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  1. Operation: Biowar which I remember thinking was super cool with the various custom stuff it included, especially those creepy ambient monster-active sound replacements. Nowadays I realize a lot of the custom graphics came from other WADs initially but it had a pretty "wow" effect first time I played. Hellrazor is one of my early favorites, along with the spinoff it generated, Blackgate which was... okay too I guess. N4-EVIL.WAD was also one of the earliest ones I played or at least one of the earliest ones that I remember being kind of decent. In the rather barren landscape of Heretic PWADs, Dark Mountain and Desert Crypt stand out as classics.
  2. Really digging your new avatar! ;-)



      Thanks! I put this one together from some graphics that I made myself for some of my projects.

  3. Not really. At first I had a "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" reaction, especially since I hadn't checked in for a while, but after some time I'm finding that I like the new features and don't particularly miss anything that might be gone.
  4. Define "different". One of the things it has is little kamikaze drone attackers that you can remote control which I don't think was in many other games of the era. They're also used to solve a few of the puzzles. You also get other drones that float around following you and adding to your firepower until you take a certain amount of damage, which is something a lot of 2D games had but not so much in the FPS genre. The view is switchable between first person and third person, being, I think, one of the early adopters of that type of option. Otherwise not that much I suppose?
  5. It's fairly good, nice aesthetic, kind of puzzley, some interesting weapons/inventory items to use. The load times are bizarrely long for some reason, though.
  6. If I want creepy, E2M6. If I want metal, E3M3. Hard to pick between the two.
  7. I wouldn't have considered it for an FPS thread since it defaults to third-person (although you can put it into a first-person view and it's pretty playable that way), but seconding Enclave. It may not be another Heretic/Hexen but it might be the next best thing.
  8. Heretic and Hexen are forgotten? That's news to me but I guess I mostly hang out in the oldschooler scene, so... I see Chasm's already covered which was going to be my first mention. Might as well mention Corridor 7 then, which is probably my favorite Wolf3D-alike. People say it's crap but I enjoyed it better than Blake Stone which is the other sci-fi Wolf3D-engine game. ...for that matter, Blake Stone can go on that list too. I also remember enjoying a demo of another obscure one called Z.A.R. where you wander around the surface of planets blowing up robots. The engine kind of reminded me of Terminal Velocity/Fury3 but you were walking on the ground instead of flying a spaceship. It seems like getting a legitimate copy of the full version is next to impossible if you're not Russian though (it was a Russian game but I guess it did have an English version or at least an English demo).
  9. IMO, it's best to make the insides of buildings that'll be completely surrounded by outdoors first, and then add the outdoors afterwards, to make sure the internal rooms will be big enough since it's easier to adjust the bounds of those before there's a whole bunch of surrounding stuff drawn in. Either way can potentially end up with some fiddliness when it comes to putting the finishing touches in, though, but so it goes.
  10. "Death smiles at every man. All a man can do is smile back." Heard it on the intro to a Children of Bodom song (I think) but I assume they sampled it from some movie or another. Never managed to figure out from where, though... That would have been The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Great toon. I loved the episode where Billy gets accidentally sent to Valhalla.
  11. That is, the loading screen with the big HEXEN logo and the two skulls that join up with vertebrae at the bottom while loading. The ZDoom wiki gives some explanation of the format and says that SLADE can be used to replace these, but while SLADE can certainly view the graphic, I don't see an option to make one on the image conversion menu (I have v3.1.1.5). Where's the option for that? Or is the wiki wrong in implying there is one?
  12. Can not unsee.
  13. Fava Beans is pretty easy and is (was at least?) considered fairly good, but it's oldschooler stuff so I dunno.
  14. @SOSU I've played Symphony of the Night, Harmony of Dissonance and Circle of the Moon, those were all good too. I guess I mean "old style" more as in the sidescroller ones, I don't really have a clue about the 3D ones.
  15. Well, if we're cutting FPS-type stuff out of it: Disciples Master of Orion Warcraft (but mostly Warcraft II, and no, I don't WoW) Castlevania (early installments at least) Diablo (mostly the first one / The Hell mod) Other favorite stuff of mine is mostly singleton releases so I don't know if they'd qualify for mention in a "game series" thread.