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  1. So don't use it.
  2. Just enough story to have an idea of what's supposed to be going on is generally plenty. Original Doom/Doom 2 did it right in this regard.
  3. My recollection is "yes", although I can't name WADs offhand except to say there was some wacky episode replacement that exceeded DOS EXE visplane limits and recommended Doom 95 as the intended thing for playing it. It was downloadable off of one of the old incarnations of Doom Wad Station (or maybe it was Jive's page? But probably DWS as I recall Jive being fixated on Doom Legacy). Search around for stuff in text files that would imply that it VPOs unless you run it in Doom 95 and you might find something. Although it's probably about as rare as WADs that require Doom v1.2 to work right, which are also a thing. Actually, the WAD I was thinking of was probably this, which doesn't currently seem to have any mention of Doom 95. So maybe I'm wrong.
  4. I've used a modern-ish TV with VGA/HDMI built into it as a monitor and it mostly worked fine although it had problems with a few obscure resolutions. I never got any adapter to supposedly make an old-style TV work as a monitor actually work right though.
  5. Nice sprites! The background story reminds me of one of my own unfinished Hexen maps that was loosely inspired by Lovecraft's "The Doom That Came to Sarnath". A ruined swamp city that was kind of a Stalker/Reiver theme map, heh, started out seeming empty and then you'd hit a trigger that set the lot of 'em to surface and come after you. I should finish that damn map some time. And the 20-odd other Hexen maps I've got sitting around waiting to be fixed up and made into a proper WAD.
  6. Secret sectors don't exist in Hexen. Only if you're using ZDoom.
  7. While this thread is bumped I'd like to note that the default thing flags for Hexen mapping are kind of sub-optimal, namely that when you place a thing the class and game mode flags are all set to off which results in the thing never appearing unless you manually turn some of them on. Having them default to all being on would be better.
  8. The first custom Doom map I ever made (long since lost to the ravages of time) had a part near the end where I put a ring of a whole bunch of barrels around a Baron of Hell for exactly that sort of thing. I bet a lot of people trying out map editing for the first time did similar.
  9. Compressing something that's already compressed usually gains nothing and can even make the files larger sometimes. You would probably make better gains by unzipping all the .ZIP files and then rezipping them in a single unit so that the compression algorithm can make better gains on elements that are common across files, although there are imaginable reasons you might not want to do that (like preserving the original .ZIPs for historical archival or the like). However, there is something to be gained in terms of disk space by packing a zillion small files into one big one, because of the way storage works. Clusters have a certain size that gets used up even if a file's data doesn't fully occupy them. I believe the standard cluster size is 4 kilobytes so you might gain something like 1 to 3K per file by packing up thousands of files into one. For what you're considering, that probably wouldn't be enough, and besides there are also limits on how large a single file is allowed to be. If you unpacked everything into sorted folders, and then repacked each folder as something more efficient like a .7Z, it might be possible, but what you describe is looking for a 50% reduction in size which is a lot to ask.
  10. Definitely looks useful and fitting to the style. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the set.
  11. Chocolate, then PrBoom+ and Zandronum for limit removing/Boom and multiplayer respectively. Anything else is generally a "meh, if I have to (for some WAD or another that interested me)" affair. I might have more interest in Eternity if Heretic/Hexen support ever got finished in it, but I've been waiting on that something like 7 years now. Insert "takes an Eternity" joke here.
  12. As a GIMP user, I would probably just do it manually by layering one image over the other, cutting away the part that should be entirely the under-layer, and then working over the transition zone with a soft-edged, 50% opaque (give or take) setting of the eraser tool until it looked to my liking. That doesn't mean that there isn't a more automated way to do it, though, just that I've never looked into it.
  13. I never understood the hate for Corridor 7. It's probably my favorite Wolf-alike (especially if we consider Rise of the Triad as not falling entirely within that category). I certainly enjoy it a hell of a lot more than Blake Stone despite that often being brought up as some sort of cult classic or something. I suppose partly it had the misfortune, along with the likes of Bio Menace, of falling into the "arrived too late for the engine it was built on to still be relevant in its time" boat. Putting a jab at Doom on the box cover probably didn't help people to look on it too charitably either. I'll agree on Operation Body Count being pretty suck though. I hear it gets better after the initial sewer section, but my motivation to get through that to see was a little too low.
  14. Was it actually a Capstone game though? I used to think so as well, but I seem to recall coming across a mention somewhere that while it was going to be published by Intracorp (the parent company to Capstone) it was made by a different team.
  15. Ack, I didn't know you were waiting on updates. Here's a tweaked version of my map: - Added a secret - Added a music - Added some skill settings - General moving/changing of items, ammo and some creatures. Should hopefully play better now. There is enough stuff to be able to max it (for me anyway) including the liches and the bottom area has more worthwhile stuff to look for. Some of the teleporting Disciples were moved to later parts of the map instead of all coming out in one trap, some of the fire gargoyles were changed to sabreclaws patrolling the bottom. Health/ammo should be better distributed, in a few cases a single big pickup was split into equivalent or greater small ones and spread around as well as a little more ammo and a lot more vials being added. I didn't do anything WRT making it prettier, nor adding some of the areas I probably would if I were to do a bigger overhaul and polishing.