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  1. Got standard bounces and rebound stomps working again. Here's a progress video:


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    2. Doomkid


      Every video of this makes me want it more


    3. Doomkid


      "reggie do not sue" = me laughing

    4. MrGlide


      A TC? Thats bad ass man. Can't wait to try it. The Slide jump to slam attacks (in the tower) animation transition feels very sudden. The normal jump to slam looks fine. Everything else looks good. I also think when you bounce off of the goombas if your other knee could be raised instead the same as normal jump, as to diversify to two, I think that would look nice. If you ever want me to play test for you hit me up anytime. or any other kind of help I might be able to provide. It's looking really good though.