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Status Updates posted by mArt1And00m3r11339

  1. Does anyone know the music for level 11 from David Bernardi's WAD, Invasion UAC?

  2. I beat "Darkest Room."

    Regular version:

    TBrown0065 version:


  3. How do you feel about Bethesda's DRM debacle?


  4. My Peanut Butter Cake Massacre video finally got remonetized.


  5. I am now in the YouTube Partner Program.

    YouTube Monetization.png

  6. @Lorenz0

    I beat your WAD, Scattered Ashes. Below is a play list of levels that I have done.


    1. Lorenz0


      Nice. I enjoyed watching you play it.

  7. I play level 2 from Scattered Ashes.


  8. Super funny. Watch me play "Get Away" for those of you who have not seen it yet.


  9. @ArmouredBlood What is the name of the music for level 9 from New Gothic Movement 2?

  10. @Lorenz0 You will love to see this one.


  11. Copyright claims on the videos that I disputed have been removed (no response within 30 days).

    Copyright claims removed.png

  12. I know it is a day late and a dollar short but Jon suffers in my Total Nightmare level.


  13. This one is old but French Doomer plays my Bonehead Land level. This one is super funny.


  14. I don't know if any of you have seen it but here it is. Petsasjim1 plays my Shamrock Base level. Super funny.


  15. I will have to try this level out at some point.


    1. AD_79


      From what people in the thread have said, it's a bunch of OBLIGE stuff mashed together. Don't waste your time on it. I know how you adore ludicrously long-as-shit maps, but there are surely better things to spend your day doing.

    2. mArt1And00m3r11339


      @AD_79 Thanks for the information. I noticed that some enemies can resurrect each other even when all of them in the same room are dead, which was the reason why I stopped at 20% of my way through it. I also hypothesize that if this were to be uploaded to the archives, it would get rejected (like what you have mentioned about it being Oblige stuff and also the fact that it contains MP3 files which are prohibited due to copyright reasons unless the stuff can be proven that they are original and intended for the project).

    3. Armaetus


      Yeah, I wouldn't waste your time with that copy-paste hackjob he did, it's an insult to OBLIGE's original intention anyway.

  16. For this episode, I play "Deep Complex."


  17. Petsasjim1 plays my Shamrock Base level. This one is super funny.


  18. Jon plays my Total Nightmare level.


  19. Here is a TBrown0065 version of my level, "Reese's Violence." This one is super funny.


  20. Some of you may have already seen it, but the rest of you should check it out. This level that I made took me more than 6 hours to beat it. It is a sequel to Oreo Cake Massacre.


    1. riderr3


      Pretty familiar music.

    2. mArt1And00m3r11339


      @riderr3 The music is "Fear of the Heavens" from Secret of Mana.

  21. French Doomer plays my Tic Tac Toe level. It is super funny.


  22. I have a playlist of Doom gameplays on YouTube with funny music in them. You should check them out.