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  1. Oh wait, there's already a thread for dreams, okay. I thought that would be sort of inane and so only fit for blogs. So I've cannibalized this into something completely different.

    So I've been messing around in a Sonic 1 disassembly recently, it's been quite the time. I've actually managed to figure out how to loop things so as to create pauses, so that's been pretty useful for doing the digitized narration as seen in this little video:

    In the process though, I've ended up destroying the stage select somehow. Also I made a weird bug where collecting a ring in the special stage causes the player to just up and disappear. It's kind of funny, but I plan to remove the special stages anyway. Over all, despite being really weird having to do things like knowing when to use bra.s or bra.w and when to use jmp, I've had far better success with this than getting visual studio to work (read: more than zero).