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  1. Sure, give me a moment. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_nH1ANA14lbM3llRmVaQXV2MFU&usp=sharing This includes SLADE 3.1.1 Beta, latest ZDBSP, slade pk3 and icon file. They were compiled on Linux Mint 17.3. (It uses Ubuntu 12.x LTS as a base so you shouldn't have dependency issues, but if so that's kind of beyond my ability to help with.) Hope this helps. :)
  2. T_Silverwolf

    Gravitational waves directly detected!

    And for those who're not sure what that means, or just like science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw-i_VKd6Wo I'm totally excited about this and I'm not into astrophysics usually but I'm all for learning something cool and new. More so if it gets us off this rock before we make it uninhabitable.
  3. T_Silverwolf

    Ovum (a map)

    Sadly I won't be able to do an FDA for this... I tried 9 times and couldn't get so much as a foothold. Interesting map, though, I dig the use of the textures. O_o
  4. And just think, to a legion of people who've never experienced unmodified classic doom, this is going to be their first introduction by way of Doom 2016. Some might say they were 'inspired' by the popularity of the mod and the massive amount of money they could make off the idea.
  5. I despise doom 2's maps and am firmly convinced that E1 did it best. I wish the zombies were more threatening and firearms were more of a real danger. There are no (FPS) games that've really replaced doom in my mind and from the glut of them coming out, I don't see it getting topped any time soon. Though Castle Wolfenstein the New Order did have some spirit to it. Doom 4 is not a Doom game. Period, full stop. No.
  6. T_Silverwolf

    Passage of dark (one single player map)

    Pretty decent little map, I had fun with it and I can tell there's something here. Keep practicing and experimenting! :)
  7. T_Silverwolf


  8. T_Silverwolf

    Doom OST Faithful Remix

    I just finished E1's track set and I gotta say: Loving it. Very awesome arrangements and some of the subtle tweaks you made to the originals to really bring out the melody (e1m5 being a stellar example) just hit the right notes for me (pardon the choice of words). So my critiques are perhaps a bit minor but maybe you'll find something of use in them, though as we all know audio is a very subjective thing. :) For context here's my listening setup: Audio Technica M50x headphones, Behringer UCA202 usb audio interface, Pulse Audio via Kmix and VLC on the software side. E1M1 could use a hair more sharpness in the bass guitar to really emphasize what you're putting out I think. E1m4's 'flute' could use something a little sharper maybe, I'm not sure what instrument that is but it sounds kind of flat and subdued against the harshness of the guitar and basslne-- so much that it stands out in a bad way by interrupting the melody. E1M8 actually peaked out my headphones a few times with the lead guitar riffs, unless that rumbling noise is meant to be there in which case disregard my comment. Love what you did with the tempo shifts and background ambiance. (This has always been one of my favorite songs and you did it Great Justice (tm). ) E1m9: Holy shit, dude. <3 If I had one nitpick it'd probably be that the violins sound kind of distant without being staged really; it's like someone playing in another room. If it was possible to bring them closer to the foreground, that'd be nice. On to E2!
  9. T_Silverwolf

    Doom OST Faithful Remix

    Just downloaded your wad and will have a listen. Thanks in advance for all the time and effort you put into this!
  10. T_Silverwolf

    Why is Apple such a piece of shit?

    I'm kind of the odd woman out here, but statistically speaking, the overwhelming majority of work gets done on PC and Windows more so than any other os on the planet (much to my Linux using chagrin). The appeal to apple is primarily if not exclusively in the premium feel the marketing team has put together. It's /masterfully/ done. Not even getting into the politics of it, but the facts kind of speak for themselves; premium feel and appearance of exclusivity make it desirable, a rabid fan base (like any tribe) to proselytize and convert and a rather slick little user interface that makes it appealing to new users. Unfortunately when you look at it with cold detachment there are no real winners in the OS realm: Windows and Mac both spy on their users and have varying levels of usefulness depending on your use case while Linux lacks a lot of the commercial tools that make the other OS's more useful for work. The flip side is that its (usually) infinitely configurable and /can/ run a ton of software from Windows, Mac and Linux. In short, let your use case define what you're going to use, do the research and don't be sold snake oil, bullshit or brand loyalty. That kind of thinking poisons the well more than you can possibly know. All that said, I personally would write with a paper and pen and sell my novels in binders before I'd touch Mac for anything /STRICTLY/ based on principles, I despise the company.
  11. T_Silverwolf

