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  1. 20 minutes ago, WH-Wilou84 said:

    Spending that much time recording UV Max demos on maps that are susceptible to be modified is not a good idea.

    @Arbys550 Here's a demo for level 17 if you want to check it out. I used version 2308 (current version). I don't think the author is going to be able to do much more on it because of the linedef count on the map (if he added more, the map would glitch out like crazy). The player isn't going to be able to survive the crushers if he or she did anything other than what I did in the demo (at least based on the layout of the spawning enemies and the amount). Even if the map does get modified after my recording, I am still keeping the version that I recorded. I still think there should be safe strategies to get through specific battles in the map, instead of dangerous ones. My only beef with this whole WAD is that the author doesn't come here often (I understand that he has stuff going on outside of this project).


  2. 35 minutes ago, Clippy said:


    Ohhhhhh damn never thought of that


    That archvile is so far away tho


    He would surely resurrect everyone on the way there


    Not to mention how the hell would you have enough health to survive the archvile boost



    I just whip enemies to death.

  3. On 8/16/2019 at 12:04 PM, Arbys550 said:

    Just finished map17 yesterday and i gotta say this is the most fun i had in a sunder map in a long time! The other new maps had some really frustrating parts that got me stressed, but this one was just an all out fun experience.


    One concern i have is that some of the early fights it seems there is just way too much ammo, especially the first fight indoors. i had tons and tons of cells and rockets left over.


    Also I have no idea what the intended strat is for the crusher section but i ran out of ammo real quick. I had to camp for about 20 mins waiting for upwards of 80 monsters to get crushed on a crusher that you may have forgot to put block lines on, im not sure. (crusher is sector 12034, i camped in the room with sector 13472)


    And then for the last fight, i cant really say much cause i didnt do it as intended. After ten or so tries, i was convinced it was impossible until i noticed the outside. I crept around the outside and was able to straferun back into the massive cacodemon arena from earlier.


    From there i was able to camp safely until most monsters killed themselves. It wasnt until i re-entered the arena that i noticed the teleporters in the back so maybe now i can give it a proper try.


    All in all i enjoyed it a lot and visuals were outstanding as always.


    I think the intended strategy for the crusher part in level 17 is stay in the room with the megasphere where the barons are and just wait until the crushers take out the enemies (you would still have to kill the enemies that enter your territory). If you tried to do any other method, you will run out of ammunition very quickly and die. Therefore, I would suggest to Insane_Gazebo that the crushers that do not have the block monsters set be left alone. You will need the resources so that you can go back and gather them when you need them for the final fight. To me and other players, it is important to have reliable strategies in place so that the players do not get frustrated when it comes to playing the maps. I'm all about challenge but I'm also about balance. If the newer versions of this wad get released, I would suggest that level 17 be left alone because there are strategies that I've learned as I played through and recorded a demo of it and that I have spent almost a week trying to record a successful demo (beat the map without dying or saving under normal cases). I honestly despise it whenever I upload a play through on my channel on YouTube and the map gets changed afterwards to where you can't use the strategies that I used in my video. I've played the map enough times and I don't want to have to redo the whole thing when I have already spent days trying to beat it.

  4. 4 hours ago, Kyoh1 said:

    Another thing I noticed:


    On the last level of one of the tower, there are 3 different kinds of demons (6 revs, 1 hive mother and a pack of HKs in the left corner).

    You can shoot them without having them being wary of your presence as long as you stay on the lift.

    Not cheesing the fight much, but it gives you free space and widens your escaping route.




    If I designed that map myself, I would have just left that alone because players need some kind of a reliable strategy on how to go about getting through the battle without dying.

  5. I completed level 17 (non-TAS) in one life. I will have a video of it up at some point in the future. I've learned that you are supposed to save the cell packs near the entrance for the arch-vile fights, so I killed several of the floaters near the exit and let the spider mastermind take care of some. This is when you are at the alcove section with the two towers.

    Sunder Level 17.png

  6. I'm a huge fan of large maps. My longest ones (maps that I designed myself) are ~6 hours long (absolute longest is nearly 6.5). The longest map that I've completed was Benjogami's level, "Long Road, No Turns". I did a TAS demo that ended up being 9 hours (if it were done in regular conditions, it would end up being 11+ hours). I honestly don't know what my favorite one is, honestly. 

