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  1. FearTheReaper

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    It always janked me wrong way, was this ever intentional or just simple mapping error? I mean multiple former humans in the same spot like legion to kill that can't move (screen doesn't show it in motion, exit area, Fortress of Bullets) - last idgames released version.
  2. FearTheReaper

    ColdPal - A new palette for Doom/Doom2 [BETA 4]

    Cool effect, looks like sun rays against the glass of CRT monitor or white light in middle of blue. This looks especially well with Doom 64 for Doom II giving that subtle D64 touch.
  3. As far as I know ETERNITY can use oggs so don't know why it's not working, I just put here Crispy not for use but for double check if something is not broken, I use Retro as alternative...
  4. Is there a reason why bullets and normal shotgun shots are completely muted in Eternity and Crispy Doom?
  5. Is there any red key on Atom Transporter (UV)? Even noclipping I didn't find it.
  6. Reached map15, I like the game of choice so far, either you go for one thing or another, so something is locked out but you can always make progress with other means without lose of content.
  7. Well, that's how it is, so presumably works correctly and only this way. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Damaging_floor#Sector_type_11
  8. No matter which amount of health (even 4 or 2) it doesn't pistol start me on next map, I'm playing it on Eternity, guess it's one of the SVN builds. It doesn't reset on Chocolate, Crispy or Retro either so must be minor map stuff.
  9. Does The Pits exit supposed to strap player off all weapons to do next level pistol start or just reduce health and continue with all arsenal? Because if it just to scare player near death but keep stocked up then it works as it should.
  10. Are there no new automap names? Oh well, I guess they are secret indeed, just like Requiem ones... EDIT. Lol, even the former commando chaingun is fixed to sound like the player one. ;p Overall it feels like playing Doom for the first time and that's something not easily achieved as you can play new maps and megawads but since you know the basics it's harder to make it fresh and new again when you gain more experience.
  11. So, how long it is until now? It's technically 2nd Oct 2019 already. In any case I'll stick to the demo for a while. ;p
  12. FearTheReaper

    Is Requiem That Good?

    It's rather good and feature memorable levels but is basically left in forever beta stage while others like MM or AV were released in finished state. If you treat it as such, unpolished gem it will provide better experience.
  13. I wanted to replay S.T.R.A.I.N. again but it can wait, Doom Zero comes first now. ;p
  14. You could make these in between open areas as rewarding exploration, hidden secrets or optional rooms with enemies that are harder or more puzzle/focused way than normal for ex. there was peace at the end but you decided to go around that buiding near the sea and in the attic megasphere was found behind yellow key bars that you needed find in order to progress to exit. When you managed to grab it, 8 arch-viles spawned around the fountain, then nearby fight alerted cyberdemon who wanted pick a fight but if you were quickly enough you could telefrag him from inside the fountain teleport hole.
  15. FearTheReaper

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    in ZDL it goes more or less this way.