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  1. I wonder if anyone has tried out an infamous WAD designed by Au. If there is one advice that I can offer, it would be stay as far away from this WAD as possible. It is no good. If you want to try it out and see for yourself, you are welcome to do it but just a word of caution that it is harder than Chillax. Even TAS players would not be able to get through any of these maps. In fact, the only way to beat these maps is by playing them with custom mods. If you want to play them with Doom 4 Vanilla, that would work too (and I highly recommend it because of how fun it is to watch enemies of the same species rip each other apart). I have replaced the MP3 files with midis because if you were to do videos of the maps with the original music, your videos could end up getting blocked on copyright grounds (and if you are in the YouTube Partner Program, you would not be able to monetize the videos). The download link is in the pinned comment so that you can go ahead and download the file.