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  1. ImpieEyez95

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Tim did confirm to me that the level works and is legitly completable. He was using Doomsday to complete it.
  2. ImpieEyez95

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    That it was.
  3. ImpieEyez95

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    No, as he wasn't a level designer on Doom 64. Talking about MIDWAY here.
  4. Included here are 5 Doom 2 that I was able to acquire from the people who created them (these maps that were made by the MIDWAY Level Design Team (Thank you Tim!) on PC, and some (in the case of Newcat3) became what later was Unholy Temple for D64 (while in the other cases here, going unused) when initially developing Doom 64. Based on sources, some of these stem from 1995, to 1997. Within MK3/Trilogies source, we know there's reference to Doom 2 (an .LMP demo file is located there - dated March 21st, 1996 - which runs after some editing), along with a doomn64rom (this does not boot at all.) Within that source, it seems MIDWAY were also in the process of porting Doom II to the Nintendo 64, at least in 1996, when the programmers were getting a feel for how the WAD files and LUMPS worked - to create Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64, which would eventually see release March 31st, 1997. Romero stated as such on twitter: Also there was the id Software & Mortal Kombat enactment in 1995 (which, Doom 64 was supposed to be a launch title for the Nintendo 64 but was delayed) upon playing some of these, these do seem to be very early (as evidenced by no secrets being tagged, where there probably should be, in reference to "Mee2.wad", and other things) @Linguica should this stay here or be moved to Doom 2? thoughts? Anyway without further ado below is what Tim had to say regarding these: wads.zip
  5. So I viewed this thread when it was originally posted last night, and then played some of TNT (currently on Map 15 - Dead Zone) -- some maps I liked, others i didnt :/
  6. ImpieEyez95

    TEKWALL4 base image

    Do we know the origin of the texture (there's a thread on here regarding that) - seems to be from a PC card of some sort. Would be cool if we could track it down.
  7. ImpieEyez95

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Spoiler above.
  8. ImpieEyez95

    Carmack accused of stealing Oculus Rift tech

    Finally an update to this: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/12/facebook-settles-virtual-reality-lawsuit-with-zenimax.html
  9. ImpieEyez95

    Sprites 16 rotations

    That looks beautiful. Along with the 16 angles of sprites, this makes me think that if Doom III had come out on an even more updated Doom engine, in say 1998 or 1999, this would be one of the things we'd have gotten - 16 angle sprites (along with the other advancements in the engine at the time). Keep up the fantastic work! Really looking forward to more! D3 monsters are some of my favourites.
  10. on of free room in the ROM (about 1 MB give or take). Speaking of this Dark Pulse - the srce code for MK Trilogy had leaked couple months back, within that code there was a very early preliminary rom which had an LMP of a demo recording of Doom II - so this was probably when MIDWAY were picking Carmack's brain so to speak - from Romero - when they were going to create Doom 64. At the time, I'm thinking they were originally going to port doom 1 and 2 to the 64, based on the MIDWAY E3 Convention/Doom thing on YouTube (it's on a thread here on the forums) in 1995 or 1996? Anyways, in regards to compression, I know there's a tool you can use to decompress the rom - GE Decompressor (found here: https://github.com/jombo23/N64-Tools/tree/master/GEDecompressor) you're gonna want to use the MidwayDecoder portion of it. for the rom file. Some more info on each compression type - http://en64.shoutwiki.com/wiki/N64_Compression Hope this helps!
  11. No, based on the ethics of community made things are free, and have been since we've had editors for the game. If bethesda did something like this - they would try to scrounge up every last dime and nickel - putting every future community pack/ level etc, under a paywall (which could honestly get pretty expensive very quickly depending on how much one Dooms) Either way it's a no. Keep it free, it's how it should be. I'll support the Original Developers any day though (Maps made by them etc)
  12. ImpieEyez95

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    it's limited edition anyways (prob 500 or so?). the game itself is free looks like there's no limit, lol.
  13. ImpieEyez95

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Question about cut content: Do we have everything in terms of WIP/ Doom Assets that weren't used for both Doom 1 and 2?
  14. ImpieEyez95

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Tom Hall also stated he'd like to do a level - but after hearing about Romero's idea, thinks he's gonna wait for a bit :) Still so awesome to see all these devs release/talk about the games we still play. Wonder if Sandy would do one as well? or American McGee?