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    Which do you prefer, software rendering or openGL?

    Software. GL butchers so many things about the visuals; chopped off sprites, messed up lighting, no colormaps, greyed-out colors. Most of the "solutions" to these are either half-assed or make things slow and bloated.

    Programming language

    Most Doom engines are C, but some have either been shifted into C++ or, occasionally, translated into other languages entirely. The Freedoom project specifically is probably marked as Python because of its build scripts, not what the game itself runs on, since a specific "Freedoom engine" isn't included.

    If You Could Add A New Class To Hexen...

    Rogue. Fast like the fighter, low armor like the mage, balance of melee vs. ranged would be similar to the cleric. Flechette could be a proximity trap and the mystic ambit incant could be a partial invisibility (like Heretic's shadowsphere) perhaps. This also has the added bonus of making a nice parallel for Hexen II, where Hexen tended to have "basic" classes while Hexen II had more "specialized" ones. Fighter --> Paladin Cleric --> Crusader Mage --> Necromancer ??? --> Assassin Rogue fills the blank nicely. I do approve of the Druid idea too, though, because then it would be like a callback to Black Crypt where the classes were fighter, cleric, magic-user and druid.

    EXE hacking

    Segmented memory probably?
  5. In co-op the puzzle items stay and can be re-collected/collected by multiple players so if you have puzzles that involve "find X copies of a single puzzle item scattered around the hub" then they can potentially be cheesed in co-op. Deathkings of the Dark Citadel works around this by having some co-op specific scripts that barricade the niches where the items are put until each puzzle item has actually been accessed for the first time. I'm not aware of any other issues.

    Heretic 2 - Source code recreation part 2

    Good luck, I hope the project goes better this time.
  7. similar, but mine is Z and C to cycle, X to use.

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    Here's the conversion, although it's based on the prior version rather than the one you just posted. The IPS patch should be applicable to either, though, you might just have to reconvert any tracks that were added/changed. Included some technical notes on the location and layout of the music table in the EXE as well, though it's fairly straightforward. heremus.7z

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Do we really, though? "Post-truth era" implies the existence of a former "truth era" and I'm not convinced that was ever the case. Dig into records of any time period and you can find ample examples of superstition, sensationalism, pseudoscience and tall tales, and the proportion of people that believed them was probably no lower than today.

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    So I got around to seeing if I could backport the music pack to DOS as easily as I thought might be possible and it went pretty smoothly--no apparent issues converting the tracks to MUS and hacking the assignment table in a hex editor was as easy as I thought it would be. @Jimmy should I go ahead and share the patches for this? I'd probably use IPS format for the EXE patch as HHE seems to be a total no-go for this, its string editing support is lousy and the music assignments aren't where it expects text to be. That also means it's only applicable for true vanilla, not chocolate (you'd have to make a tweaked chocolate build for that.)

    Share Your Sprites!

    Download appears to be dead.

    Commander Keen Is Now on GOG!

    Obviously it should include the Game Boy Color game too!
  13. 1. Yes but be careful. It is possible for Linux to write filenames to the Windows filesystem that Windows can't deal with and then bad things can happen. So be aware of what symbols are permissible in a Linux filename but not in a Windows one if you're planning to write to that partition from Linux (as a rule of thumb, watch out for anything that's not an alphanumeric symbol, though some are permissible). 2. WINE is a crapshoot, you pretty much have to "try it and see" (the database on WineHQ can help, but the entries are often outdated, probably in no small part due to it being a rather hostile site to try to contribute to.) When it works, great, when it doesn't... you're pretty much back to Windows. Native audio composing software for Linux exists, but tends not to be a beginner-friendly endeavor to set up and use due to things like PulseAudio/JACK conflict bullshit. Experiment with it if you feel brave. 3. A few years ago that would be Mint and that may still be the case, although I stopped using it in part due to its compatibility with older systems beginning to fall by the wayside. It's basically what Ubuntu used to be like before Ubuntu was ruined by boneheaded decisions. My current distro personally for the past few years is MX, though.

    Try to Compile Doom Legacy for DOS

    I am almost certain that's because Borland compiles to real mode, not protected mode (which is what Doom uses). To get Doom working properly in real mode would probably involve major restructuring and cutting it down to something like SNES Doom level due to memory restrictions and such. Not sure if Borland supported any of the protected mode DOS extenders, DOS4GW was specifically a Watcom thing I believe (Watcom being the W in the name).

    Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

    There was an interview with Kevin Schilder recently that touched on it a bit, at least from his perspective: http://earthday.free.fr/Inkys-Hexen-II-Mapping-Corner/interview-kevinschilder.html To boil it down to bullet points, The IP rights are contentious, which is also why Portal of Praevus and Heretic II aren't sold any more. Even if that weren't the case, the Raven/Human Head split left lasting bad blood between the original creators of the franchise. The points people have made above about the story being pretty much "done" are worth considering, too, though in this age of reboots and remakes it's not like that would stop anyone looking to make a buck off it if they could. Just make mods for what we have. It's better that way.