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  1. 27 minutes ago, Khaoscythe said:


    So the first thing you need to be mindful of is how to manipulate the massive cloud of floaters during the entirety of this fight.


    With that said you can choose to kill that one Cybie in the left side building hiding behind the boxes, or leave it to infight later. Personally I two-shot it so I don't have to worry later when I'm clearing the Cacos from their box prisons, more Cybies will teleport in to 'help' infight in a few regardless.


    My strat revolves around camping the right side of the building next to the right side of the right-most lava pit spawn and spamming rockets at the nearby Rev/HK spawn until the Cacos get a bit too overwhelming, where I'll switch to the BFG and spam all my cells to kill as much as possible until I'm close to running out. Dash to the nearby ammo stock and then make a mad dash outside through the back exit and beeline towards the initial ammo pit on the far left (yes, this will require you to hop across gaps and BFG any floaters that will be in the way without falling off any edges). Also notice that the mass cloud of floaters should be 'mostly' against the building you were camping. Expect them to come to you now (and, in the process getting themselves into infights with the Cybies that are in the middle area). If you're fast enough you can kill the caged Cacos before the cloud makes it's way into your area. If you position yourself along that left side properly the Cybie guarding the switch up in the far tower should have you in it's line of sight, but it's rockets will hit the cloud of enemies. You have enough ammo on the left side to clear the majority of the enemies that creep up to you, but if need be you can either retreat through the building for more cover, or mad dash to the middle ammo pit and pray you don't eat any stray projectiles on the way out or get blocked in there.


    There will be instances where the Cybies won't infight with the floaters (or partially) and make their way to the left side where you're holding your ground. In this instance you'll need to two-shot them as fast as possible, since the floaters will probably be swarming towards you at this point. You don't necessarily need the Cybies to infight/kill off everything else so I'd kill them off as soon as possible since they'll only prevent you from effectively camping out the rest of the demons on the left side.


    You never want to get yourself into any of the dead end areas as you run the risk of being cornered by floaters with no way out (camping the Cybie switch platform is an option only if you've dwindled down the amount of enemies outside first, going here too early will result in you getting swarmed). The key here is to keep moving and allow yourself enough space to escape to another part of the room when needed. This strat works most of the time whenever I get to this portion of the map, but again it relies heavily on cloud positioning as well as how fast you can deal with the Cybies before things get too hectic. You also have to stay at the initial spot (the right-side pit area) for a good amount of time, otherwise the cloud will not have moved away from the gaps far enough for you to cross.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. What is your recommended strategy on dealing with the fight with the teleporting flying enemies in level 16? It is the area in the screenshot below. I wonder if you are supposed to kill the cyberdemon and then the flying enemies or are you supposed to let the cyberdemon infight with the flying enemies.


    Sunder level 16.png

  3. 6 hours ago, Arbys550 said:


    Yeah it's just my crappy laptop. I use glboom+

    That's why I use a desktop to play the levels. I also recommend NVIDIA GeForce. It is a great graphics card and you can also use the software for recording and streaming gameplays (you would have to create an NVIDIA GeForce account to use those features but it shouldn't be too much of a hassle). You will need at least 4 GB of RAM to be able to use the features. 

  4. I will try this wad out at some point. It's too bad that the textures weren't merged into the wad file. When I design wads, I merge textures into the files so that players would not have to click and drag multiple files into the Doom engine.


    Edit: Never mind, the textures will eventually be imported after reading the OP.

  5. On 5/11/2019 at 4:45 PM, Beezle said:

    MartianDoomer11339's Oreo Cake Massacre and Carrot Cake Massacre are definitely up there with the largest, it takes 6 - 8 hours to beat either one of em lol. Of course there's the legendary Okuplok Slaughtermap with 23k monsters. And Benjogami has just came out with his largest map yet, Long Road, No Turns 21k. As far as one that's not a slaughtermap, the one that comes to mind is Bury My Heart Knee Deep.

    I know that this thread is old but my Peanut Butter Cake Massacre map also falls into the category.