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  1. 4 hours ago, MaishyN said:


    Great job! I've watched the whole run. It was really a lot of fun for me. I really liked how you took BFG to BK fight. I also like that you've found an easier way to go through purple room, while it may look cheesy it is ok for me that such non-trivial cheesing possibilities exist.

    At some point I thought you would like to know about this page. This could help you get the last secret:) (spoilerish)




    I actually think that the main problem with beating the map in a single run comes from it's length. I don't think these fights are significantly harder than fights in other popular difficult mapsets but the length of the map makes it much more difficult. As I'm a hardcore analytical freak I would explain it in a mathematical way with an abstract example: if a player can beat every difficult fight 3 out of 4 times (75% chance), then if there are 3 such fights in a map the chance of beating them all is 42,19% as it is 0,75 * 0,75 * 0,75 = 0.4219. By average two runs out of five should result in a success. If there are 12 such fights then the chance is only 3,17% (0,75 to the power of 12). So with 12 fights instead of 3 not only the time required to beat the map is 4 times longer but the chance of success is over ten times lower. The amount of effort required to beat a map raises exponentially.


    I really liked your run and it is always a great learning experience for me to see others playing my content, thanks! Now it is time to seriously think on what map should join Lightpath as MAP02:)

    I would be interested in seeing what it looks like. I was a little concerned about the crusher room on your map because you can get boxed in or accidentally run under crushers and get squashed. As far as the puzzle is concerned, I did not know that until now.

  2. I think at this point, I would rather TAS this map (slow motion, specifically). I don't think it is worth doing it under normal circumstances. If it is beatable under normal circumstances, that's great. Honestly, I am running out of patience when it comes to trying to beat it under normal circumstances. I think this map is almost like playing Chillax maps. If someone can record a demo of this map without dying non-TAS, then props to that person. I don't think anyone would, though, which is rather sad. If this were my map, I would just eliminate the floaters all together in the cavern, so that the player would only have to focus on the ground enemies. If I wanted to, I might do this map with Doom 4 Vanilla where I can just watch enemies of same species attack each other.

  3. 57 minutes ago, MaishyN said:



    I've prepared a layout of my strategy. I'll go step by step through it. Every step is marked with a number on the mini map.


    I choose chaingunners to die on the altar. Killing all viles as soon as possible is crucial to succeed. Blue arrows represent which viles to kill at each step. 


    1. Start by pressing the switch and just before the viles appear on the pillars shoot rockets into the vile far on the opposite side to kill it immediately.

    2. Jump down to the ledge in front of 2 viles killing them as fast as possible with RL. It is possible to get zapped here as it is difficult to get cover from the closest vile.

    3. Move behind the altar and kill another 2 viles. It is possible to refill lost health/armor with soulsphere/blue armor.

    4. Go to the outer ledge on the other side and kill the last vile on this side.

    5. Move back. I switch to plasma here as it's possible to get close to some imps/hks.

    6. Get back to the northern ledge. Kill last two viles.

    7. I usually stand here with RL and shoot into the swarming pinkies for as long as possible to make next steps easier.

    8. Switch to plasma and go for the mega. With plasma it is possible to go through pinkies without taking much damage.

    9. Go down the stairs and escape to the cavern ledge. This is a bit longer part where I refill ammo several times and try to kill as many enemies as possible. Shooting rockets up the stairs seem to be pretty effective to kill most of the ground monsters. I also do some dancing with the cacos to kill as many of them here. I go up and down the cavern several times in this step.

    10. Once the caco swarm is near go up and go to the secret area. It requires a few precise jumps but this shouldn't be a problem if cacos are not blocking the way.

    11. Take the radiation suit and mega and jump down into lava pit. Do it fast to not get hit by a bunch of caco fireballs or other stuff.

    12. This is also a bit longer step. I just use all the time on the radiation suit to kill as many cacos while being in the lava. There are also some resources here and there to pick.

    13. Once the radiation suit is over I take all other resources I can and teleport back up. The teleport destination is behind the altar so all monsters should be lured far away from here just before teleporting in.

    14. I take the second mega and refill ammo. There will be some cacos/hks/barons left but now it should be managable to kill them.




    Hope that helps. Choosing to kill viles instead of chaingunners seemed to be less consistent for me but I think it should also be possible to find a good strategy. Cheers!

    I usually take out the arch-viles first since they resurrect enemies. I know that camping in the small secret sector doesn't help because you are taking damage from the cacodemons. Thanks for the tip, though.

  4. 7 hours ago, MaishyN said:

    Hello again!

