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  1. ImpieEyez95

    64Doom: Classic Doom on N64

    The author (Jnmartin84) has been doing substantial Quality of Life improvements to this port in recent months. Notably the Framerate and Sound.
  2. Won't be buying it as I have the original on a n64 cartrdige already. The Developer interviews could be interesting though. Once it releases, hopefully someone will upload them so many of us who cannot buy it (because its limited) so we can read them, if there's any new insights into the development process of the game...
  3. Is there a Full listing of NON-DeHacked (aka True Vanilla/Chocolate compatible DOOM I and II map sets/wads out there that would work for the 64Doom (Nintendo 64 Port) - this port is still being updated, as of August 2020. Thanks.
  4. ImpieEyez95

    64Doom: Classic Doom on N64

    Good to see you're still working on this jnmartin84. Looking forward to the improvements you've made since the last release. Looking forward to a future release.
  5. ImpieEyez95

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    Exactly DarkPulse, which i think most seem to have glanced over - that this isn't the "full release" of the source code.. I assume there will be more released (ie tools, assemblers, tool source etc) which will be great for the SNES Homebrew/Development Community! With the prevalence of flash carts, you could potentially add in new levels etc (ie Thy Flesh Consumed (possibly) and other such things, by expanding the engine, real excited to see what comes of this! ... SIGIL on SNES? Who da thunkit? Great Discord server regarding SNES homebrew dev here: https://discord.gg/vwskGDV
  6. On Mac, every time I've used it it has crashed on me. Also, building levels in SLADE is a bit different and cumbersome as compared to what I'm used to (coming from DoomBuilder 1 and 2). It would be great to get ReDoomEd to the point of where it could possibly incorporate features from DoomBuilderX (if the author of that would allow such things) on Mac OS so we would have an editor that is up to par with something like DB-X on Windows, or GZDoomBuilder on Windows... I think the reason (and it's been noted here and elsewhere) is the use of SlimDX? .. if we could find a work-around for it for a Mac Build, to get DBX features ported into ReDoomEd (or just DBX ported over in general) that would be great...
  7. ImpieEyez95

    D4V + D 2016 Campaign?

    Has anyone tried recreating (to the best of the ability with GZdoom) the campaign from DOOM (2016)? It would be superb to play through the campaign on classic doom...
  8. Definitely going to try it with that! and Smooth Doom as well
  9. I'm excited to see what Tom Hall thinks of the map-set once he plays it!
  10. So, with SIGIL in the hands of players now, would you rather see Romero do a take on Episode 2 (since they're all sandy...) or try his take on DOOM II instead?
  11. I wonder if @Romero will do a Dev playthrough of SIGIL, almost like how he did back in 2014 (?) of the original 3 episodes. Would be nice if he could do a playthrough with @Hyde (Tim Heydelaar - one of Doom 64's Level Designers); Would be cool for them to swap stories regarding development, and whatnot of both past and present... Just a thought. ;)
  12. Just found this linked on YouTube: the Making of Sigil Doc
  13. Is anyone looking into creating an animated INTERPIC for this release? @Gifty perhaps... :)? (I think you created the E4 one correct?)
  14. Somewhat similar. I'm not the biggest fan of some of the texture aesthetic (notably the Skull textures as walkways... don't like them myself - but that's just me being picky and not ever really liking those textures since seeing E4M(can't remember the map slot..) as well as the overuse of the Marble theme... could've used WALL49(1,2,3,4) (the red variant of Marble wall) much more I think... along with some maps looking like Slough of Despair in terms of mountain/rock textures (too much usage of WALL63_1 whereas WALL64_2 and its other variants would've worked much better... that was a bit much I thought..., along with possibly having some more Blood fall/blood type stuff, BFALL and its variants weren't used much, if at all i don't think) , even though I do appreciate his choice of creating a hell-themed wad, in which case he's only ever really done Tech-base types. It really feels (to me anyway) like he did a mashup of Techbase-like Hell levels, even though I know that this is set within Hell itself. I particularly enjoy the first map and how it just screams "You're in HELL now. Time to WIN!" when i first booted it up. I feel he really nailed the Hell theme especially, on the secret level. It really had that Romero level charm. I'd state that the secret level, then the starting level e5m1, were some of the better maps of the bunch in terms of Hell-themed design. Bug issues aside (which hopefully will be addressed by official release time), it definitely stands up against E1M4b/e1m8b, although I personally enjoy some of the maps in SIGIL more so than others. I like the challenge they're presenting, and it's damn hard, but it's also damn good. While i'm playing on UV and it seems like there's a shortage of ammo, that could be me not finding all the secrets in particular levels, so it's okay. It makes me just play the game some more until I master it. I do enjoy going from E1 - E3 (when played in COMPAT version) and it really feels GREAT as it really feels like a true episode a la E3 (even though, we know it as an unofficial 5th Episode..). I do wonder if he was creating some of these maps in darkly lit rooms and took a note from the Doom64 developers lol, a la Tim Heydelaar ( @Hyde ) and his thread/comment, as some of the maps are very dark, even in Software rendering mode on GZDoom.... With this all said, I strongly hope that Romero would create an Episode 2-styled Map replacement... that would also be superbly interesting (Since all of those Episode 2 maps were created by Sandy and/or first conceived by Tom Hall. [ @Romero This is good to think about ;) I'd love to see your take on that.] TL:DR - Great gameplay, some pretty great level design. I'm not particularly fond of some of the textures, but that's just me - as he really only did have a limited palette to work with texture-wise. Hope he some day does an E2-style replacement as well. Edit: Has anyone in the community thought of designing an INTERPIC for this later on down the line yet?
  15. Speaking of Bugs.. just played through it a bit, and some levels that have the cracked floors - are these supposed to damage the player? Because they dont. it seems like a bug, although maybe it was made that way and not intended to hurt the player when walking over them (similar cracks appeared in John's Tech Gone Bad level.