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  1. T_Silverwolf

    [DOOM II] Hellish Breakfast

    Bonnie made some great comments and insights in the map, all I can add is that you did a great job and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this!
  2. T_Silverwolf

    Natural Tvventy's Dead Simple In Name Only

    Here I was excited to play a dead simple interpretation, but it's just a 64 square inside a 192 square. D:
  3. T_Silverwolf

    [WIP] 'Faith'

    Hi, So I've been working on a couple of Doom projects lately (again) and one of the projects that's been bouncing around between my ears is based on a dream that's woken me up a few times. . . .so the idea is a techbase perverted into a demonic temple that's built into a gargantuan living creature of some sort. I can't get anywhere near what I envisioned in my mind, but I think I can warp this into a good game map, hence this thread. I've only really been working on a few rooms so far, but I have enough to show that I think it might be okay to show and get critiqued on style and such. I set a few challenges for myself: No new textures or content, minimal scripting (because for some reason script compiling makes Slade crash on linux mint. ugh T_T). I'll be focusing on learning lighting, too and working with dynamic light things. Port is GZDOOM Screenshots:
  4. T_Silverwolf

    Hellish pain v1.3 (updated)

    Updated my post with my video for your map, hope it's helpful!
  5. T_Silverwolf

    Hellish pain v1.3 (updated)

    Reserving this for feedback. I'll post it tomorrow because I need to get somewhere (like sleep!) but I have a video I'll be posting and feedback in the thread. Thanks for posting this and talk to you tomorrow! EDIT: Welcome to tomorrow. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZAEbhBpfa0 I'm busy with work stuff right now, but I think I said everything I wanted to in the video. Thanks for posting this, it was fun to play through and I hope my critiques will be helpful!
  6. T_Silverwolf

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I was inspired by some of the stuff on here to try my hand at making something. It's really not much, but I'm pretty pleased with it. It took me about 2 hours because I'm slow. >_>;
  7. Hi there! I've been working on a map for a little bit aimed at small scale DM matches. I haven't really finished it, I'm still blocking it out, but I was wondering if anyone with more experience than I have could critique the layout of the map thusfar. I plan to start blocking out the 'base' location on the south part of the map there, but you can see where those parts connect already. A note about my shorthand: the ROCK textures are going to be naturalized areas, the bricks and marble will be feeding into a temple style atmosphere while the bronze textured areas will be tech base-like. I'm still kind of inexperienced at creating maps, but I have a solid theme in the back of my head that I think will look awesome once done but won't stand up without a decent layout to make it sing. Any help would be appreciated! Also, please ignore the horribad mess of the water area's sector work, I'll fix it eventually >_>;; Screenshots were taken with 120 FOV There's going to be some more vertical variation in the 'base' area, but this is what I had in mind for the general layout. I was trying to finish up the rest of the layout before I posted it, but I'm pretty close to it so here we are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nH1ANA14lbbGt3NTRFeld5SE0/view?usp=sharing Thoughts would be welcome!
  8. I'd like #2 please. I'm curious to see what I can develop.
  9. T_Silverwolf

    Requesting Layout Critique >_> [With Download Link]

    Oh right, it's UDMF format, designed for ZDOOM/GZDOOM
  10. T_Silverwolf

    Need to download ACS dynamic libs

    Good luck with it, then. A bit of humility and congeniality can go a long way when you're looking for something you're not already vested in.
  11. T_Silverwolf

    Which OS do you use?

    Linux Mint (KDE) at the moment, though I'll probably be switching back to Kali when I get my new laptop; I can't use Windows because of the sensitive nature of the things I work on and by now I won't on principle alone. . . .same goes with Apple. :|
  12. T_Silverwolf

    Zenodyne R - Released! (10% launch discount)

    Awesome. Be sure to update this thread when it is, I love me a good SHMUP. :D
  13. T_Silverwolf

    What do you think of the new Steam Box?

    As Halfblind said: Not in my most LSD infused dreams. I /would/, however, buy a Steamlink and hook it up to a large TV while my PC ran in a different room. That's a pretty awesome value for money that allows me to keep one machine in the house to do everything I want it to do (work and gaming) without having to jack up my power bill or buy another machine. That is, if I had a gaming machine. <_<
  14. T_Silverwolf

    Zenodyne R - Released! (10% launch discount)

    Very cool! Do you have a website I can buy this from separate from Steam, and do you have a linux binary? I can probably run it in Wine but I really don't want to fuss with Steam if I can avoid it.
  15. T_Silverwolf

    What is the overall worth of your steam library?

    Over the last 2 years, you've spent 145.6 hours playing this selection, which includes 17 items, is valued at $205.89, and requires 74.2 GB
  16. T_Silverwolf

    Piracy poll trifecta complete.

    The majority of kids (talking the 5-30 crowd) want free stuff because finances are an issue. The majority of execs in corporations producing high dollar (8 figure plus) content want to protect their investment and see a profit. Some people just want free shit regardless of age and situation, and some corporate execs (Movie/Music industry, I'm looking at you) want all the money they can snatch. This is the problem with subjective morality; it muddies waters. As a content producer myself, I'd be pretty upset if I knew people were stealing the things I put time and effort into ONLY IF I wasn't making enough to support myself with the necessities like food, water and shelter. Corporations don't have that problem. Most of my games are paid for, most of my music is paid for (paid directly to the band/content producer and not the studio) and ultimately most of my computer stuff is open source stuff which I donate to when I'm able to do so. I go out of my way to avoid DRM and refuse with a vehement disgust to supply any company with information or access to my machine or the media that is consumed on it. I don't care if they were offering life narration by Wayne June and oral sex by whomever I so chose for that day. Corporations are psychopathic and should be treated as such; is what you're going to give up worth what they offer in exchange/return? Chances are pretty god damned good it isn't. Especially when there are alternatives to procuring it.
  17. T_Silverwolf

