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  1. Caleb

    Doom, the movie

    A few questions regarding Doom III 1. where does it pick up? 2. will it be better than Halo? 3. will it still offer cheap fun? 4. do you still get the shotgun? 5. any new eneimes? (I know some got a re-do)
  2. Caleb

    ixfd64: the former hardcore "Doomer"

    Hahh, Doom, my intro to the world of Scary, First Person shotters. my friend showed it to me. we ran it on my computer. I was amazed. it was possibly the greatest game ever to be installed onto my computer. i played for hours. stayed up all night. babbled statergies. mummbled about everything doom until... Doom II arrived at my doorstep. I was estactic. i quickly fired up that sucker and let some lead into my first opponets skull. life was good. My freind came with the other great game in my life. BLOOD. blood was like doom, except more 3d and the dude talked. and know, i await the time in which doom 3 arrives. quietly, in my room.
  3. Caleb

    How do i get online?

  4. Caleb

    NiGHTMARE's Boom tricks ! (update 2)

    I ahve a quick question. you seem to know a great deal about wads, as myself, and was wondering something. how do you make Hanging objects, like a switch on a wall that doesn't touch the ground? anyway, there is an example in Level 31(PHARAOH) in doom 2.
  5. Caleb

    keyboard dooming

    I am not a wacko keyboarder, i don't press multiple buttons at one time, and i make modifications so i won't hit certian buttons when i play. do you guys use the arrows or 'WASD' (as i like to call it) when playing. And playing doom with a mouse is really gay.
  6. Caleb

    Doom2 - Map 24

    Um, forget that earlier post, my freind typed that. Yea, i think doom 2 is just one big WAD file. Ultimate doom is A seris of files. why didn't they make Doom 2, plutonia and TNT a seris of conneting wad files?
  7. Caleb


    Dudes, i hate to be a killjoy, but cellphones will replace computers. end of story. and i would rather have someting i can carry with me that a bulky hunk of junk.
  8. Caleb

    A Christian guide to doom!

    I don't think Doom was geared for God-lovin' people.
  9. Caleb

    GBA Doom II News Roundup

    They were sposed to release Resident evil (yes resident evil) for gba, but left it to die, currently, i heard that monolith is working on Blood for GBA.
  10. Caleb

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    You should get EGDE. (i just don't know where...)
  11. Caleb

    Doom2 - Map 24

    I make maps, so you probally don't care. You probally all hate me. everyperson i make maps for hates them because they are damn hard.
  12. Caleb

    How do i get online?

    okay, i can't seem to get online with doom, and i don't want to use my modem. i tried some 'ports', but those didn't work, so i tried finding sites, but all they do is offer me stuff i don't need for getting online.
  13. Caleb

    True 3D in Boom!

    OH, jeez.. i just joined and i know for a FACT boom sucks... if yiou want a good 3d engine for Doom, get edge. I use it and it's a hell of a lot better than boom.
  14. Caleb

    Doom figures

    You can get alot of the figures with the anthology kit... by the way, does anyone know where i can get the Id anthology kit?
  15. Caleb

    ixfd64: the former hardcore "Doomer"

    Okay, let me say something. Wadauthor rules. i can make complex maps much easier than on deepsea. and Do you guys play any other old skool games besides doom? i mean we got Blood, diablo, quake, shadow warrior, throne of darkness...