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    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    People who play vanilla wads under port conditions that break them, and review the map as broken. Likewise, people who pick up old mods with weird DOS install processes, can't figure out how to get them to work, and review the mod as broken. Less of a problem nowadays since some much-needed changes were made to the idgames frontend review section, but people who would leave bad reviews saying "I didn't play this but I already know from the text file that it's crap". People who complain that id levels are "a maze" although it's usually non-Doomers who do that. So in a nutshell people who give undeservedly crappy video/idgames reviews I guess.

    Anyone Wanting To Fork DOSBox With A Few Modified Features

    https://www.vogons.org/ would probably be the best place to bother people about this.

    YouTube Monetization Rules are Stupid

    I think that most of these YouTube brouhahas lately are just a symptom of bigger problem, which is that the ad-supported model of web services sucks and we need something better.
  4. This is something I was wondering about recently, actually. The sources I've read on Doom Wiki and Wikipedia mostly seem to imply that you're right and that they were never on idgames in the first place so the ban was against people uploading them after the fact once there was a particular infamy attached, not a removal of something that was already on the archive. But I haven't seen anything say that with complete 100% clarity either, so I'm not totally sure.

    Does /idgames Ever Check For WAD Legality?

    They do run some (I presume automated) check on duplicated sprites that picks up ones that aren't changed, in my experience.

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I prefer the stellar converter; blowing up planets is generally more fun than inducing the game to crash. ...wait, what were we talking about again? Anyway, since the forum for some reason loaded me up to an old post on here about mishearing the Batman Doom enemies, it reminded me that I used to think that the Wolfenstein guys in the secret levels said "Shoot! Stop 'im!" and "I'm leaving!" or "I'm bleeding!"

    Need testers for Eureka DOOM Editor

    Testing under Linux (Lubuntu, so LXDE based desktop), if the mouse cursor passes over the map area / 3D preview area, it automatically pops the Eureka window to the top even if it's not the currently focused window. Not sure if this is a Eureka thing / FLTK thing / LXDE thing but it's annoying so I'd appreciate it changing if it's something under your jurisdiction.
  8. I put a ZMAPINFO in my vanilla wads with the "nocrouch" and, if not in Hexen, "nojump" flags, as well as any other little conveniences it can offer like corrected map names. This approach apparently does piss a few people off, but I'm okay with pissing those people off, especially since to the best of my knowledge GZDoom has always allowed those map settings to be manually overridden if someone really wants to. Too many newer people, especially outside the forums scene, play only with (G)ZDoom and assume any feature that's in there is a valid part of the gameplay to assume they won't otherwise.

    British or American spelling?

    I would use the latter forms of all of those, but on the other hand... Grew up in the US, but I suppose being homeschooled and reading a lot of British authors as a kid gave me a more... fluid conception of the boundaries between spelling dialects. I kind of ended up with my own bastardized mixture that I'm largely unashamed of. Always grey (unless it's a name or something) Usually sabre and spectre, but never centre; saber is more bound in my mind to specific contexts like lightsaber or the saber class in Fate than as a generic term for the weapon (theater/theatre I guess is a word I don't use often enough to have formed a strong leaning on; either looks fine to me.) Always diarrhoea, if only because it's the one I can remember with certainty as being a correct spelling, so screw it if someone thinks it's not the correct spelling Sometimes humour; this is one I seem to have not fully settled on one way or the other. I suspect when dealing with medieval conceptions on personality types I'd always use the U, but when saying something is funny it's a little more undecided. All other -our spellings look somewhat weird to me though, like they ought to make an "oor" sound as in French "amour". Someone mentioned cancelled and travelled earlier and uh, I thought those were the only correct forms. Sometimes arse, if it makes a comedic context funnier, but typically ass otherwise. These are more like two that I see as being almost but not quite the same word (probably helped by that they're also not pronounced the same, as far as I know). Probably US spellings otherwise, in particular "-ise" in place of "-ize" looks fairly wrong to my eye. I wonder if this relates to spoken dialect since "-ize" is definitely closer to how I'd say it out loud. I suspect, if open internet access across borders (or any new tech with similar effects) remains a thing, that English or at least particularly written English is going to naturally re-homogenize over the next couple centuries, especially since more respondents here already say they use a mix than I anticipated. (Sure, some will try to fight it, but they probably won't matter any more than the pedants we have today who whine about things like "app" or the use of "they" as a gender-neutral.)

    TotalBiscuit's Funeral by JMAA removed?

    If the reviews that appeared on it were to be believed, it was a troll map.

    [Poll] Freelook users - do you also use autoaim?

    Never both at the same time. If I'm going to use Quake-style mlook, then it's counterproductive to have autoaiming mess with it. I usually use something with more vanilla behavior though.

    Infernew, a Community Project (Free Secret Slot)

    Hmmm... it's probably been a decade since I last made any attempt at putting together a regular non-TC-oriented Doom map (everyone and their dog makes 'em) and I've got a stack of other WIP/planned projects but you know... why the hell not? I do appreciate the chance to channel my inner Petersen.

    Need testers for Eureka DOOM Editor

    If the grid is turned off, then hitting the grid size hotkeys still leaves it invisible; it only appears when you use the dropdown selector at the bottom.


    From what I've heard that's pretty much what the Doom novels did, too.

    Need testers for Eureka DOOM Editor

    Wellp, TIL why that one switch in Mountain King's Domain wouldn't animate right. Good to know.