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  1. Coconut oil. Now everything fried has a subtle coco lean to it. Great for chicken and pancakes.

    1. Jayextee


      We've started making our weekly movie-night curry (also chicken, for the record usually either a Rogan Josh or Jalfreezi) with coconut oil, and it adds so much (albeit subtly) to the flavour; don't think we can ever go back to using standard vegetable oil for it now. Wow.

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Coconut oil is a good choice, all things considered. It's also nice for people who don't like the taste of peanuts or the likes, because eventhough there's a subtle sweetness to coconut oil (not always, though) you can still add that sophisticated layer of taste to your dishes.


      If you haven't already, you should also try different kinds of vinegar for when you make salads, among other things. Expanding ones tastes is always worth it.