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  1. I think I'll try my hand at this, albeit my skillz are fairly rusty... @fai1025 Seeing that suspicious gap, I'll go ahead and take MAP18. And due to that placement, I'd like to inquire with @StarSpun5000 and @SharkyChip as well, the map prior and after respectively: what do you say to organizing things a little? I'll admit I enjoy that idea of mini-episode breaks suggested earlier, but since thematic correlation doesn't appear intended it wouldn't hurt to consider gameplay factors to smooth things over in continuous play - how intense things are in difficulty and monster count, primary weapons and demon types, etc? Anyway, hope things go smoothly! We can probably have that be a quiet exchange in PMs to help keep this thread clean.
  2. gamevoin

    gimme some interesting mods that aren't HDOOM!

    Aww, don't cry: here - I've edited it up a little and made it load with GZDoom! Beware that I haven't tested it for longer than a few minutes, but at least it loads up and didn't crash during that time, haha. (Don't forget the Shotgun Sound Patch, it works with GZ as-is, despite being titled "for Zan 3.0")
  3. gamevoin

    gimme some interesting mods that aren't HDOOM!

    Ngh, now how could I mess up that badly? It requires the Zandronum source port to run, and is incompatible with GZDoom, which is quite lame - if you still wish to give it a try, make sure that you load the 6.0hf version and not the one in big bold letters at the top as well.
  4. gamevoin

    gimme some interesting mods that aren't HDOOM!

    Hideous Destructor - ARMA-esque realistic gameplay, in DOOM. As crazy as it sounds, yet undeniably well made. MSPaint Doom - exactly what it says on the tin. Comes with some gameplay changes, as you like them. Adventures of Square - a standalone TC. Don't let the looks fool you - it's got legitimately awesome level design, weapons, enemies, art direction, music... Everything! Especially Episode 2, it rules. Serpent: Resurrection - a mod for Hexen and not Doom, still, it gives the game a more-or-less open world and other changes for that true RPG feeling; pretty neat. Castlevania: Simon's Destiny - it's Castlevania, in first person! Total Chaos - another TC, now with extreme graphics quality and horror gameplay. Spent a long time in development! Inquisitor III - there's also Inquisitor I and II, of course - a series of expansive maps with some focus on melee gameplay and grimdark medieval landscapes; the story is that our beloved Doomguy was transported into this dimension to help out with some nasty problems, and it gets better from there. Hellshots Golf - fully playable Golf across maps both sensible and weird and a variety of character cameos from other famed mods, it's mostly pretty self explanatory. ZDoom Wars (i) - an RTS of sorts, in Doom! Summon armies consisting of monsters from the various Doom Engine games and duke it out across massive maps. There's also plenty of addons to add even more playable factions. Trust me, there's a lot of good mods out there, but I wouldn't want to take up the entire page, haha. Don't forget to try out the various gameplay mods with custom map packs as well! (Particularly fun if they're thematically fitting)
  5. gamevoin

    unpopular retro opinions

    Why does no one mention Heretic 2? I think it's the best out of the Hexeretic "series", even if it is third person. I also find both of the Hexen titles to be a bit boring - from switch hunts/"puzzles" and also due to the small variety of weapons per class. Heretic, meanwhile, is a bit too easy and the levels can feel grindy and repetitive, especially if you're going through all the episodes.
  6. gamevoin


    You can also play them using RMB -> "Open with..." and selecting your GZDoom.exe as the application of choice, though ZDL (or some other launcher) is great to use.
  7. gamevoin

    unpopular retro opinions

    Here's a few; Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was really cool. Mirrors of Fate and the 2nd game were pretty good as well. Shadow Warrior is the most frustrating out of the Build trinity, while Blood is the best, though the latter likely isn't an unpopular opinion. Serious Sam 2 is tied for first place in the series alongside the obvious Second Encounter. Marathon's gameplay is worse than Doom's, even with the advanced engine features. Great storyline, though, I liked M2 the most.
  8. gamevoin

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Correct, you'd use MAPINFO and add the "NoJump" and "NoCrouch" flags for your map definition in there. As for barriers, it's the most practical method in classic Doom maps, yeah: add a knee-high block of terrain to prevent the player from heading there, while those pesky flying monsters are able to happily ignore it.
  9. gamevoin

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    It's definitely possible, but only in some mapping formats. For example, while you can't do that in Doom format, it's pretty easy to pull off in Hexen and UDMF. Just enable "Block Players" on a linedef in either of these formats, but keep "Block Monsters" or "Impassable" disabled.
  10. gamevoin

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Are MIDI soundtracks still commonly used, compared to "high-quality" ones?
  11. gamevoin

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Thinking of continuing my attempts at map-making recently, what's the most state-of-the-art Builder right now? Doom Builder X, or GZDoom Builder Bugfix? What do I miss out on by picking one over the other, too?
  12. gamevoin


    It wasn't actually all that bad, but I'm not a fan of that end level screen.
  13. gamevoin

    UAC Military Nightmare 2

    It's pretty good.
  14. gamevoin

    Cheogsh 2

    This is an excellent WAD, well deserving of it's Cacoward. Although you can get lost pretty easily, the visuals and difficult encounters manage to keep you hooked.