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  1. Here is a playlist of maps that I have completed from this WAD so far. I am a little skeptical about level 53 because the revenant area where the cybers are seem to not have enough resources to make it through the battle without having to leave them behind upon exiting the map. Some of the videos are scheduled so they will be up soon. Other than that, the maps that I have left over are 5, 53, and 57 (currently working on 57).


  2. 2 hours ago, HAK3180 said:



    download the .zip


    I don't really see the appeal. Strictly encounter-based maps are not my favorite, especially when they don't have much regard for scenery or visual appeal, but I can get on board with them if the fighting is interesting and exciting, even puzzling. I liked the overall sense of spatial progression, but I found the gameplay dull and repetitive. There were 77 monsters, but one could argue there were almost 60 encounters: ~ 45 fights against one demon, ~8 fights against one revenant, and then all the others. I have to believe this is some sort of troll/joke wad or that it's really supposed to be speed run.


    Bottom line: not at all for me. Maybe speedrun it? 

    I made it beatable with Hard Doom.

  3. I will go ahead and bump this thread but the above comment is a playlist of maps that I have completed from this WAD (note that several of the demos are tool-assisted). The only map that is left now as of me writing this comment is level 16. Level 16 is going to be a hard one so that one is going to have to be done at a later time.