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  1. Alright trash kickers, I have a new live stream up on YouTube. It is maps 14 through 17 from Akeldama. I included a link to my Paypal so that the ones who wish to donate me money and missed my live stream can donate. It's another great way to earn more revenue on YouTube (I've relied on Super Chats in my previous live streams).


  2. 1 hour ago, haruko haruhara said:

    Complex doom just ammo only works for the clusterfuck mod it's no need for normal complex doom tbh I don't even play complex doom anymore but I know that might be a complex doom cf feature so I wouldn't worry about it but if I'm wrong I don't know what to say

    It has worked with Complex Doom until now.

    Edit: It worked with v26a but in the later versions, it does not work.

  3. I was hosting a server on Zandronum and whenever I host a server with Complex Doom Just Ammo add-on, I get an error message preventing the server from starting up. It used to work just fine but not anymore. Below is a screenshot of the errors I received. Not just that, but I am also having an issue where every time someone joins my server, they start off with 1% health instead of 100%. I tried updating Complex Doom but that didn't remedy it.


    The Sentinel's Playground Server Error.png

  4. I have a live stream of maps 1 through 4 on my Zandronum server (stopped on map 5 because I was trying to solve a problem with players starting with 1% health instead of 100% but none of the remedies worked). I have tried rehosting my server but then it no longer works because of Complex Doom Just Ammo (because it is not compatible with version 27).


  5. 2 hours ago, LVENdead said:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Am I correct in my assumption that Boom doesn't support MAPINFO patches? I'm honestly still trying to understand how a lot of this works, and I'm still wrapping my head around MAPINFO formatting and syntax, and of course what stuff is and isn't compatible with all the various source ports.

    I just tested the "allow jump" option in Boom with wads where jumping is disabled and it turns out that the nojump parameter can be overwritten via options. I've heard though that if you are recording demos, jumping, crouching, and free look are disabled but that may just be a rumor. I know that the parameter does work in ZDoom-derived source ports (assuming that the jumping in the gameplay options is set to "default").

  6. I prefer getting 100% on kills, items, and secrets. (though sometimes, I may not feel like wasting my time having to hunt for the last enemy or item). However, that isn't needed to exit the map (unless it is required via scripting. I've made maps where in some areas, you have to kill all the enemies for progression).

  7. On 7/11/2020 at 2:01 AM, GoosebumpsFan said:

    Just trying to be helpful here, but you have texture filtering on, zdoom does that by default, and if you want the sprites to look their best, I would turn it off.

    The setting is in OPTIONS>Display Options>Texture Options>Texture Filter Mode, and turn that to "none" and the sprites look more crisp.

    See your screenshot and mine:



    I've realized that it is a GZDoom thing and not a ZDoom thing.

  8. 8 hours ago, MaishyN said:


    I've watched both parts and it was really great to see you go through the whole map.


    These HoMs should be fixable as they are most likely a result of untextured walls. After watching the whole stream I'm a bit more concerned that updated map may suffer from some blockmap issues. It seemed that the YK fight didn't work as intended as all chaingunners should die instead of teleporting in after pressing the switch on the right. Some of them have teleported into the battle and that was unintended. I've tested it extensively in the previous version and everything was working properly. It also seem that monsters from one closet in the final fight doesn't teleport in properly. 


    I've also started to think about changing the texture of the middle switch in the purple fight. It should be obvious that it is a switch here and that purple skull doesn't seem like the best choice.


    It was kinda unfortunate that you looked twice for a secret on a symmetrical ledge (first and last fight) and both times you picked the wrong side and missed two secrets :P


    It was a lot of fun for me to watch both streams (especially the final fight :D). Thanks for streaming the map!



    At some point I've considered adding some kind of checkpoint that would work in such a way that once the player would go through a half of the platforming section a new teleport will be accessible so the player wouldn't have to replay the whole section. If there will be enough linedefs left I would consider implementing it in a future update.

    I would keep it the same as what it was before since I don't want my demo to desync with the wad file.

  9. 6 hours ago, MaishyN said:


    Good job on the run! You're definitely a great Doom player! I've watched like half of the run and I really enjoyed it. I hope that in the winter Lightpath will not be a single map but a part of a 2 or 3 level wad :).


    The order actually doesn't matter here. Remembering just to press the blocks on the corners and the middle one will do the trick.


    Now I'm gathering ideas for some crazy stuff in next levels. I have ideas for a few more maps but the next one would definitely be of a different theme than Lightpath. Looking at the same textures for another few months would be too much for me:). Next map will most likely be something hellish and a bit abstract. I'll definitly come up with more crazy voodoo doll stuff but I'd rather stay with some dynamic areas and simple puzzles instead of hardcore platforming:)

    That would be ideal. In your Lightpath map (first map), I spent nearly 40 minutes on the blue platforming section because I kept falling into the sky pit and having to teleport back. It drove me crazy.

  10. 4 hours ago, MaishyN said:


    Great job! I've watched the whole run. It was really a lot of fun for me. I really liked how you took BFG to BK fight. I also like that you've found an easier way to go through purple room, while it may look cheesy it is ok for me that such non-trivial cheesing possibilities exist.

    At some point I thought you would like to know about this page. This could help you get the last secret:) (spoilerish)




    I actually think that the main problem with beating the map in a single run comes from it's length. I don't think these fights are significantly harder than fights in other popular difficult mapsets but the length of the map makes it much more difficult. As I'm a hardcore analytical freak I would explain it in a mathematical way with an abstract example: if a player can beat every difficult fight 3 out of 4 times (75% chance), then if there are 3 such fights in a map the chance of beating them all is 42,19% as it is 0,75 * 0,75 * 0,75 = 0.4219. By average two runs out of five should result in a success. If there are 12 such fights then the chance is only 3,17% (0,75 to the power of 12). So with 12 fights instead of 3 not only the time required to beat the map is 4 times longer but the chance of success is over ten times lower. The amount of effort required to beat a map raises exponentially.


    I really liked your run and it is always a great learning experience for me to see others playing my content, thanks! Now it is time to seriously think on what map should join Lightpath as MAP02:)

    I would be interested in seeing what it looks like. I was a little concerned about the crusher room on your map because you can get boxed in or accidentally run under crushers and get squashed. As far as the puzzle is concerned, I did not know that until now.

  11. I think at this point, I would rather TAS this map (slow motion, specifically). I don't think it is worth doing it under normal circumstances. If it is beatable under normal circumstances, that's great. Honestly, I am running out of patience when it comes to trying to beat it under normal circumstances. I think this map is almost like playing Chillax maps. If someone can record a demo of this map without dying non-TAS, then props to that person. I don't think anyone would, though, which is rather sad. If this were my map, I would just eliminate the floaters all together in the cavern, so that the player would only have to focus on the ground enemies. If I wanted to, I might do this map with Doom 4 Vanilla where I can just watch enemies of same species attack each other.