    I've uploaded an updated version of Lightpath. Link is in opening post.


    I'd like to thank everyone for playing Lightpath. I really appreciate all the feedback I've got from you. If you haven't played the map already then you're somewhat lucky as you missed a really painful pillar dance experience:). Hope you'll enjoy the new version!


    Some fixes and rebalancing on all difficulties have been made. UV monster count was unchanged. There are 10666 monsters on HMP and 6666 on HNTR (I don't remember who but somebody suggested 6666 would be cool - thanks:)).


    A quick changelog:


      Reveal hidden contents


    Final Area:

    1. More resources. A few more invulns on UV. A lot more invulns on lower difficulties. More ammo.

    2. Slightly reworked monster composition. A bunch of cybies have been added to cause more infighting.

    3. Teleport room now closes after pressing main switch.

    4. Pressing all switches now starts crushers in all monster closets. This is added for convenince in case any monsters were blocked or teleporting late.

    5. Added invisiblity spheres as a reward for solving the puzzle. It looks pretty funny once all monsters in this area start to shoot randomly:).


    Red Area:

    1. Moving platforms have been slightly reworked. On UV/HMP the pattern is a bit changed, so more platforms are up at the same time. This should make movement easier. On HNTR all platforms stay up all the time.

    2. Teleporters for going back up have been added.

    3. Damage of pain sectors has been decreased from -20% to -5%

    4. A few new teleports for easier navigation.

    5. Changunners changed into imps. Decreased caco count.

    6. More resources have been added, invisiblity spheres have been changed into megas/invulns.

    7. One switch has been removed.

    8. Added similar crushers as in final area.

    Exit area has been reworked.


    The blue pillar jump section is now skipped on HNTR. Player is teleported to the next section instead.







    I'm aware of some performance issues. I wonder if there are any ways to optimize this map without giving it a serious rework. Every fight have been tested to be beatable without infight saving but I haven't tried beating the whole map. I would consider beating the map on UV in a single non-TAS run as an ultimate challenge. I personally hate this map too much to even try it myself:). But I think it should definitely be possible. One of my design goals was to make all the fights challenging but as little dependent on RNG as possible (if it comes out that a fight requires RNG grinding I would rework it). For most of the fights I've found strategies that work quite well when executed properly so it should be a matter of practice and patience. I'd love to see that once you succeed:).

    As far as the cavern (the one with the yellow alter) is concern, what is your recommended strategy on how to go about surviving when dealing with the floaters and the teleporting enemies?

  5. 6 minutes ago, Juza said:

    I beat all Sunder maps on NM in a single sitting, once. Beat all the records too. Just forgot to hit the record button, sorry

    I bet that they took all day to make it that far. I don't think you would have enough space on your hard drive to record that much (I'm talking about the entire wad, not each individual map). I know that most players prefer to live stream but the only beef I have with that is that embarrassing stuff happens and you can't control it. YouTube allows content to be a maximum of 12 hours long if you have videos longer than 15 minutes enabled so I don't think you would be able to do it all in one session when recording or streaming.

  6. 7 hours ago, MAN_WITH_GUN said:

    Oh wow, welcome back. Long time no see you here and as usual I also gonna posting my request if you still can handle all this damn speedmap's what I have.

    Well, this Speedmap from the another Pandemonium Speedmapping event in the stage 2, where we must build the DM-map from stage 1 into a SP/Co-Op map.


    There's a copypasted info:


    * Map Name: Processing Plant.

    * Map Author: Man With a Gun (MWG)

    * Original Map: UACPhobosBase by Oxyde.

    * Custom Music: Kyle Dobson - Waves of Intrigue.

    * Source Port Tested on: PrBoom (complevel 9)

    * IWAD: Doom 2

    * Custom Sky: Yes.

    * Build Time: 8hrs.

    * Multiplayer: Only Co-Op starts.

    * Misc Info From Author: A tough rebuild of the original map from Oxyde, since the original map seems like was unfinished - the result came out more on a different map than on "Build a DM-map into a SP/Co-Op" imo. (And also I don't used the original geometry of the map, it's all was build from the zero) So I don’t know how well I did it, but it was definitely fun to mapping.

    *Gameplay Time: 10-15 min.

    *Map balance: Could be a harsh, but in some places, not at all. 


    Download: PP Coop bugfix.zip

    I beat your map.


