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  1. T_Silverwolf

    [DOOM II] Hellish Breakfast

    Bonnie made some great comments and insights in the map, all I can add is that you did a great job and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this!
  2. T_Silverwolf

    Natural Tvventy's Dead Simple In Name Only

    Here I was excited to play a dead simple interpretation, but it's just a 64 square inside a 192 square. D:
  3. T_Silverwolf

    Hellish pain v1.3 (updated)

    Updated my post with my video for your map, hope it's helpful!
  4. T_Silverwolf

    [WIP] 'Faith'

    Hi, So I've been working on a couple of Doom projects lately (again) and one of the projects that's been bouncing around between my ears is based on a dream that's woken me up a few times. . . .so the idea is a techbase perverted into a demonic temple that's built into a gargantuan living creature of some sort. I can't get anywhere near what I envisioned in my mind, but I think I can warp this into a good game map, hence this thread. I've only really been working on a few rooms so far, but I have enough to show that I think it might be okay to show and get critiqued on style and such. I set a few challenges for myself: No new textures or content, minimal scripting (because for some reason script compiling makes Slade crash on linux mint. ugh T_T). I'll be focusing on learning lighting, too and working with dynamic light things. Port is GZDOOM Screenshots:
  5. T_Silverwolf

    Hellish pain v1.3 (updated)

    Reserving this for feedback. I'll post it tomorrow because I need to get somewhere (like sleep!) but I have a video I'll be posting and feedback in the thread. Thanks for posting this and talk to you tomorrow! EDIT: Welcome to tomorrow. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZAEbhBpfa0 I'm busy with work stuff right now, but I think I said everything I wanted to in the video. Thanks for posting this, it was fun to play through and I hope my critiques will be helpful!
  6. T_Silverwolf

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I was inspired by some of the stuff on here to try my hand at making something. It's really not much, but I'm pretty pleased with it. It took me about 2 hours because I'm slow. >_>;
  7. I'd like #2 please. I'm curious to see what I can develop.
  8. T_Silverwolf

    Requesting Layout Critique >_> [With Download Link]

    Oh right, it's UDMF format, designed for ZDOOM/GZDOOM
  9. T_Silverwolf

    Need to download ACS dynamic libs

    Good luck with it, then. A bit of humility and congeniality can go a long way when you're looking for something you're not already vested in.
  10. Hi there! I've been working on a map for a little bit aimed at small scale DM matches. I haven't really finished it, I'm still blocking it out, but I was wondering if anyone with more experience than I have could critique the layout of the map thusfar. I plan to start blocking out the 'base' location on the south part of the map there, but you can see where those parts connect already. A note about my shorthand: the ROCK textures are going to be naturalized areas, the bricks and marble will be feeding into a temple style atmosphere while the bronze textured areas will be tech base-like. I'm still kind of inexperienced at creating maps, but I have a solid theme in the back of my head that I think will look awesome once done but won't stand up without a decent layout to make it sing. Any help would be appreciated! Also, please ignore the horribad mess of the water area's sector work, I'll fix it eventually >_>;; Screenshots were taken with 120 FOV There's going to be some more vertical variation in the 'base' area, but this is what I had in mind for the general layout. I was trying to finish up the rest of the layout before I posted it, but I'm pretty close to it so here we are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nH1ANA14lbbGt3NTRFeld5SE0/view?usp=sharing Thoughts would be welcome!
  11. T_Silverwolf

    Which OS do you use?

    Linux Mint (KDE) at the moment, though I'll probably be switching back to Kali when I get my new laptop; I can't use Windows because of the sensitive nature of the things I work on and by now I won't on principle alone. . . .same goes with Apple. :|
  12. T_Silverwolf

    Zenodyne R - Released! (10% launch discount)

    Awesome. Be sure to update this thread when it is, I love me a good SHMUP. :D
  13. T_Silverwolf

    What do you think of the new Steam Box?

    As Halfblind said: Not in my most LSD infused dreams. I /would/, however, buy a Steamlink and hook it up to a large TV while my PC ran in a different room. That's a pretty awesome value for money that allows me to keep one machine in the house to do everything I want it to do (work and gaming) without having to jack up my power bill or buy another machine. That is, if I had a gaming machine. <_<
  14. T_Silverwolf

    Zenodyne R - Released! (10% launch discount)

    Very cool! Do you have a website I can buy this from separate from Steam, and do you have a linux binary? I can probably run it in Wine but I really don't want to fuss with Steam if I can avoid it.