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  1. Seems Rayman 3 doesn't want to launch. Not even the grace of an error message, the thing just doesn't open. Having to wait for discs 1-3 to install was all for nothing, I guess.


    If worse comes to worst, I'll just have to emulate one of the console versions instead.

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    2. Avoozl


      At least you played them, I haven't even played a single Rayman game, I guess I just haven't been interested in them.

    3. Dragonfly


      @Avoozl It's not for everyone. Disregard the visuals of the first one, it may look fun and friendly but that game is very, very ruthless and difficult. If you're into hard 2D platformers, play the first. If you're into easy 3D adventure-platformers, play the second. Like I said, TOTALLY different games, heh.

    4. Avoozl


      I have played a number of 2D platformers in my lifetime, many Nintendo ones and few others. The hardest ones I have played were likely the Donkey Kong Country/Land ones.

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