    Monster appear on key pickup

    If you're not willing/able to use ACS I suppose you could do it in the traditional way, which is to say having a monster in a room outside of the play area with a scrolling floor and a closed door in front of a teleport linedef. Drop a teleport destination thing near the key where you want the monster to land, then outline the key with an open door linedef tagged to the door in the monster holding pen. The door opens, the monster teleports to the spot near the key and poof you have a simple ambush that's vanilla compatible. If scrolling floors aren't available, just make the room small and make a 1x1 pixel wide 'pipe' to some area where the player is likely to traverse so the monster will be awoken, then when the door in his pen opens the AI's wandering will have him lumber into the teleport. Hope this is useful. :)
  18. T_Silverwolf

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    My confession? I have a few actually. . . Doom was the first PC game I ever played. (Followed by Titus the Fox on my 286 x_x) Doom was the first multiplayer game I ever played. I always hated how tame and boring the zombies were, and now that I know of it, I wish they'd been more like the afflicted in the comic 'Crossed' My first real art project was to poster print a bunch of doom monsters for a haunted house-- to scale-- and set them up on turnstyles and things with nerf guns for the people going through it. I later gave up when the first printout was horribly pixely and gross. . . .after I had built the haunted house. >_> and for the finale... I was dating this person who'd introduced me to a particular lifestyle and basically took care of me (food, shelter and all) for years. However things had to be done 'their way' and I decided I wanted to play a certain new doom wad (I think it was Cold as Hell) rather than spending time with them. . . .I did this for a week straight and when I went to get food I came back to find my stuff on the curb. >_> Not sure whether it was a good move or not but it's how it went; I chose doom over a romantic partner.
  19. T_Silverwolf

    How do you feel about bullshit DRM?

    Unfortunately like so many things with regard to the public, the 'boiling frog' thing is in full force and those who have a profit motive to ensure their version of DRM is supported, will get their way. Same with non-stop surveillance and the sliding view of privacy. If a product I want is steeped in DRM I'll go out of my way to pirate it if I need it and run it in a VM, or I'll use an open source/free alternative if I have doubts about its security or potential to be abused to gain access to my machine. Then again, I was also the girl who instead of buying CD's at 25-30 bucks a pop would use limewire/bearshare to download the album and then physically mail the band the 25-30 bucks if I enjoyed the album. In my view, we're in a place where big corporations have produced the majority of what the average consumer can use and have no reason to do anything but expand their hold to increase profits (as they do) so I feel no reason to go out of my way to line their pockets for something I don't really need to be used in a way dictated to me strictly for profit generation. I can buy from independents, I can buy used and if all else fails, I can pirate. Fuck DRM.
  20. T_Silverwolf

    Help making gzdoom auto load my hud

    Hey there, Depending on your OS, you could do it via bash/batch script. You'd have to look up the specifics on how it works but that's an easy google search. It'd look something like gzdoom.exe -file HXRTCHUD-DOOM_V1.2.PK3 Failing this, I /think/ you can make a directory under your gzdoom directory called Skins and dropping that in there. It should autoload from there. I'm sure someone will come along and say there's an easier way, but hopefully this helps :)
  21. T_Silverwolf

    FreeDOOM DEB: Where does it go?

    Hey there, You'll usually find those files if you installed them via .deb in /usr/games/freedoom depending on the source port (Zandronum for example) you may also be able to find the configuration file in the home directory/program folder so in my case: /home/owner/.zandronum/zandronum.ini. In that file I can specify where the iwads are. But Andrewj pretty much nailed finding the Freedoom iwad itself. Hope something said here helps!
  22. T_Silverwolf

    WIP - Mortuus Civitate (DM map thing)

    I'm looking into Zandorum right now. I might be able to get away with using portals to make my effects work out like this: This was a practice scene I was messing around with, it has sloped stuff to make a waterfall but it's all done with portals. So maybe. . . I'll have to look into it, I still haven't completely finalized the design yet so there's always room to move things about! Did some more work on the back end. To the left we're going to have a village (connected into one another) and then through the center will be more of the keep while on the outside right we're going to have some open space and ramparts to run around on:
  23. Hello everyone, I'm still kind of a newbie to the mapping scene but I recently took the plunge to make a DM map for Decapitation Deathmatch but through experimentation I've gathered my head on a map idea I wanted to try for my own project. So here we go: These are heavy, heavy work in progress and this thread is going to function more as a development log for me rather than a promotional thread. My goals are simple: A large DM map for TDM or group FFA using GZDOOM and that class of ports (I think Zandorum supports sloped 3d floors?). My secondary goal is to have a strong theme and a visual signature on par with Unreal Tournament 2004 or thereabouts (I'm stuck in the past, what can I say.) So far my texture pallet consists of GothicTex.wad (from Gothic DM) but I'll probably switch it out for my own set once I get the architecture done, I just don't like these textures x_x Current as of Feb 12:
  24. T_Silverwolf

    WIP - Mortuus Civitate (DM map thing)

    Thanks for the feedback. I /may/ shift this to a singleplayer map, but I guess I'll have to take a peek at Zandorum to see what it's capable of. It's really meant for me to practice on moreso than trying to be the next DW5M1 (if that even gets played any more. It used to be on Zdaemon way back when.) Whatever the case, I'll be careful of those pitfalls you guys mentioned. Thanks a bunch. :)