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  1. What's the deal with living in a small town and having poor access to quality cheese? I've been pining for months to create a batch of Tirimisu but lack the required Mascarpone, which no one in the area stocks. Even worse, I'm not sure if I can even order the stuff for a decent price due to the fact that it is somewhat a form of cream cheese, and in turn needs to be refrigerated. My only option is to make it myself from scratch, and that'll be a real bitch having to boil the water for the exact proper amount of time.

    I think it's because the people here are very, very white. But not the white that is convenient to my cheese-related goals, rather the "eat hamburger helper every night" white. They don't even stock a decent amount of pasta at the local grocer.

    I don't even know.

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    2. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      I got the mascarpone and made the tiramisu. happyendingandallthat

    3. Alfonzo


      Well how about that...: I have just retired from an evening spent in the backyard of my suburban Melbourne home, where gross quantities of halloumi were consumed. Quite the meeting of incidents, that.

      As a bonus, though not quite as recently, I had performed in full the cheese shop sketch as part of the leavers' party with a good friend of mine for our end-of-school celebrations.

    4. Nuxius


      Mmmmmm cheese. I remember for the longest time, you couldn't find hardly any decent cheese around here. Most of it was just rubber squares and sticks.

      Then a new large supermarket moved in, and they have a entire section devoted to nothing but cheese. When I first saw it, I was like a kid in a candy store.

      Anyway, as a person who has suffered your plight for several years, I just wanted to say you have my sympathies.