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  1. General Rainbow Bacon said:

    Well, nobody ever started it, so...

    Next week?

    E: But seriously. Why don't you guys finish this one first and then we can talk about another one. I think I started the thread, but it never went anywhere.

    If you are talking about Slaughterfest 2013, then yeah, I think it would be better if we would just finish the project and move on to Slaughterfest 2014, even though I'm not trying to rush the project or anything. Anyways, I am working on my custom map which might even be good for Slaughterfest 2014. It is nearly done but I will probably have to edit it after I submit it for feedback.

  2. Grain of Salt said:

    More importantly, it's now completely pointless to try holding onto the yearly naming idea, because there is no Slaughterfest 2014. So really, I think it's time to make "Slaughterfest 3" the official name. Ribbiks, can you still edit the original post, or is it too old now?

    Also, does anyone have a beta that includes the last few maps to be submitted/updated? I'd love to get back into testing/working on this megawad. We have loads of great maps, we just need to get stuff finished, shore up the things that don't quite work and maybe create a few more maps. This could be an excellent megawad, we just need to get back to work and do things properly. Come on.

    If you go to page 20 of this thread, you should be able to find it. You will have to scroll through though.

  3. Grain of Salt said:

    I think the time has come to stop suggesting renaming the project and just literally actually rename it. I mean, I've seen lots of people suggest it, but I don't think I've seen anyone disagree...?

    What say we:

    • Rename this thread (slaughterfest 3, obvs).
    • Edit the first post to include the submissions for sf2014 (if there are any??).
    • Close the sf2014 thread and leave a message there explaining what's happened.
    • Contact whoever submitted things to sf2014 via pm to get their permission to include the maps in sf2014.
    • Come up with some clear guidelines for the deadline (or lack thereof, really) and list those in the first post of this thread. Presumably, given the way things have gone up until now, this is basically now a more Community Chest-esque project than the previous slaughterfests. i.e., we're not working to a deadline, we're trying to get as good as crop of maps as we can, with no rush and no need to include things just to fill spaces. I don't think it's a stretch to describe the project this way, but it's probably worth discussing (and/or voting on?), since approaching things this way is so unlike the slaughterfest philosophy that a lot of the older contributers (esp. ToD and ggg) are used to.
    • Start taking project resources more seriously and/or invite people to contribute graphics & music to the project (idk if anyone will agree with this point, but I think if we have the time to do this, why not do it?)
    • Get our own "Slaughterfest 3" forum
    If anyone disagrees and thinks we should carry on having slaughterfests for specific years, I'd be interested in hearing why. Especially considering it's basically now too late to fill all the slots in sf2014, even if you move all the 2014 submissions for sf2013 over to sf2014. I don't think there's any real alternative to scrapping the yearly deadline idea at this point, but I could be wrong, I guess.

    @kraflab: sorry to change the subject right after you posted a map. I haven't played kraflab-sf2013 yet but it's on my to-do list...

    I would agree with the renaming but one thing that I would like to say about that is if that happens, then the file names would have to be edited and the players would have to redownload the slaughterfest wads for the most updated versions. You know what I mean?

  4. Ribbiks said:

    hihi. Some of the nice fellows over on ZDaemon ran through that betaR2 I posted, and they found a couple bugs:

    map04 (Desecration - Rayzik): if more than 3 or so players, some players spawn and can't move/escape. aka MP starts are bugged.

    map11 (Broken Mind - Archi): Line 695 has no first side.

    map22 (Mult - gggmork): extreme lag at start of map due to all the zombiemen in the starting area. They suggested starting the players off in a small room somewhere and have them teleport to the main area.

    Also apparently the following maps refuse to load at all in ZDaemon:
    map27 (Red Recluse - ArmouredBlood)
    map28 (dHoles - TimeOfDeath)
    map32 (Three Lines - Phml)

    I'm not 100% sure why, I'll have to try it myself and see what kind of errors I get. Maybe it was the nodebuilder used?

    Also it's worth mentioning that once everything's more or less complete on the larger maps (e.g. 27,28,29), it would be worth building a reject table to improve performance, reduce lag, etc.

    When I tried the betaR2 that was posted, the maps worked just fine (I played them on ZDoom.) However, what I noticed was map27, Red Recluse, which had a missing key to the secrets, making them inaccessible.

  5. Ribbiks said:

    it's a mystery! currently we don't really have a submission that I think is both suitable for the final slot, and geared for it (aka no monster teles).

    ahh, faux pas!

    We could design a map similar to map 30 from sf2011. I personally like large slaughter maps with BFG spamming and large hordes of monsters but so many players want maps with small hordes of monsters. I was thinking maybe make a mini-version of map 30 from sf2011.

  6. gggmork said:

    You mean the map in slot 30? Probably not my map if so, I was just saying I could make a map for slot 30 or move one of my existing maps there. But all the slaughterfest mappers got together and agreed that a mordeth award would be better than having annoying maps released to play in the present. So we will not be releasing sf2013 until the year 4013. Extrapolating on current trends, society is guaranteed to continue to devolve, so doom will still be the best game in that time, though it could be that everyone will be to dumb to play it by then. Since we're all a bunch of pathetic basement dwellers who will leave no human offspring, the mordeth award will be given to the great great great... grandkittens of one of our cats... who will probably be indifferent to receiving it. But still, making future progeny of a species we don't even belong to indifferent is the best we can hope to accomplish and more than we deserve.

    I wasn't talking about your map. I was talking about what was already there. It is the one where you see a cyberdemon in front of you at the starting room, followed by revenants when the walls lower to the adjacent floor. I think it would be cool if I were to make a map for this wad, something similar to map 30 from sf2011 but with some existing maps combined into one.

  7. gggmork said:

    I can poop out a map 30, should I? Or one of my maps that doesn't have teleports and thus no map 30 telefrags (like I think the rocket 'break out' one w/ cyber in middle & infighting has no warping monsters).

    When I tried the map, there wasn't a key to some doors and the map ended up not being beatable.

  8. SFoZ911 said:

    Enjoy the pre-released version as much as you can sir.

    I just did. I went through the maps and it appears that the monster count has been trimmed compared to the first 2 slaughterfest wads (2011 had a map with 16,000 monsters, 2012 had a map with 10,000 monsters, and this one only has a map with 6,000 monsters).

  9. TimeOfDeath said:

    There wasn't really a deadline for SF13, so there's no hurry. Ribbiks kept the front page very nicely updated all year and he's added/will add some bug fixes himself, plus he did a good job with the release of SF12 and visits the forum pretty much daily I think. Can't ask for a better leader than that.

    He's pretty good. I wasn't trying to rush the project or anything. I just wanted to know so that is why I asked the question.

  10. gggmork said:

    No new maps, and no old maps either. Slaughterfest 2013 is canceled. Everyone please delete all copies from your hard drive. We appreciate your cooperation. It was a good run everyone, but I'm afraid none of the maps met quality control this year, not even close, not least of which because none of them were properly submitted by mailing a disc with the wad in an ivory jewel case with the wad title on the front glued with 24 carot gold flakes in size 14 comic sans font to each TODGA (The Official Doom Gods Approved) playtester. Better luck in 2014 everyone!

    Ignore what this guy is saying. I'm sure Ribbiks can fix the glitches in the maps. Afterall, he has done a good job with 2011 and 2012 of slaughterfest.

  11. So when will the wad be released because I only have the pre-released version of it (I kept checking the webpage and the released version still has not come out yet, I am not trying to rush the project or anything, I just wanted to know)?