  12. ProGamerX56

    Opinions on my first run?

    You can't post multiple zips on one post so don't mark this as spam. attacko35.zip
  13. ProGamerX56

    Opinions on my first run?

    Im doing better, got 35s. If I stop bumping into stuff early on I can make a goal of 30s. :D Plus done NM Bad Dream 17s, which I'm proud of, and can't see how to improve lol. bdmo17.zip
  14. PSN: ProGamerX56 Steam: ProGamerX56
  15. ProGamerX56

    If you couldnt play Doom what would you play...?

    Id play skyrim or fallout.
  16. ProGamerX56

    Opinions on my first run?

    Shock :O I do not get lost, i take a wrong turn. But i knw the route. Ill retry, post that and say what you think. BTW so strafing is alt shift arrow right? Dont worry, i posted this so you could give me advice.
  17. ProGamerX56

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    Nice run shock. Following your footsteps.
  18. ProGamerX56

    Opinions on my first run?

    Knew that was coming. Note I am only a newbie, I did actually try, but my best time is only 38 seconds. Thanks for giving me a point in the right direction. I keep forgetting the route so forgive me. Tried uv turbo around twenty times and got a shitty time, so embarrassing i dont wish to upload. Thanks Pro
  19. ProGamerX56

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Done my first No Monster run on Attack.wad Map 01 - 39s http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/67411-opinions-on-my-first-run/ I know, you awesome dudes will beat it quick especially shockblast.
  20. ProGamerX56

    things about Doom that bug or puzzle you?

    Well I was always annoyed that you can't open the console for parameters without downloading an external exe. Plus I hated the fact that Chainsaw replaces Fists.
  21. ProGamerX56

    Doom: The Parody

    Loved it! Recommended to all for a laugh.