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  1. FearTheReaper

    Doom II RPG Port Reverse Engineering (version 0.1)

    Neat, the VIOS and different Icon of Sin were unique at the time, also tying it with Wolf RPG with Stan Blazkowicz protagonist. This game also mixed classic Doom2 features with Doom 3 elements and it works here as perfect blend. One of unique characters introduced by this game was Kira Morgan, not typical Doom girl attempt but full blown person. I just wish someone would make addon of sorts just with that character's sprites and HUD face for normal megawads to play, voice clips would be issue though, as I remember there were not a lot of them even if you played as Doomguy or the Scientist but someone made connection with Crash from Quake3. The game gets harder later especially first ambush, in hell and Spider-Mastermind battle, but that Soul Cube was almost a missed opportunity, never really was forced to use it more than once and just for Cyber-Demon seems a waste.
  2. FearTheReaper

    Doom II GBA: Paint Edition Preview

    HUD face is abysmal but in-game walls and textures make it interesting. Has certain charm to it, just like 8bit Killer.
  3. FearTheReaper

    what are your thoughts on Perdition's Gate?

    It uses unique intermission screens with both graphics and text for lack of dehacked, also many maps basically feels like TNT.
  4. Many things were built around that way and author doesn't want to change structure of resources because spent too much time already making this project.
  5. FearTheReaper

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    I prefer "while identical in all other ways, are not identical if they exist at two different times" applied even to people. Since identity is just a program and idea is a virus, a name but objects and people, their actions, creations do exists, even if relative. Past or future you is not you, only here and right now. Only these finished Devilution and Revilution are the real ones as the result of people choices. As for Convilution from what I recall most of these maps were like beta phase or so, it's interesting to play for what is worth but lacks substance. It feels like bootleg version of TNT...
  6. FearTheReaper

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    This does have issue in Eternity port repeating map21 forever for no reason with no way to progress unless idcleving to 22, other than that it's perfect in every way, especially later maps from 11 to 28, recreated finale with boss is nice too. You can easily recognize under vanilla assets where these original maps were from, even few Nightmare Cacodemons make cameo appearance on Map32.
  7. FearTheReaper

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    It always janked me wrong way, was this ever intentional or just simple mapping error? I mean multiple former humans in the same spot like legion to kill that can't move (screen doesn't show it in motion, exit area, Fortress of Bullets) - last idgames released version.
  8. Cool effect, looks like sun rays against the glass of CRT monitor or white light in middle of blue. This looks especially well with Doom 64 for Doom II giving that subtle D64 touch.
  9. As far as I know ETERNITY can use oggs so don't know why it's not working, I just put here Crispy not for use but for double check if something is not broken, I use Retro as alternative...
  10. Is there a reason why bullets and normal shotgun shots are completely muted in Eternity and Crispy Doom?
  11. Is there any red key on Atom Transporter (UV)? Even noclipping I didn't find it.
  12. Reached map15, I like the game of choice so far, either you go for one thing or another, so something is locked out but you can always make progress with other means without lose of content.
  13. Well, that's how it is, so presumably works correctly and only this way. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Damaging_floor#Sector_type_11
  14. No matter which amount of health (even 4 or 2) it doesn't pistol start me on next map, I'm playing it on Eternity, guess it's one of the SVN builds. It doesn't reset on Chocolate, Crispy or Retro either so must be minor map stuff.
  15. Does The Pits exit supposed to strap player off all weapons to do next level pistol start or just reduce health and continue with all arsenal? Because if it just to scare player near death but keep stocked up then it works as it should.