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  1. I guess this wad is geared towards TAS players. Map 5 is laggy as all hell. I don't know how long IGT that one would take to beat but even if you played it with Boom, it would still be very laggy. I've made a map with over 15K enemies that takes most players 9 - 10 hours IGT to complete, maybe longer.

  2. On 3/18/2021 at 9:41 AM, Endless said:

    Day 3 | Peppermint Cookie | 2020 |Timothy Brown aka @mArt1And00m3r11339 | Played on LZDoom + ITYTD


    Holy fuck a slaughtermap, and this one is absolutely nuts.


    By the end of the map there is an insane (and ridiculous) totality of 9000+ enemies on a large square map designed perfectly to become the largest massacre arena I've ever played. Many probably know that I'm not a fan of slaughterwads and their gameplay, but I can appreciate the (violent) charisma they convey. What we have here is a map with huge ambitions but not so great executions. On the one hand, my biggest problem with this map is the simple fact that my potato PC can't run it properly for the first 5 minutes. There are too many enemies, too much combat and an insane amount of Pain Elementals spitting out Losts Souls per second. Seriously. For every 10 demons I managed to kill with the BFG, another 10 Lost Souls would take their place. The kill counter kept growing and the action wouldn't let you rest for a single second.


    This is a 2020 map, finally something modern in /idgames Random File feature; on the other hand it's just not my style, but I won't let prejudice completely ruin my rating of this. On the one hand, it's a simple map, simple in terms of its red and white design. It's supposed to be a sort of Christmas present for doomers who love to bust their heads against 9000+ demons at the same time. On the other hand, the type of combat we find here is nothing more and nothing less than pure BFG spam. It's not complicated, but it's damn difficult and victory will depend more on our patience and how well we know how to do circle-strafing. If you love unlimited violence on a gigantic map where everything, absolutely everything, is filled with enemies as grotesque as they are varied, then you'll have more than enough to keep you entertained for a good, good while. Success is not guaranteed, but pain is. The MIDI is a good match for the ridiculous style and constant frenzy of this massacre, as well as the simplicity of the color scheme that creates a perfect backdrop for painting it red. Blood red.


    Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete the map properly because 1) I don't enjoy slaughter most of the time. Sorry. 2) My FPS went to 5 FPS at its worst and about 20 FPS for most of the game, which killed any fun I could had. I wasn't even capable of taking a decent picture because I needed to downscale my resolution to 0.50 to play it. Not the mappers fault, but my shitty PC fault.


    Maybe some masochists out there enjoy this absolute monster. Fucking hard, but completeable.

    Thanks for the feedback. I can't wait to see someone try my Lemon Blueberry Cake Carnage map. Good luck surviving that map because it is excruciatingly long (has over 15K 9/11'ers from the start and takes an average player 9 - 10 in-game hours to complete). You will need a good computer to run it because it has 55K linedefs.

  3. 7 hours ago, ViolentBeetle said:

    You scheduled video to go live in 16 hours, I assume you didn't mean to.

    I did that so that I can get the most of the viewership (because most people are on YouTube usually at about noon so I schedule the upload a couple of hours before it). It also gives viewers time to donate via Super Chat if they want to donate via Super Chat (I also take PayPal donations if they want to do it that way).