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    This post is probably about my frontend
  1. -R-a-I-l-G-u-N-s-?-

    Yes, I know what you mean. I call it "off the rudder".
  2. -R-a-I-l-G-u-N-s-?-

    Damn, I missed that ! I will install a gib-o-matic on tomorrow How can I interpret this one ?
  3. Happy Birthday to me! :)

    Herzlichen Glückstrumpf !
  4. -R-a-I-l-G-u-N-s-?-

    I installed a rail gun on my car last day, so I can shoot me free way whenever there is some delay and I'm on the hurry.
  5. Newbie Question

    Maybe you are also interested to have all famous Doom source ports controlled trough a frontend, all ready set up and configured, by just one download. http://www.doomcenter.com/downloads/index.phtml?id=129618&language=en Only thing you have to do is copy your IWAD's after the frontend prompts for that ;-)
  6. Newbie Question

    Install a source port and pull the console down or view the output logfile of i.e. PrBoom
  7. Excited!

    Everything is only because: People are only interested in well known things. If there is something new, they are afraid.
  8. Doom in Windows XP?

    Heh, that sounds like an understatement, lol ;)
  9. Legacy vs zDoom

    Yes, would be great to have. IMO Doomworld should provide these informations too. It would be great if they overhaul their ports section for nowadays requirements. BTW, Tarin, what happened at least to your frontend ?
  10. UGO Ads crashing browser

    hey, I found another goodie: The Proxomitron http://www.proxomitron.org/ This one also prevents from all the pop-ups and has some really fancy features. I last tested this program 2000, but the current release is much better. It is really worth it.
  11. UGO Ads crashing browser

    Hmm, webwasher.com works for me, no ads, no chrashes, no worry
  12. Legacy vs zDoom

    Ugh, somebody should make a least an assessment of all the damn ports.
  13. -R-a-I-l-G-u-N-s-?-

    hey, I would be interested to know if there are some guys around in the US wearing a Rail Gun.....should be possible since guns are free there
  14. hexen deathmatch

    You can play online with one of the Hexen / Heretic supporting source ports and the KDX :)
  15. First version of Doom you ever played?

    PSX Final Doom