  7. On 4/13/2020 at 10:50 AM, Arbys550 said:

    including secret levels? I'd say, from easiest to hardest: 31, 32, 17, 15, 16, 18, 19

    I'm a little curious. I wonder if you watched me play through level 15.

    Edit: Never mind, I already shared my video here.

  8. On 4/10/2020 at 1:07 PM, Krull said:

    Got stuck on the staircase fight near the beginning, playing with the latest GLBoom - the wall(s) won't lower, and there doesn't seem to be a switch anywhere. I didn't want to open it up in DoomBuilder and spoil the map, but I assume this is a complevel issue with voodoo dolls? What is the compatibility level for this, anyway?

    What level are you talking about? The -complevel for the maps is -complevel 9.

  9. 16 hours ago, Kyoh1 said:


    Well, true, I should have been more precise in my statement, only in SOME parts of platforming areas are teleports (at least in 15 but I thought 17 as well).

    But I think these 2 maps and especially 17 are a lot less difficult in platforming difficulty (compared to the infamous map 5 or 16).

    I watched your recorded performance of a few of difficult early levels like 10 or 11 (w platforming) and you faired pretty well.

    Of course, if you're only looking to max out the maps in the shortest time possible, that's another story.

    I don't inspire being the fastest player in the world. I only focus on just completing the maps. I know some people like to go crazy with the competition but I'm not about working myself to death.

  10. 6 hours ago, Kyoh1 said:

    I don't recall anything difficult as platforming in map 17, except probably the top of the library to get BK. Same for 15 with star-shaped platforms where you need to jump from tip to tip quite accurately. But in both cases, you can teleport back and start over.


    IMO, 31 is harder than 32 and 17 because you mainly fight in cramped spaces, even with less enemies, but it doesn't amount to a big difficulty gap.

    With level 15, you can teleport back in some areas. Some of them have a deep pit that once you fall in, you can't get back out. With level 17, if you fall into a pit, you can't get back out. I think at this point, I would rather do a TAS demo of level 17 because beating it under normal circumstances is too stressful especially when the difficult battles have to be placed later in the maps, which I do not have the patience to do. I like long slaughter maps but not fiercely difficult. If the maps are hard, I would rather have them be short than long because I feel that I have done enough of those maps in my life time. I'm all about moderation when it comes to difficulty. I would like to say that with level 17, at least it is doable with TAS as opposed to level 16. Level 16 is not even doable with TAS. A person who tries to beat level 16 without dying (TAS or not), good luck with that because that stuff ain't happening.

  11. 3 hours ago, Khaoscythe said:


    My strat(s) went something like this:


    First part of the fight:

      Reveal hidden contents


    1. Run to and hit switch to initiate the fight.

    2. Stay in the alcove for as long as possible as spam rockets at the PE's as they spawn in. Swap to SSG to get rid of any Lost Souls that get too close (you could also use Plasma Gun but you're gonna need the cells for BFG throughout this arena encounter, especially against the inevitable Arch-Vile spawns). Utilize the rocket/cell ammo by the alcove when needed. You're gonna want to stay as far to the right of the alcove closest to the teleporter as possible, as to have the best chance of avoiding everything that comes your way. Once it gets too hairy teleport out of the alcove to the south Spider Mastermind tower.

    3. Immediately BFG the SM's at the southern tower (even if they're infighting, you need them out of the way for maneuvering room while on the tower) and try not to use the Soulsphere as you're gonna need it around later. Try to stay on the tower for a bit and focus BFG spam on the floaters. Whenever the player walks towards the edges of the tower the floaters will rise up from beneath you and come into line of sight with the SM's at the northern tower. Pray the PE's don't produce too many Lost Souls as you cannot afford to burn the rocket/cell ammo around the arena on just this wave. Occasionally hop off the southern portion of the tower to replenish cell ammo (making absolutely certain that nothing will block you and cause you to fall into the lava below). Rush past any PE's/Lost Souls along the right side of the arena to the teleporter and repeat the process of killing floaters and grabbing cell ammo until all floaters are dead. The SM's may or may not die in the process, and if they don't die to the Caco/PE spam they'll most certainly die to the Rev/HK spam that happens afterward...

    Note: You can choose to hide in the recently revealed hallways on the left to minimize PE line of sight and slowly dwindle their numbers, though this comes at the risk of floaters flooding into the hallways with no chance of getting out in time to replenish ammo.



