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  1. I tested level 19 and it took me 2 hours and 39 minutes (in-game) to finish. I did it with saving and loading. I feel that it isn't worth doing videos of. I don't have the patience to spend months trying to beat a level without dying.

    Sunder Level 19.png

  2. 4 hours ago, Archviler said:


    I've beaten 19 and I'm not a big fan of cramped encounters, either. I'd suggest taking breaks and segmenting the map into smaller chunks. It's a long, long map and while I really like it, it's not one that's easy to get through in one sitting.  It's easy to get stuck on one encounter for a bit and worn down, and then into a spiral of worsening play because you get frustrated. The map's an endurance test, don't be afraid to take it at your own pace if things go wrong. Clarity of mind and patience are way more important in this map than finishing it in one go.


    If all else fails, I suggest playing continuous and bring in a BFG (or simply cheating one in if you don't want to replay 17 and 18) from the beginning. A lot of the fights in 19 are about time and space, the BFG helps you use that time and space far more efficiently than intended. I faffed around with one after I finished it and the BFG's more firepower than many encounters there are designed to handle.


    For what it's worth, I feel 16's harder than 19. Not by much, but I don't think 19 is the hardest Sunder map on reflection. If nothing else, a lot of 19's encounters are more bite sized and there's less time investment in each attempt than 16's bigger battles.

    I usually like to do the whole map in one life, even when it takes several hours (and not to mention, I like playing from pistol start). That is how I go about doing my maps (I've made levels that take 6 in-game hours to beat and I did it all in one life, pistol start). 

    @Arbys550 I am playing it with Boom.

  3. 21 minutes ago, rdwpa said:


    I hear a good strategy for beating tough fights is to RJ-skip them in GZDoom.  

    That's true. My only concern about rocket-jumping though is that sometimes, you'll accidentally rocket-jump yourself out of a window of a building, which would then land you into a death pit.

    @seed That's true. I've seen people play on I'm Too Young To Die and arch-viles do half as much damage as in normal gameplay, but that's a game thing and not a WAD thing.

  4. I tried level 19 and that one was kicking my ass. I don't think closed up rooms with cyberdemons and robotic bees that shoot mancubus fireballs and rockets are my style. Speaking of which, has anyone managed to beat level 19? I like multi-hour maps but not when they are obnoxiously difficult. All of this raging to win is getting very old. I am not a fan of playing lower level difficulty settings. Ultra Violence is my style. I am concerned that someone is going to use this against me and that is unacceptable.

  5. I can't wait until it gets released. I would love to try it out. It looks to me like a Sunder-style WAD. I wonder if it is going to have Holy Hell (level 5, specifically) sized maps.

  6. Here is a playlist of maps that I have completed from this WAD so far. I am a little skeptical about level 53 because the revenant area where the cybers are seem to not have enough resources to make it through the battle without having to leave them behind upon exiting the map. Some of the videos are scheduled so they will be up soon. Other than that, the maps that I have left over are 5, 53, and 57 (currently working on 57).


  7. 2 hours ago, HAK3180 said:



    download the .zip


    I don't really see the appeal. Strictly encounter-based maps are not my favorite, especially when they don't have much regard for scenery or visual appeal, but I can get on board with them if the fighting is interesting and exciting, even puzzling. I liked the overall sense of spatial progression, but I found the gameplay dull and repetitive. There were 77 monsters, but one could argue there were almost 60 encounters: ~ 45 fights against one demon, ~8 fights against one revenant, and then all the others. I have to believe this is some sort of troll/joke wad or that it's really supposed to be speed run.


    Bottom line: not at all for me. Maybe speedrun it? 

    I made it beatable with Hard Doom.