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Posts posted by mArt1And00m3r11339

  1. gggmork said:

    I can poop out a map 30, should I? Or one of my maps that doesn't have teleports and thus no map 30 telefrags (like I think the rocket 'break out' one w/ cyber in middle & infighting has no warping monsters).

    When I tried the map, there wasn't a key to some doors and the map ended up not being beatable.

  2. SFoZ911 said:

    Enjoy the pre-released version as much as you can sir.

    I just did. I went through the maps and it appears that the monster count has been trimmed compared to the first 2 slaughterfest wads (2011 had a map with 16,000 monsters, 2012 had a map with 10,000 monsters, and this one only has a map with 6,000 monsters).

  3. TimeOfDeath said:

    There wasn't really a deadline for SF13, so there's no hurry. Ribbiks kept the front page very nicely updated all year and he's added/will add some bug fixes himself, plus he did a good job with the release of SF12 and visits the forum pretty much daily I think. Can't ask for a better leader than that.

    He's pretty good. I wasn't trying to rush the project or anything. I just wanted to know so that is why I asked the question.

  4. gggmork said:

    No new maps, and no old maps either. Slaughterfest 2013 is canceled. Everyone please delete all copies from your hard drive. We appreciate your cooperation. It was a good run everyone, but I'm afraid none of the maps met quality control this year, not even close, not least of which because none of them were properly submitted by mailing a disc with the wad in an ivory jewel case with the wad title on the front glued with 24 carot gold flakes in size 14 comic sans font to each TODGA (The Official Doom Gods Approved) playtester. Better luck in 2014 everyone!

    Ignore what this guy is saying. I'm sure Ribbiks can fix the glitches in the maps. Afterall, he has done a good job with 2011 and 2012 of slaughterfest.

  5. So when will the wad be released because I only have the pre-released version of it (I kept checking the webpage and the released version still has not come out yet, I am not trying to rush the project or anything, I just wanted to know)?