    Second part of the fight:

      Reveal hidden contents


    1. Hit the switch in the hallways that housed the Cacodemons. IMMEDIATELY rush to that alcove where you hit the first switch.

    2. Turn around and rocket spam the Imps on the far opposite end, being careful to dodge any Revenant missiles while staying in there for as long as possible (if you stay to the right side near the teleporter the Revs that have teleported onto the southern tower cannot gain line of sight and send missiles your way.. neither can the Revs/HK's on the right side chuck anything at you.. you'll want to minimize line of sight by standing here). Dodge the Imp fireballs as well although they don't do massive damage when compared to Rev projectiles. When you get low on rockets bum rush those Imps go around the back side and get as much rocket ammo as possible, then run back to the alcove. From this alcove you can also choose to snipe the Revs/HKs to your right with rockets to decrease their numbers. Don't bother with the Revs that teleport onto the towers, although if the SM(s) are still alive on that northern tower they should be dead to the Revs by now. Do NOT use the teleporter to get to the southern tower top unless you're prepared to face a horde of Revs on the other end.. this also comes with the risk of being blocked by Imps if you choose to teleport and jump off the ledge onto the lower area where the ammo lies (hence why I stated to bum rush the Imps earlier when ammo is required).



    Third part of the fight:

      Reveal hidden contents


    1. Hit the switch in the hallways that housed the Revs.

    2. Spam rockets at any Mancubi that come out of the newly opened hallways. Utilize the nearby rocket ammo and the safety of the hallway you're in.



    Fourth part of the fight HOO BOY:

      Reveal hidden contents


    NOTE: Due to the way the monster closets were designed this next part is VERY VERY RNG-dependent. HK's and Arch-Viles will spawn on the teleporter textures to the west of the southern tower as well as by the alcove and atop the towers (Mancs will also spawn on the towers and HK's/Barons will be revealed from the newly opened hallways). Sometimes the AV's will teleport in almost immediately, other times they will take their sweet time and teleport in much later allowing the HK's to flood in first. This portion of the fight I do NOT enjoy for this reason alone.

    1. Hit the switch in the hallways that housed the Mancubi.

    2. I do one of three things here:

    (A) Bum rush to the alcove area and kill the 2 AV's that teleport in (PRAY they teleport in within the first 5-10 seconds of hitting the switch), praying that the tower AV's are caught infighting with the Revs/Mancs on the way there. When it gets hairy teleport and kill the southern tower AV's ASAP. You can choose to hop down when they're dead or clear the tower completely and camp up there. You could also utilize your friend the alcove and spam rockets towards the group of HK's/Barons (and possibly revived Mancs/Caco's/Imps) and try to kill the AV's hiding amongst them.

    (B) Bum rush the southern teleporter destination, PRAY the AV's of that section teleport in within the first 5 seconds, expose them to the BFG and then rush the alcove area and follow strat A praying the tower AV's don't target you at all.

    (C) The riskier choice, run out of the hallway and go around the left side to where the cell ammo is under the northern tower (a wall should be seen lowering ahead). Prep the BFG and brute-force your way through the HK's/Barons until you either reach the Soulsphere or are about to run out of cell ammo then run out and grab the cell ammo, run back in and continue clearing. Stay in the hallway and kill anything that comes down the long hall leading to the southern part of the area, while being mindful of any Revs that decide to leave the northern tower and come into the hallway from behind. Also be mindful of the HK's and AV's that may get line of sight from across the chasm outside your position. If you're lucky the AV's from the southern teleporter destination won't revive too many things and make their way to you as you rocket spam them from afar. Once they're dead you can rocket spam any HK's/AV's across the chasm from the safety of the hallway until they're gone, then clean up the tower demons.

    3. Hit the switch on the northern tower once everything is dead.. then leave this dreaded arena.



    Thanks for the tips. I initially played that map with Boom but later on, I switched over to Zandronum because even when you use the strategies, enemies would still fall into the lava pit and you would have a hard time killing them because of the autoaim (and not to mention, they can block you without you being able to see them when moving from one alcove to another. That can be dangerous because that can land you into the pit which is death. As a result, I switched over to Zandronum so that I can look straight down and see the enemies and be able to pass over them when beneath me). I was able to beat the map without dying with TAS (slow motion) when recording a demo with Boom. It is at least doable compared to "Whispers of the Gnarled King". I also have to say that it runs better with Zandronum than with GZDoom when it comes to OpenGL.