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    Try to Compile Doom Legacy for DOS

    I am almost certain that's because Borland compiles to real mode, not protected mode (which is what Doom uses). To get Doom working properly in real mode would probably involve major restructuring and cutting it down to something like SNES Doom level due to memory restrictions and such. Not sure if Borland supported any of the protected mode DOS extenders, DOS4GW was specifically a Watcom thing I believe (Watcom being the W in the name).

    Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

    There was an interview with Kevin Schilder recently that touched on it a bit, at least from his perspective: http://earthday.free.fr/Inkys-Hexen-II-Mapping-Corner/interview-kevinschilder.html To boil it down to bullet points, The IP rights are contentious, which is also why Portal of Praevus and Heretic II aren't sold any more. Even if that weren't the case, the Raven/Human Head split left lasting bad blood between the original creators of the franchise. The points people have made above about the story being pretty much "done" are worth considering, too, though in this age of reboots and remakes it's not like that would stop anyone looking to make a buck off it if they could. Just make mods for what we have. It's better that way.

    Blasphemer discussion

    @Cacowad Take your time but do let me know if you're interested in including my maps, I can help fix them up a little but I want to be sure it's not a wasted effort first.

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    It's a pity that HHE royally sucks, because with a good EXE hacker it would be trivial to make a patch for the music assignment table. It's literally just an array of strings and since the vanilla music lumps all use the full 8 characters possible for a vanilla lump name, you could hack them to any possible lump.
  5. I never got the hate for The Pit (Doom 2 MAP09).
  6. You might find this page worth looking at for LotR/Tolkien stuff. It's quite old and some of the download links might be dead but if so you can also try archive.org to see if they were picked up on the Wayback Machine (or use the info to search for alternate sources). https://www.lysator.liu.se/tolkien-games/entry/civ2.html

    help i turned doom into colors

    Typical result of rendering the graphics using the wrong PLAYPAL. Essentially since Heretic was loaded like a PWAD it applied the Heretic palette over the Doom graphics.
  8. Sprite/flat replacement in PWADs that works correctly.

    Why has Blake Stone not been rebooted?

    Not everything needs a reboot.
  10. That would be a bizarre regression, since vanilla Blake Stone had an automap to begin with?

    Share Your Sprites!

    @DooMAD Makes me picture a Forgotten Worlds style mod.

    Blasphemer discussion

    @Cacowad Well, I would offer any/all of my map layouts as libre/open source if you have use of them. I guess for the ones that went into group releases you might want to ask the project leads if there'd be any problem with that but I'd think my maps are still my maps to offer. I also have one map that's basically complete and playable but that I never got around to releasing anywhere, not even on my site. Most of them probably need a little tweaking to be usable (swapping out texture edits or contributing adjusted versions for the ones I drew myself to work with the project palette/iconography) but I can poke at that if it's of interest. https://ettingrinder.youfailit.net/heretic-addons.html "Valley of Saints" and "Mountain King's Domain" are probably my favorites if you want suggestions of what to look at first.
  13. Yes, a whole level of the game is nothing but this. (Edit: And to add insult to injury, this is what they changed it to in the US release, while the Japanese version had a different and better track on this level. WHY???)

    Random Image Thread

    Ooh, first I've seen that. Looks soooooo 90s. What's with the faces and stuff over the wizard?