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  1. Just today I found out that there's this spooky floating garden in Mexico filled with dolls. They say it all started when a guy by the name of Julián Barrera found the body of some girl that had drowned in the river and, lying near her, a doll. He assumed that hanging the doll from a tree would be the most respectful thing to do for the girl for some reason, and then he did so. Unfortunately for him, that was probably the number one thing he shouldn't have done, as shortly afterwards he started hearing whispers, footsteps, and blood-curdling wails far off in the darkness of the night. So I can only imagine his immediate thought process was probably something of the likes of:
    "Hm, this is some creepy shit and it seems to have occurred immediately after hanging up that creepy doll. Maybe if I hang up more creepy dolls that will fix it."
    So he spent the next 50 years hanging up freaky dolls to appease this girl's spirit or something. Until the day he died, reportedly in the exact spot the girl's body was found before.

    I'm not one to believe in ghosts. So I'm thinking he likely was schizophrenic and, whether he was the one that killed the girl or legitimately just found her body after she drowned in the canal, the incident did something that triggered the blunt of it and the auditory hallucinations started kicking in. It's actually kind of really sad, thinking about it now. The guy's entire life, just desperate attempts to keep the "spirit" at bay, now just some spooky tourist attraction. That's fucked.

    So uh... how about this laughably bad video on it I found while googling this place to cheer thing up, then?

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    2. Tritnew


      Ah, that Papyrus font. That's the truly haunting thing there.

    3. User Name

      User Name

      I'm not one to believe in ghosts and paranormal things, but I do find the subject to be fascinating.

    4. Tracer


      Voros said:

      I read about this thing in one those Ripley's BION books.
      Creepy shit.

      Why is it that dolls seems to be creepy?

      Because our minds recognize them as human and unmoving.

      Basically...our mind sees dead babies hanging from trees.