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    Oooh, great shots there, Maino. I really like that lava room and the use of the book case is an uncommon touch. Good stuff!
  12. Hello there, Doomworld, I dunno that it'd make much difference but I thought I'd post some stuff on here while I took a few minutes to do some things. Uh, I make a living with words. While I'm not very good with them, I keep working on it and I'm getting better with every iteration. Now, due to some issues my main site is in the process of being rebuilt but you can check it out here: tammysilverwolf.com Most of my stuff is fantasy or has a fantasy bent to it, quite often erotic in nature. You can find the majority of my stuff on Hentai Foundry or Literotica by doing a search for my name (not going to post the links for decorum reasons) but once my site is back up, I'll be posting PDFs of some of my stuff there. I tend to give my first drafts away for free, relying on the support of my patrons and book sales on Amazon to get me through financially-- not a terrific business model, but I've met a lot of cool writers and readers through doing so, so I guess it balances out in the end. Recently (because money is a thing) I've been putting some more time into learning GIMP (I use Linux and have neither the time nor money to afford a photoshop license) and I think I've been getting better at it. Here are a couple of my recent attempts at a cover (the thumbnails should take you to the full images) Are they world class? Of course not, but I'm fairly content with them and I'm patient enough to continue improving while I write, so it's not a total loss. I should have some links up to my writing stuff on my site when I get some time later today or tomorrow, but I've been meaning to make this post for a bit. Thanks for the read!
  13. T_Silverwolf

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    I started something this evening, it's not much but I have a theme in mind I'm building around. Some considerations I have is that there are a lot of open sight lines from the back of the main area here to the front, I can probably break them up with something. I plan to add a bit more verticality and some other areas to this but for right now I was concentrating on the main area there. I'm a little concerned this might be focusing more on theme than gameplay, but I'm going to reserve my judgment until I have the main set pieces in place. This represents about 3 hours of work in SLADE (I'm still kind of slow, but I'm faster than I was)
  14. T_Silverwolf

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    Will do, thanks a bunch! :)
  15. T_Silverwolf

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    I'd love to try making a DM map, sign me up for a slot please! I've never actually made a map of this sort, but I think I can make something that's fun and playable. If I can't it'll be interesting to try (and I'll let you know as soon as that realization comes >_>)
  16. T_Silverwolf

    New Doom trailer in Facebook page

    It's almost like looking back on all the controversy that the pixilated game caused in the 90's and just taking a steaming dump all over it. I wish I had the hardware to play it, but I look forward to seeing the Let's Plays. @_@
  17. T_Silverwolf

    Teleporter only usable with key?

    Hey there! It most definitely should be under Zdoom's expanded ACS functionality: http://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS Though I'm not sure what the exact commands would look like (I haven't had time to study it), I imagine your script would look like this: script 100 (void) { if (has redkey) == 1 { Teleport (TID); Prints("You're teleported to a new location!"); } elseif (has redkey) <= 0 { Prints("This teleporter requires a redkey!"); } } So then you'd attach this script to the lines that're meant to be the teleport, add "ACS_EXECUTE: 100, 0,0,0" to the linedef(s) in question. This will trigger when the player walks over the line (make sure it's front is facing outward from the center of the area there like you would a regular teleport) You can add other checks, such as if the player has already triggered this and so on. Hope this helps in some way, feel free to post questions if you have them! -T
  18. T_Silverwolf

    FineBros falling flat on their faces on ReactWorld BS

    Sounds like more IP grabbing/corpritization of a popular money making subject. So long as people are super up in arms about it and no one dumps billions of dollars into the pockets of judges (Sony, I'm looking at you) I doubt there's much to fear. I don't know why people are so bent out of shape about the kind of content that gets posted on a corporate owned website. Yes, it's branded 'You' Tube, but IP laws and copyright infringement is still enforced with draconian zeal and anything that pokes the sleeping bears tends to get taken down quite fast (reference Nintendo). Naivety is bliss, but sooner or later someone will figure out how to legitimately and legally capitalize on some popular craze and hoover up all that delicious ad revenue. I'm not saying it's justified, right, or moral but history has shown that the masses are rather poor at defending what should be common heritage from those with a monetary incentive to control said resource. Not without strong, strong backing from a government. Make of that what you will, but I just see someone trying to grab up a slice of the pie, like any other business should. Even if I find it reprehensible, it's just business.
  19. T_Silverwolf

