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  1. I use a big CRT television for some old consoles/computers (I'm talking 8-bit microcomputers here) but for the old PC I don't much use the CRT monitor I have because it's got a weird flaw in it (one side of the picture is sort of squished in and no amount of fiddling with the monitor settings corrects it) and I'm not confident that I could fix it safely. Wish I could though.
  2. I've played so much messed up stuff that crowning any one thing as "the worst WAD" would be folly.
  3. I played the shareware episode plenty enough back in the day that I must have liked it, but I don't think I ever bothered with the full version so maybe I didn't like it that much. It's more or less Sonic the Hedgehog with rolling into a ball replaced by having a gun, and the complaints people make about it tend to be similar (you move fast and run into stuff that you didn't see coming sometimes). The OST has some pretty cool tracks, though.
  4. None of them. Ripping stuff from every other 90s FPS into Doom is really tired at this point.
  5. Half-Life / Doom 3 style setups where the initial "gameplay" amounts to a forced cutscene (example Cheogsh 2).
  6. <snip> Severance: Blade of Darkness had a little bit of that approach, you could save as much as you wanted but there was a rank attached that would eventually call you a weenie if you made a lot of saves. It was balanced such that you could save about twice per level and still have best rank.
  7. No, not really. Those games can certainly be hacked but they weren't designed for loading custom files the way Doom was.
  8. Eh. As UI updates go, this one didn't really phase me. It's just a little bit fiddled with compared to the previous version, hardly comparable to things like the travesties that the idiots at GNOME and Ubuntu foisted on their users. Although one of the first things I looked up was how to get rid of that stupid "recommended by Pocket" thing. I still don't want your damn Pocket, geez. Firefox does suck for some other reasons (foremost being the memory hogging/performance degradation over time) but it seems like the least-broken option over here on Linux (all those "lightweight" browsers generally end up meaning "we don't have a lot of the features that you will very definitely notice the lack of" so I end up having to kick up FF for this or that anyway...) It just seems that browsers, like OSes, are all bad. You end up having to pick the bad you can tolerate.
  9. Didn't someone from id cite Ultima Underworld as an influence at some point?
  10. Meh. Passable I guess. The monsters are generally nothing more than "buffed version of X" which could be better and could be worse. The weapon behaviors are all right but the sprites for them leave something to be desired as I recall. I don't remember much regarding the powerups aside from that there was some rune system in the style of that one Quake mod and those had some pretty cool item sprites as I recall.
  11. I think I've mentioned before that Wulingyuan has some natural rock formations that seem pretty friendly to the architecture of vanilla Doom engine: @GhoulDesecrator Don't forget Sedlec Ossuary:
  12. Conversely, Deathkings of the Dark Citadel has the IWAD tag, but it's functionally a PWAD that's loaded onto the standard Hexen IWAD and can't stand alone.
  13. I would not bother pestering people to try games unless you're already sharing common interests to begin with, and I can't speak from experience too much about other ways because the games I feel like I've made some positive impact on are more obscure ones than Doom, which most people who are into gaming very much are probably aware of on some level. I mostly just run my site, work on projects, and from time to time announce stuff relating to those projects on relevant boards. Hyping things up is just a good way to get people to respond with "it sucks actually".
  14. He did a lot of this. Another well known one: also, heh: I'm 90% certain that Major Stryker had some remixes of known rock songs as well, but I can't put my finger on any of them at the moment. A non-Doom Bobby Prince remix list would be pretty interesting. I suspect that when he talks about "direct covers" in that interview, he's being pretty literal and talking about the super obvious ones like E3M1 and D_AMPIE, more so than the "noticeably remixed but the inspiration can still be heard" ones. Edit: And let's not forget that Apogee in their early years weren't exactly that worried about copying stuff in other ways than just music:
  15. NOVERT was designed to be used in DOS, so no surprise there if it's not working for a Windows port.