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  1. Is this considered the final/idgames-ready release now, or was there still some testing going on?
  2. I don't overthink it too hard. All routes are possible, maybe the game or a sequel canonizes some of them as bad ends or true ends or whatever but otherwise whatever I end up with is "valid". I'm generally not one to try to use saves as a rewind if I inadvertently screw up an optional quest or make a choice that turns out to be questionable, since there's always the option to do it differently on another run. But I'm definitely one of those people who plays games for the game more than the storyline so eh. I might try to get all the endings but if it's hard to do I generally leave more than one or two for when I replay the game after not having played it a while. If there's a choice at the very end I'll generally reload and try both though. I wish more games would do this, but people whine if they only find out later that they screwed up, as well as any time the results of a choice aren't immediately obvious it seems like. For example: nerfing the consequences of dealing with that one guy (I won't name him in case it's considered spoilers) in the re-release of Strife. Plot choices in games (at least ones I've played) also seem to be stupid and obvious most of the time (gee, should I take up the offer of the villain I've been fighting against the whole game when he suggests I could join forces with him instead? Although if I have a save just before that point I'll usually accept that offer the first time just for kicks to see what sort of result it will produce; it's usually amusing in its "you done screwed up now" insultingness at least.) Games with a single major turning point where you can just save there and reload to do the different routes are also kind of a problem (see: Strife again). I suppose it's easy for anything more complex to seem illogical if it's not done well enough, and maybe I just play the wrong games for those kinds of thing.
  3. All these obviously seem more apropos to a Duke3D clone, but as far as serious suggestions go those are some of the better ones I've seen come up.
  4. I kind of doubt it. That one seems to have a long-standing and actively malicious grudge against the Doom community for whatever perceived slight happened ages ago, the guy I was referring to came off as more in the class of "weirdo with no sense of propriety and oblivious to his own weirdness". Sure, he could've been a troll of some sort, but in that case would've been one playing a long-run persona rather than just a punk trying to trash the site by flooding it with junk.
  5. Free Date 'em?
  6. The Deathstalker series reminds me more of Witchaven than Heretic/Hexen, complete with the 'cheap and cheesy yet still somehow enjoyable' vibe that they give me. As I recall they were apparently so fond of the scene with the pig-man puzzling over a roast boar's head at the feast that they recycled it in nearly all of them, heh.
  7. I generally scratch my head when people say the Doom community is nice/reasonable/mature. Then I remind myself of the Warcraft II forum I peeked into once where the posts were things like "I'll rape everyone and steal the gold again" and "your still retarded", or the DOS games forum where most of the posts were by a guy who would include incoherent stuff about Jesus in every post and once made a thread about molesting his cousin. I guess the Churchill principle applies; Doomworld is the worst forum, except for all the others. But I do agree with the assessment that a lot of it probably comes down to having staff that police things the right way. (And it's changed for the better these days, eg removing Post Hell and the decline in popularity of giving out lots of derogatory custom titles, which were probably things that contributed to the old reputation of Doomworld being rather unpleasant).
  8. If you count animated stuff, Fire & Ice and the Lady Death movie are the closest things that come to mind. Not that either is that close, they're still leaning more towards the 'barbarian fantasy' sort of thing (so arguably more Hexeny than Hereticy), but they have a lot of sorcery and funky settings going on.
  9. I vote Hexen, but coordinating hubs might be tricky.
  10. Yeah, I guess, since I was never a huge fan of Q3A either and I did love the weird Lovecraftean gothic vibe of the original, but A) People still make plenty of maps for the original Quake so I'm all set there, and B) my computer is increasingly outdated so I wouldn't be able to play either QC or some other new Quake anyways. So it's a bit of a moot point as far as I'm concerned.
  11. That Frost Fang weapon on Realm667. The sprite is great, but the behavior for it... what on earth possessed someone to sit down and think "you know what Heretic needs, ANOTHER borderline redundant rapid-fire weapon, but differentiate this one by making it act janky and unreliable"? And on a related topic, I find the "super crossbows" designed on some sort of principle of "ethereal crossbow = shotgun so there should be an SSG too" to be a pretty stupid addition, too.
  12. When I first got a 286 back in the day it came with this:
  13. Others probably said it better already, but from a key-binding perspective, two weapons on a single key is rather bad but still acceptable, more than that becomes a real hassle. And I doubt there's much likelihood of 20 useful non-redundant weapons appearing at once, anyway. Despite that I generally dislike the idea of altfires, they're better than shuffling through ridiculous amounts of discrete weapons.
  14. I have put up a beta test version of my level "Chaos in Bloom" on my site: It should be functional/completable and generally acceptable, but unfortunately it hasn't yet had as much gameplay balancing and polish as I would want. Skill levels exist but might be too hard on easy and too easy on hard. It plays on E3M2 (for sky/music).
  15. I played the heck out of the Commander Keen series when I was young, so I could definitely be called an id fan from even before I was allowed to get my hands on their more violent stuff (although if you asked me back then, I would have said Apogee fan). The stuff they were pressed into making for Softdisk tended to be more hit or miss as you might expect but IMO Shadow Knights and Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion are both fairly decent titles as well, and I recall Rescue Rover being so too if you like puzzle stuff. Wolf 3-D was a game I was late to the party on so I'll probably never appreciate it as much as people who played it when it first came out as the hot new revolutionary thing, but I enjoy it from time to time. It's also interesting to take a look at the solo games by John Romero and John Carmack from before the initial id team got together, but as games outside of the historical context they're not really anything to write home about for the most part.