    E1M1 - Acid Processor

    Hey there! I made a demo with my thoughts on it. Great effort here, Soul, I really dig the vibe you managed to capture here and you carried it out so well. I really look forward to seeing more in this series and from you. :)
  20. T_Silverwolf

    UNX01 [noob map]

    Hello there! I did a playthrough of your map and posted it here: I put most of my thoughts in the demo, but I didn't mention a couple; for a first map, it's pretty good! Keep tweaking around an experimenting and you'll be making rock solid maps in no time. Detail and stuff can come later once layout and structure are mastered but I'm seeing some ideas in here that'll probably serve you well (like the ceiling)bits in the first chamber and the office cubicles are a neat, if unexpected touch. One thing to be careful of, as others have mentioned, is enemy placement. Try playing some other PWADs that're highly ranked on Idgames and you'll get a sense of what others do to make interesting and varied combat encounters. All in all, a good first effort and I look forward to seeing more. :)
  21. T_Silverwolf

    Waist Deep in Blood (Single Vanilla LR Map)

    Thanks, DL. I'm using the linux version of gzdoom and haven't quite mastered Bash Scripting, but I'll give it a shot and see what works when I get a few spare minutes to myself. ^_^
  22. T_Silverwolf

    Waist Deep in Blood (Single Vanilla LR Map)

    Hey there! I tried out your level and recorded a demo (after a fashion), I posed it here: Unfortunately I can't record FDA's because I don't know how to command line apparently >_> I apologize for the lack of audio, I was listening to a podcast at the moment and I'm still kind of new to recording videos. Hope you don't mind. Most of my thoughts are in the video but I really liked how you got a lot of mileage out of the same areas and the variety of combat encounters. Thanks for posting this, Doomkid, it was a blast.
  23. T_Silverwolf


    Just give yourself permission to be terrible at a skill until you master it (spoiler: this is the artist's trap.) The wonderful thing about this kind of mapping is that it's highly iterative. Make more levels, put in the time and effort to improve a part of your craft and do it again. I've probably produced a hell of a lot more work than has seen the light of day, but I've learned something every time I did it. Above all, just put in the time and be patient with yourself; instant gratification only feels good for the moment but stepping back and looking at a well crafted piece feels good for a hell of a lot longer.
  24. T_Silverwolf

    Looking for crit on my level

    Unfortunately I can't record an FDA, but as far as feedback goes I can offer a few thoughts: I really noticed your focus on asymmetry, even if it was flat throughout you did a good job varying up the types of rooms and core aesthetics and I think with some more practice you'll really find your stride. I'm not sure how new the monsters are to you, but you did a reasonably good job of mixing their variety and placing them appropriately given the nature of the level. The spectres in the blinking hallway for example were a nice touch and one did make me jump-- silent bastard snuck up on me >_>;; There's little I can add here that hasn't already been said, I'll mirror a lot of what was said here, they've all got very valid points that I agree with to varying degrees. But for a first map effort? This is great work and you're displaying a lot of potential here, understanding core concepts of mapping and player engagement are going to serve you very well. :) Also, the transformation of the final room just begs for a boss fight. Maybe a couple of barons or something. You did a great job switching the entire battle space on its head and making it interesting. Keep this up and you'll definitely have a fan in me.
  25. T_Silverwolf


    'I'm quite lazy' That about sums up this map, too. Several connected rooms packed to the brim with monsters, a severe lack of ammunition on par with its lack of terrain or theming-- and let's talk about that file size. I've met a lot of people that talk a big game while offering little in the way of satisfaction; take off the pants and all you find are rolled up socks. If there's something that can be said in the positive about this trouser travesty, it's that the gradient lighting in the well detailed (comparably) light fixtures flanking the central area actually do show the potential for effort to be applied. For the sake of others, I've included a screenshot that best summarizes the experience: ### In seriousness, though. If you toned back the monsters, added some variation to the beginning room and then expanded the areas like the chain gunner area into their own areas, throw in some detailing and you might actually have a pretty neat map01 of a level set. There /is/ some potential here, just don't be afraid of patience and persistence.