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  1. Ammo, health, armor could be washed out gold and actual numbers intense silver, as you focus more on these important numbers how much ammo, health or armor left so them being gold like others on status bar would be too distracting..
  2. custom, hybrid build of GZDoom for accurate PSX Doom and Doom64 sourceport, vanilla-like experience.
  3. Finished whole thing yesterday. That was some mean and big thing to go through. Definitely had these old vibes from Icarus/Obituary/Evilution and tech-hell features some of the weirdest and unique maps to date definitely better than original, but on the contrary first 11 maps transmission and variety are rather tough and not so smooth to play, original Evilution did better to a point. After them maps 12-20 defined their on, Revilutionish atmosphere and here is when new visuals blends with old gameplay and atmosphere perfectly. That middle point, if someone drops after first 11 levels will definitely miss better 'core' of that journey to Malignata. ;p Bonus levels were nice, while Anubis is cool with being complex but not too much I liked Duality more. ;p
  4. That's something unexpected but I too consider S.T.R.A.I.N. as the most unique and accurate attempts on sequel-like, especially that memorable soundtrack and semi-realistic level design, plot of Doomguy being total psycho on Black Drugs that makes dude from Doom4 comedian and new enemies...
  5. Nope it was something else, I have few versions of it, current one from idgames and the one from TNTRv1.20 to not mess them together I renamed the new to for ex. TNTR120.WAD Looks like your fix only work if name for wad is exactly TNTR.WAD, minor thing really.
  6. Ok, current version on idgames works with Doom Retro 2.5 Map30 fix but this one breaks stuff again even loading with older deh file... So, yeah, i'll wait until proper file is uploaded, not gonna scratch pending game.
  7. With original FDOOM executable demos only desync when it's trying to play previous demos just before non-existing demo4 since I found them playing correctly only first time before game quits due to obvious demo4. At least first two demos desync that way if played second time, also in Choco.
  8. It's the same with other megawads that adds or changes graphics... for ex. S.T.R.A.I.N. Zombies, Batman, Eternal Doom and so on. https://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Category:TCs
  9. On map16 so far, thru Crispy Doom, didn't found anything weird so far so it's probably cosmetic stuff that normal player won't notice. Oh and that puzzle... seriously after Revilution I will never look the same way at blue keys/skulls in megawads...
  10. Missed secret blue keycard on map11 so might proceed to next episode since it's not required to continue, looks nice so far. ;p EDIT. Found it but that last secret with lost soul doesn't seem to trigger in any way unless passed through in noclip mode.
  11. In cases like this when it's finally done... "It's not a bug, it's a feature" ;D
  12. I figured as much it's the same file when loading savegame didn't bombed me out to desktop with wrong game version message. Still, I'm using Crispy Doom for this as normal Choco lacks any alt hud for widescreen view, plus these colored status bar numbers are useful. I see status bar is variation of earlier tested one since Devilution split, to look like displayers/panel glass. ;p
  13. Looks like everything is fine so far and this is indeed final version as dates from idgames link shows 2017-06-05 for TNTR.wad, 2017-06-02 for TNTR.txt and 2017-06-01 for TNTR.deh with both deh and txt showing 03 as date of created later than edited. ;p EDIT. Good thing I invested only 4 maps of time before that post below... but that might be good idea to not rush things and still finish my current playthrough of Evilution before touching continuation more seriously.
  14. Well, I didn't like a single music piece from Doom, Doom2, MM, MM2 etc Only from STRAIN and Requiem, Alien Vendetta, PL2. This reminds me tracks from Evilution but in a way that is only comparable to Moonblood which isn't bad thing. ;p
    After post-release troubles (they are mostly related to the fact that this wad initially supposed to be running with Doom2 but kept being rejected for official release, so later got edited to make it as PWAD for TNT IWAD which broke compability and caused more bugs but they are more or less fixed, still check the original thread for any further updates on the matter. Music and Visuals blends perfectly with style although this project isn't supposed to imitate graphics or design choices of Evilution too closely but expand it like you really coming back after years to famous place that evolved/degenerated over time but still preserves the same essence. That flow, gameplay, feeling is exactly what they were aiming for with this project. You can change visuals, improve upon them but if you change essence even closest emulation with perfect textures and pro level design is a fail, soulless craftsmanship. Gladly this is not the case and it's successful, new graphics, gameplay and music blends in a smooth intoxicating flow through you, as a player like immersive drug in megawad form.