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    1. RaphaelMode


      Looks like you've been hanging out with me too much, and a certain egregore wants to kill you. Which is nothing new, actually.

      The midis themselves are a good start. So far I only ever made one midi, and it's of objectively lesser quality, despite doing it's job.

      In general, keep doing what you do, stay creative and ignore all major criticism. If someone says your work could use a few fixes, do these fixes, unless that would invalidate the whole point. If someone tells you that the way you did a thing was too wrong to even begin to describe what's wrong about it exactly, that might be the egregores influencing their minds to avoid letting you free their victims from their grasp. Or something like that.

      Just some life wisdom I thought I would share. Also avoid scatology unless it's convention-breaking applied scatology.