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  1. Or you could forego the mental gymnastics and leave it at the fact that the 2001 builds were when the game was better off.
  2. robat fite

    Something silly I threw together when I should've been sleeping.
  3. Just revealed on Nintendo's Nintendo Direct stream, Doom will be coming to the Switch handheld later this year, alongside Wolfenstein. This also marks the first time since the GBA that a Doom game has appeared on a Nintendo system, and the first time since Doom 64 that the series has appeared on Nintendo home console. Wonder how well it'll run...
  4. Egregious Ease: Introduction Comic/Development Thraed

    Thank fuck, RaphaelMode is here.
  5. because it seems my last thread was deleted. meanwhile zdoom seems more than happy to remain civil. funny that, i'd at least like an explanation.
  6. so did some kind of shitstorm happen

    @Arctangent It's taking quotes from a Ugandan movie, the Wakaliwood filmmakers that made the movie love the meme. And it's a 3D model based off of a goofy 2D drawing of Knuckles, so I don't know where you're getting this information of it "mocking the appearance of a ugandan pastor" but it's the first time I've heard it and I seriously doubt its legitimacy.
  7. so did some kind of shitstorm happen

    I'm not shitposting, I'm curious as to what happened and why the entire thread was helled and not any offending posts. You know, transparency of moderation. Maybe you should follow your own advice.
  8. 64Doom: Classic Doom on N64

    Well, I had no idea this even existed... Weird. Very weird. But I can dig it. More info in the video description, I guess. Or here: http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?52471-Doom-for-Nintendo-64 64Doom on GitHub can be found at: https://github.com/jnmartin84/64doom
  9. Doomworld Omega Project 2018 Proposal

    I think people are more interested in hearing why the rules were changed to what they are. So far it looks like you want to run a project without putting forth the work of compiling all those naughty textures.
  10. I can't use it because the horizontal screen split gives me motion sickness.
  11. Yes This is a 2.5D platformer TC based off of Nash's Side Scroller Game Starter Kit. What started off as a dumb experiment quickly metamorphosed into a cronenbergian wonderland. Guide the evil Waluigi on his mission to kill everything in existence! Defeat hideous foes and make countless jumpy-type movements! Punch Goombas and probably Bionicles into orbit! Featuring: An extensive movelist including sliding, jump sliding, jumping, etc Overly melodramatic 3D animated cutscenes Absurd setpieces A plot originally written by a small terrifying child seriously Waluigi only came to this town to watch people burn apparently Epic Infringe 3D Content ripped from random video games to make this even more better No rules Sephiroth (spoiler he dies) And maybe more When can you play it? Now. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VPNdHwhTciVdYTI_mU8MFJVBAAAHqll2 Credits: jmickle66666666 Nash Quetzal Nintendo Sephiroth
  12. Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Ah, no GZDoom? Guess I'll sit this year out.
  13. What was your first ever video game?

    Tigger's Honey Hunt on the PSX.
  14. There is an alpha: Akumajou Waluigi X: Wando of Blood

    Added a period where the dropped item can't be collected in the subweapon swapping to fix an issue where the player would get stuck between unwanted items in small corridors. Currently cleaning up the player collision/state handling, then I'll move onto blocking out the kart section and the pathing system for its boss.
  15. There is an alpha: Akumajou Waluigi X: Wando of Blood

    There is almost a game now! Play play play!
  16. Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    It's interesting to note that the FCC has numerous lawsuits stacked against them at this point from a number of states and corporations, a ton of ongoing or attempted investigations, and the combined warchests of Apple, Google, and Netflix against them. There's even talk of Disney starting their own streaming service. Can you imagine if "Fox is ours" Disney got involved? The length of copyright terms alone should be a testament to their string-pulling. It's also utter nonsense that the desires of the common people can not only be completely disregarded, but also so childishly mocked. The fact that Americans are so helpless in the face of these pocket-stuffing megacorps despite the support of local governance is horrible. It seems the only way to get something done is to have enough powerful corporations on your side, and hope that Godzilla doesn't raze the city once his opponent is dead.
  17. If you really want to stick to ZDoom but can't figure out how to set up a netgame, you could always use the splitscreen version of 2.8.1. I recommend a vertical split in that case.
  18. The police are holding you at gunpoint.

    Accuse the nearest cop of being an impostor. This will cause a loyalty cascade where each cop tries to arrest the other for unlawfully arresting an officer after attempting to arrest the non-false false officer. I then escape during the ensuing thermonuclear arrest explosion.
  19. Permabans, your opinions.

    Assholes should get their due, regardless of position. If a majority of their posts are inflammatory or nasty, maybe that's a bad sign.
  20. Permabans, your opinions.

    Should have drawn a connection to Skeletor instead.
  21. So it's really, really weird how they didn't make that more obvious.
  22. Duke Nukem 3D is depressing

    @PsychoGoatee I get what you're saying. Although, Ash's character seemed to change quite a bit over the series as a direct result of all the spooky monsters, so he's probably not the best example.
  23. Duke Nukem 3D is depressing

    Realistically speaking, people tend to run deeper than their surface qualities. I've seen all too many "funny guys" up and kill themselves one day. Not saying he's depressed, but I'd expect a guy as odd as Duke Nukem to have something he'd rather ignore.
  24. So back when Mania was announced they also put up a teaser for a 3D game done in-house by the Sonic Team. Wasn't until now that they've revealed actual gameplay for the thing. From this little bit it looks like more of the same speedyspeed hallways from Generations. That stuff was pretty entertaining but still, it'd have been nice if they made the parkour thing from the Wii U game actually fun and give a bit more focus on exploration and physics fuckery like the old blue runman games. I'm more interested in Mania, but if this isn't fall-through-the-ground city and isn't loaded with awkward unfunny cutscenes like the last few I might pick it up for PC. Right off the bat it seems like they also made Sonic's hands less disgustingly huge, which is a plus.
  25. Sonic Forces: That other Sonic game

    Well, geo buddy, seems your opinion on games are about as coherent as your writing style. Show me a world where Donut Plains 3,488 has more depth and variety than an act of Lava Reef, I'm sure it's a swell Monty Python sketch!