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  1. On 3/31/2019 at 5:23 PM, Krull said:



    Phew, that was something. Not too hard or grindy by my standards - certainly nothing comparable nostril.wad - but I did play very cautiously through the archvile and cyber sections. I'm not sure they needed nerfing though (I played RC1), when a better player could no doubt pull them off "incautiously"; indeed, it is possible to complete the cyber section pacifist-style, if you're very lucky. A charity speedrun of this map at GDQ would be fun to watch.


    In the continuing saga of my MIDI troubles with this wad, I've attached a recording of how the outro music on map02 sounded to me using OPL2. When I first tried playing this I just skipped around the different sections to see how ridiculous it was, and warped to the ending, and at the time I assumed it was supposed to sound like this. Well, I guess it was unintentional, but it's a pretty cool and fitting end-of-map soundtrack to my ears, nontheless. I have no idea what could have caused this bug.



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    I might as well add that I thought map02 would look better as a completely white void, as opposed to this:




    Did you play this on UV saveless?

  2. I think it is better for me to do the individual sections before doing level 1. If something happens like I end up with a 12-hour video of this level on YouTube, I would fear that it would get denied because the length of the video is too long (limit = 11 hours for users who have longer uploads enabled). For some reason, YouTube doesn't seem to enforce that rule because I see people uploading videos that are 600 hours long.

  3. 2 hours ago, Benjogami said:

    I did :D

    I would not be surprised. The beginning is pretty simple but repetitive but at the end is where things get rough. I didn't have issues with the original Nostril Caverns level. The only thing that it required all along was patience (especially at the end where you have 100's of viles resurrecting the green cacodemons). It ended up taking me 5.5 hours to beat it. This level would take me more than half a day (12-14 hours in game, possibly longer) to beat it in one session. That is if only I were to do a deathless run on it.

  4. On 11/12/2017 at 5:46 PM, Benjogami said:

    Finished my playthrough of MAP31 on HNTR. There was more than enough ammo, and there should be on UV as well, because UV mostly just has less megaspheres and small extra handful of ~90 viles. It took a lot less time than I thought it would:






    The final RC and its small changelist have been added to the OP.


    It's been uploaded to idgames and I'll edit the OP once it's available there. Thank you all for your interest and feedback!

    I wonder if you did that with save scumming.

  5. Here is a playlist of levels that I have played from this WAD. The only level that I did not do because I think it is a waste of time is level 15 ("The Rage Machine"). You will have to search through the playlist and find your levels. If anyone can beat "The Rage Machine" with no save scumming and deaths (which I highly doubt it), it would definitely be ideal.  @ndroidz @wanderlust @SSCminion @CornKing @Kraja @Pinchy @Altima @MTX1996 @Bdubzzz (level 13 "Rocky Islands") @Benjogami


  6. 57 minutes ago, seed said:


    Given how fancy it is, probably not. I think.


    If yes, I'm looking forward to having my framerate further tanked. :D

    I've made slaughter levels that are detailed that require ZDoom and I didn't have any problems with them. Maybe a slight framerate drop but not bad enough to render them as unplayable.