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  1. ImpieEyez95

    Do you ever imagine about the Doom Marine's past?

    With all the advancements in Gzdoom, creating a one-off (or two?) -level type of mission (with heavy scripting and the like) based on this back-story would be pretty cool.
  2. ImpieEyez95

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Something that really bugs me regarding the doom beastiary (specifically Pinkies/Demons) are that their eyes glow a bright yellow, and I always felt that aesthetically, their blood/ whatever comes out of them? plasma? should also be yellow.
  3. ImpieEyez95

    Classic Doom on Nintendo Switch

    Very cool. I wonder if its possible to inject and run mods/add-ons for Doom 1+2 on the Switch?
  4. @DBThanatos QC:DE; @Sgt Mark IV's Extermination Day map-pack; @bifurcator's Doom Slayer Chronicles. Also @Jimmy's Adventure of Square Episode 2.
  5. @DavoX Any updates in terms of securing a release for the Nintendo Switch? Playing this on the go would be hella fun (and the switch is in need of some more FPS's like Doom and Wolfenstein anyway)
  6. I've played it. It most certainly feels like a Demo (since it's labelled as such) and I'm withholding any other thoughts until the final Extermination Day mapset is released.
  7. ImpieEyez95

    What are you playing now?

    playing Doom Darkstar.wad + Project Brutality. If only more maps were D3 themed/built using the D3 textures...
  8. ImpieEyez95

    Doom what if:90s Doom 3

    There was also another topic like this here. With that said, I'd like to see what could come of it had it been developed circa '97 with the "new" features of the time. Instead of that, it would be VERY cool to see a Community Mapping Project based upon the listening of the Bonus Music from Aubrey's soundtracks that weren't in any of the games. Style the map (and name it) after the track itself.
  9. ImpieEyez95

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'd love to create (with others) a complete as possible Dusk-TC for DOOM 2 using the GZDoom engine.
  10. D4T Multiplayer DMake Mapping Project: So what is the D4T Multiplayer DMake Mapping project or D4TMDMMP for abbreviations sake? It is, simply put, demaking all of the multiplayer maps from Doom 2016 for use through GZDoom/Zand with Doom2 and D4T. RULES: Must use some advanced features (Slopes etc). IWAD: Doom 2 Jumping, Crouching, and Free look are allowed for best experience Playable on Gzdoom/ focus would be on Zand for online play. UDMF- Mapping Format. Stick to the aesthetic and theme of whichever map you decide to do, with the relevant and appropriate textures. List of maps currently not demade: Excavation Infernal Disposal Helix Perdition Sacrilegious Beneath Ritual Cataclysm Offering Argent Breach Molten Orbital For reference, here is the work of Mr.Enchanter whom demade “Heatwave”, (Heatwave (Doom 2016 Demake) - Mr.Enchanter) looking for that level of authenticity and charm.
  11. ImpieEyez95

    The megawad/mod of your dreams

    Dusk Doom ( A total Conversion of that new game that's supposed to come out soon, complete with enemy sprites/ weapons levels etc) for the GZDoom engine. Make it as accurate as possible.
  12. ImpieEyez95

    Let's talk about Quake 1!

    I played quake 1 Single player alot last year, and just downloaded it again tonight. Going to go through it again, was great fun and is a classic. I would love to see a GZDoom total conversion of Quake within the engine for Doom 2 (but with enemies/weapons/health/armour powers etc as sprites). Use the most advanced features of GZDoom Builder and make a total conversion as 1:1 as possible with the original game, with the original map layouts as proposed above from that site. It would be a cool community project, none the less (focusing on the single player levels, and then easing onto the two (3 technically, with MachineGames) Expansion Packs. What do y'all think?
  13. I'm wondering how I'd be able to edit the Doom 2 levels and put them (along with the extras from Doom 2 (Archvile that is within those specific doom 2 maps etc etc) into Doom 1. Here's what the new 4th Ep would look like. Thy Flesh Consumed Redux. Tech Gone Bad (E1M4b) O of Destruction (MAP11) (Doom 2) Industrial Zone (MAP15) (Doom 2) Tenements (MAP17) (Doom 2) Gotcha (MAP20) (Doom 2) The Abandoned Mines (MAP26) (Doom 2) The Living End (MAP29) (Doom 2) Perfect Hatred (E4M2) (Ultimate Doom: Thy Flesh Consumed) Against Thee Wickedly (E4M6) (Ultimate Doom: Thy Flesh Consumed) Phobos Mission Control (E1M8b) As I don't like Petersen's level design (sorry, lol) and would love to just play a fourth Episode of just Romero's levels (that were from doom 2) with the extras (Like the SSG) (and Mega Sphere/ new enemies) this would only be for my own personal entertainment. Would someone be able to help. I'm terrible with Slade3.
  14. ImpieEyez95

    The end of ZDoom