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  1. Hey guys so I finished 5 maps

    and I am currently in progress of the sixth map

    I am learning this new awesome thing called GZdoom builder
    but started on map06 so later in the game you will see gzdoom actions.
    I am really confident on this hell I made a T-shirt with The wad's logo.

    So I am working really hard on this and I hope it will get some kind of
    attention on doomworld.

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    2. esselfortium


      I have only two questions:

      1) How will Shakey's Pizza factor into this? Will it be a map?

      2) Will said map feature Radius_Quake events accompanied by flying pizza-slice debris sprites?

      Thank you.

    3. xbobby64


      you know what COMING SOON:PIZZA.WAD right after cool.wad is finish.

    4. joe-ilya


      Shakey's pizza, heh.