  7. 38 minutes ago, MaishyN said:


    Hey! I'm glad that you like design of the map. I've actually tested the map extensively up to the point where I've had to take some break from Doom after showing it here. Seriously, at some point I've got sick of that:). I must also say that it is not about authors don't putting any effort into testing a map and expecting community to do this. Every mapper and every player is a different person with different playing style and skills. It is just impossible to know exactly how other players will react to your work. Feedback received from players is a crucial component that will eventually make mapper's work better.


    I've tested the map only in PrBoom+/GlBoom+/GZDoom and I didn't experienced any serious issues but I'm aware that it may not work properly on other source ports due to its size and that may be your case.


    I'm aware that the red section is improperly balanced and the main cause is probably that I've spent too much time testing this room and I've become pretty good at jumping the platforms. That may sound silly and ironic but I've problably designed the moving platforms in February and jumping over these platforms for several months made me very familiar in navigating them and I didn't realize that it might be too hard for a player seeing them for a first time.


    Two fights that seem to require more serious fixes and rebalancing are the red room fight and the final fight.


    For the red room the plan is following, effects on different difficulties would be acheived by voodoo dolls with difficulty setup:

    On UV/HMP:

    Change the platform pattern, so there will be like 4 or 5 platforms up at the same time instead of 2, now it requires perfect timing and such change would give the player more space for error

    On HNTR:
    Move all platforms up, and lower a few teleports down the pit to make going back up possible. The platforms would be stationary.


    On all difficulties enemies will be significanly nerfed and one switch be removed. The pain sector on the bottom will be changed from -20% to -5%. I've also thought of adding some teleports to make the navigation easier.


    In the final fight I'd like to put a few more resources, a few more invulns and probably a few more cyberdemons to make the fight go faster. I'm pretty sure it is beatable now once the player knows the location of all invulns but I'd like to nerf it after receiving some feedback. More cybies should also help because now the fight usually results in a large group of hks/barons left that have to be killed manually. Actually I've came up to the conclusion that it would probably be better if the final fight wasn't that hard at all.


    I'm pretty satisfied with other fights on UV. My personal favourite is the YK fight, making the lavafall was so damn fun:).

    Some more nerfing would be required on HNTR as I'd like to make all puzzle elements completely optional. Purple room currently requires the player to make proper usage of the switch and that shouldn't be the case on HNTR.


    I've done very little mapping in last month but I've spent quite a lot of time analyzing everything concerning this map. I plan to publish a fixed version soon. I hope you'll enjoy the fixed version where the red room will not be so brutal:). I've also gathered quite a bit of new ideas and I plan to start a new map later, it will probably be hell-themed but I'm still not sure.

    If you try playing it with ZDoom-derived source ports, the final fight gets laggy. When testing it with Boom, it runs fine. Where I run into problems is when I pause and minimize the game. It would be stuck on a black screen for minutes and that gets annoying (especially if I recorded my demo of the map since it is probably going to take multiple hours). I don't know if you have managed to beat it without even saving and loading. I prefer to be able to beat it without having to save and load. Let me know when a new version is out (I'm sure you will announce it in this thread).

  8. I love the design of it but the red section is the most annoying part of the map. Platforms rapidly moving up and down are what turn me away from the map. My question is did you even test your map? When I design maps, I always test them to ensure that they are beatable. I have a feeling that authors don't put any effort into making their maps and expect the community to test out the map. To me, testing your own map is a must if you want it to be good. I test my maps so why don't others test theirs? One problem that I forgot to mention is that when minimizing the game, if you try to bring it back to foreground, it would be stuck in an infinite loop of black screen and "loading graphics" in Boom.

  9. I believed that you had to have at least 3 active warning points on your account in order to get permanently banned. The first warning is a warning, the second warning is a temporary ban, and the third one is a permanent ban. Ever since Doomworld adopted a warning point system, the most that I've had was 2 active warning points (one for topic bumping and the other one for rudeness), which resulted in a temporary ban. I don't know if it was just the rudeness alone that resulted in that or was it the number of active warning points that resulted in it. I know that other platforms (such as Facebook and YouTube) base their disciplinary actions on the number of violations you have orchestrated within a certain time frame (YouTube does the 3 strikes system where the strikes expire 90 days after the last strike was received).

  10. On 5/20/2020 at 12:56 AM, antares031 said:

    While the official UV-Max time is 42:30, you can definitely go for below 40 minutes, if you optimize your route. Not to mention that weapons in AR are quite powerful, compare to the original doom.

    The only beef with the map though is choppiness when you get to the second half of the map. I usually go through the maps slowly rather than compete for the fastest time to UV Max them (for example, someone may take 40 minutes to complete a level while I may take more than an hour). Unlike the other players, I like to collect the remaining items at the end of the maps.