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Status Updates posted by mArt1And00m3r11339

  1. If anyone wants to check out my live stream on my secondary channel, it's here. I live stream maps 19 through 21 from Memento Mori with Complex Doom on my Zandronum server. PayPal link is in the description for anyone interested in donating.


  2. For this episode, I play through Benjogami's map, "The Egg of Human Endeavors".


  3. I made a funny map that so many will love.


  4. I live stream map 16 from Sunlust with Complex Doom on my Zandronum server.


  5. I live stream maps 15, 31, and 32 from Sunlust with Complex Doom on my Zandronum server.


  6. Alright trash kickers, I have levels 11 through 13 from Sunlust with Complex Doom completed on my Zandronum server.


  7. Alright trash kickers, I live stream levels 8 and 10 from Sunlust with Complex Doom on my Zandronum server. Zachary Stephens and Daniel Jakobsson would love to see this since they are the authors of the wad. We did try level 9 but it was too brutal to be played with Complex Doom so we ended up skipping it. If you want to see my play throughs of Sunlust on single player mode, I have a playlist of the maps (I've done 26 of the 32 and they are not treated the same as multiplayer mode as I focus on beating them without dying when playing in single-player mode locally). This live stream is nearly the same length as my Carrot Cake Massacre play through.


  8. I wanted to comment on this thread but my concern is that it has been dormant for a long time so I will go ahead and share it here. I've had a few of those in my maps upon recording play throughs. Surely I test my map and iron out whatever I see but I don't catch every single mistake that's in there. When the recording of a play through is finished, I end up spotting a few unaligned textures after watching my play through (and they are brick textures specifically) which makes me want to slightly cringe. I fix the texture alignments I spot but I don't rerun the newest version of my maps because I don't want to waste my time having to do that.


  9. I live stream Sunlust levels 4 and 5 with Complex Doom played on my Zandronum server.


  10. Alright trash kickers, I have a new server up on Zandronum if anyone wants to play.

    Zandronum Server.png

  11. For this episode, I live stream and complete maps 1 through 4 in Armagheddon Invasion 1 with Haruko Haruhara. I got stuck on level 5.


  12. I have a live stream up on YouTube if anyone wants to check it out. Some of you may have seen it already but for those of you who have not, here it is. 


  13. I have a present for you little trash kickers.


  14. I made a new level. Good luck surviving it. Ruinen1000 would love to play it.


  15. I beat your spaghetti level.


  16. For this episode, I showcase you "Monster Horde Randomizer".


  17. "Mother's Day Insanity 2020" play through is now up.


  18. Who has tried out Normal Doom 2? It is because Doom 2 levels with up to 300K enemies. Good luck. This is a WAD by Random_being.


  19. I would definitely take pleasure in uploading play throughs of these maps. I would rather wait until final release, though (because normally, I don't like doing videos of unfinished maps). They are probably going to be the same size as the Sunder maps (they may take 3 - 4 hours IGT to beat under normal cases, like "Archives of the Technomancer"). 


  20. I invented a new flavor of Powerade.


  21. Who is ready for some UACS Eden?


  22. I know that this post isn't Doom related but I want to ask you all a favor. If you see this guy comment on your YouTube videos, be sure to report his channel as he does nothing but spam botting, which isn't allowed on YouTube. I know that YouTube is going through a tough phase right now because of the epidemic, but when operations return to normal, they should kick him off the platform as he does nothing but harm the ecosystem. I know that YouTube has a policy where if you have been previously banned from the website, you would not be allowed to create a new channel. I'm all for having authentic people on the website, not bots. Thank you and I sincerely hope that all of you remain safe.

    Tyler Winter.png

  23. I review Isabelle Companion. Ladies will love this one.